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Multiple Sclerosis Defeated by Terry Wahls MD vs Medicare Part D

A professor of internal medicine at a US medical school flunked multiple major conventional medicine treatments for her progressive multiple sclerosis. She relearned her biochemistry and designed her own nutritional treatment and added neuromuscular electrical stimulation resulting in freedom from wheelchairs.  How many physicians have heard about Terry Wahls so they can recommend this approach to their newly and previously diagnosed multiple sclerosis patients ?

The Wall Street Journal on May 1, 2015 had a front page  article titled “Small Number of Drugs Drive Big Medicare Bill”. Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.’s multiple sclerosis drug Copasone was one of the more expensive products.

This is a prime example of why I do not support Medicare Part D. I find that there are outstanding reasons to follow Terry Wahl’s lead to look back to nature and our own biochemistry to find solutions to the majority of health problems our fellow humans face. By the time someone has followed conventional practitioners advice to the bitter end, their health has often not permitted them to remain employed  and they cannot afford  the costs of the healthier diets.

To effect change, we need citizens to become involved in the process where by research grant moneys are given out in the medical schools that the states own. There needs to be sunlight on the financial conflicts that decide what research is performed. To this end, many biochemists are trained but few get tenure. If tenure decisions are based on your ability to bring in corporate funding, this is a penny wise pound foolish decision when it prevents the possibility that our scientific knowledge is not being put to work to keep people well, as Terry Wahls’s story demonstrates. Our publicly owned medical schools and their research labs have been hijacked to enact corporate profits. Potentially, a state owned school partners with a corporation to co own the patents?  Then, the resulting drugs are marketed with medicare Part D forcing all taxpayers to pay them.

Where are these  PhD ‘s biochemist now? Couldn’t they be allowed to crowd source funding  for biochemical research trials of natural foods in the treatment of disease as partners with residency medical training programs with relatively modest funding?  Reversing atherosclerosis with the use of foods high in vitamin K 2 is one relatively easy project that comes to mind. Certainly, the expensive cholesterol lowering drugs have shown to be virtually useless for reversing atherosclerosis and dangerous to boot. Medicare Part D needs to be ended so all that  loot Big Pharma has stolen from us cannot be used to manage  elected officials’ ability to get reelected.

See Terri Wahls MD before and after See Terri Wahls MD before and after

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Physician Heroes of mine

This blog is where I am noting physicians who have had to stand up against the overwhelming forces that have an economic interest in physicians remaining ignorant. You may want to learn about them and pass on the praise.

John Dommisse MD was trained at a medical school where he learned about vitamin B12 being useful to stop dementia and psychotic aggression. This is fascinating to me because in one interview he noted he had had to spend a total of $250,000 to protect his medical license.* See his site here        http://www.johndommissemd.com/b12.html     I am recommending you open  up to his site where I think his discussion and defense of the science in how to interpret levels of vitamin B 12 will be useful in educating your physician or that of your friend or family member who wants to use neuroleptic medications for their behavior.

Terry Wahls MD is a professor of internal medicine at a medical school. She has multiple sclerosis. She had plenty of money, connections, insurance, and prescription drugs but progressed to non-ambulatory status anyway. She read on the basic science issues and changed her strategy, most importantly, her diet. Now she can ride her bicycle 5 miles to work and back. Read about her here.      http://www.terrywahls.com/

Her video about the process of discovery necessary to achieve this breakthrough is so very important to understand why this country is so underwater with medical costs.  I will find it and attach it (I already did this today but the work vanished not to be found)

William Rea MD is a leader in the field of environmental exposure illnesses. http://www.ehcd.com/about-our-professionals/

The Texas Medical Board originally went after this doctor because they do not believe in the concept of multiple chemical sensitivity, however, the U S government has recognized this syndrome as documented in wikipedia:

In 1997, U.S. Social Security Administration Commissioner John Callahan issued a court memorandum officially recognizing MCS “as a medically determinable impairment” on an agency-wide basis.[21] That is, without making any statement about the cause of MCS or the role of chemicals in MCS, the Social Security administration agrees that some MCS patients are too disabled to be meaningfully employed.[22]

The wikipedia I pulled this from is linked here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multiple_chemical_sensitivity

OMG….ALL these physicians have had appointments at medical schools….could they just be that much brighter than your usual government licensing official?

*This use of the licensing issue and exorbitant legal fees was a technique used on me also. I would like Dr. Dommisse to be explicit on how the costs were generated and how he located his attorneys. I would like to understand if there were any similarities to the process of how I was set up with attorneys who actually represented the interests of others instead of me.

The blog I got the attorney financial scoop on is here: http://the-moneychanger.com/articles/what_you_dont_know_about_vitamin_b12_can_hurt_you

There are other physicians out there who have not spoken up. There may have been techniques even more fearsome than the threat of high legal fees.

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