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Launch Americans with Disabilities Act Fight to Stop the Death Penalty : Tactic to Change the Medical Education System of Physicians

Launch Americans with Disabilities Act fight to stop the death penalty at occupysf _ Indybay

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Multiple Sclerosis Defeated by Terry Wahls MD vs Medicare Part D

A professor of internal medicine at a US medical school flunked multiple major conventional medicine treatments for her progressive multiple sclerosis. She relearned her biochemistry and designed her own nutritional treatment and added neuromuscular electrical stimulation resulting in freedom from wheelchairs.  How many physicians have heard about Terry Wahls so they can recommend this approach to their newly and previously diagnosed multiple sclerosis patients ?

The Wall Street Journal on May 1, 2015 had a front page  article titled “Small Number of Drugs Drive Big Medicare Bill”. Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.’s multiple sclerosis drug Copasone was one of the more expensive products.

This is a prime example of why I do not support Medicare Part D. I find that there are outstanding reasons to follow Terry Wahl’s lead to look back to nature and our own biochemistry to find solutions to the majority of health problems our fellow humans face. By the time someone has followed conventional practitioners advice to the bitter end, their health has often not permitted them to remain employed  and they cannot afford  the costs of the healthier diets.

To effect change, we need citizens to become involved in the process where by research grant moneys are given out in the medical schools that the states own. There needs to be sunlight on the financial conflicts that decide what research is performed. To this end, many biochemists are trained but few get tenure. If tenure decisions are based on your ability to bring in corporate funding, this is a penny wise pound foolish decision when it prevents the possibility that our scientific knowledge is not being put to work to keep people well, as Terry Wahls’s story demonstrates. Our publicly owned medical schools and their research labs have been hijacked to enact corporate profits. Potentially, a state owned school partners with a corporation to co own the patents?  Then, the resulting drugs are marketed with medicare Part D forcing all taxpayers to pay them.

Where are these  PhD ‘s biochemist now? Couldn’t they be allowed to crowd source funding  for biochemical research trials of natural foods in the treatment of disease as partners with residency medical training programs with relatively modest funding?  Reversing atherosclerosis with the use of foods high in vitamin K 2 is one relatively easy project that comes to mind. Certainly, the expensive cholesterol lowering drugs have shown to be virtually useless for reversing atherosclerosis and dangerous to boot. Medicare Part D needs to be ended so all that  loot Big Pharma has stolen from us cannot be used to manage  elected officials’ ability to get reelected.

See Terri Wahls MD before and after See Terri Wahls MD before and after

The Hippocrates MovementSee my new blog and send me suggestions about making this association happen


Nov 17th 2004 testimony in the Texas house of Representatives:2 1/2 months before leaving Texas


I was the first speaker and my testimony begins after the first 4 minutes and extends for less than 10 minutes. While it has been 10 years since this event, I recall a question by Senator Jane Nelson that appears to be edited out and other information included that I doubt I stated. Unlikely I would recount my personal medical experiences for public viewing. I believe I mentioned William Dement MD by name while holding up his book as a reference.

Attorney Justin L. Williams….not for a plaintiff

I recently discovered Justin L. Williams is advertising for plaintiff cases. I am remiss in taking so long to tell the public about my experiences with him representing me. In December 2001 I was introduced to this attorney by telephone. I had been manipulated into believing that he was recommended by a prominent attorney Ira Burnim of the Bazelon Center. I no longer believe this is the case. I did try to reach Mr. Burnim but received no reply.

I was told he was an accomplished plaintiff’s attorney. Mr. Williams proceeded to throw my case. What case was this? I had found out that the right to an expert competent and experienced in one’s disability issues is part of the Americans with Disabilities Act. I was  attempting to sue to force state District courts in Texas to have to recognize that right. Instead of filing on the correct responsible entity, Mr. Williams sued the wrong one. He failed to serve discovery on them in addition. He had excuses about his abilities claiming social stress or some such shit. I now realize that the usual, customary, and appropriate tactic is to file on all possible governmental entities so that they can’t weasel out. Now, I realize that, in 2000, Mr. Williams was actually paying for listings advising other attorneys and the general public that he was AV rated and restricted his legal practice to defense work. His typical clients were huge corporations by his own admissions. Would I have allowed him to represent me if I had known this? I don’t think so. I consider him a SELL OUT when it comes to ethics. In regards to skill? I think he did exactly as his corporate masters wanted him to do. He should be disbarred.

ENDING Big Pharma

The only way to deal with this evil influence is to hit it where it is most vulnerable. Where is it the most vulnerable? I say it is how it has (literally) taught physicians to misdiagnose illnesses in such a way as to support Big Pharma’s profits. This is how the 10 largest pharmaceutical companies had more gross profits than the other 490 companies comprising the S & P 500. The problem with missed diagnosis is so severe that many physicians have misdiagnosed their colleagues.

Think of the Big Pharma scam as an iceberg. The part of the iceberg above the water line you know about because of the many law suits and criminal charges for hiding drug side effects and manipulating the literature so physicians use that specific product (to the detriment of their patient who has the side effect).       Now, how can you see the 90% of the iceberg, hidden beneath the waves?       Well, ask yourself, why does Dr. William C. Dement of Stanford, in his book The Promise of Sleep, assert that 20% of the U S public has obstructive sleep apnea, a figure consistent with numerous research projects while textbooks of internal medicine and primary care have been asserting that it is 2% to 4% of the public? Finally, Cecil’s Textbook of Internal Medicine appears to have been shamed into putting accurate information into their 2008 edition, albeit without putting any explanation about why this info differs so greatly from their prior editions. Note, they haven’t even noted an excuse that the updated figures were controversial so they just decided to spoon feed the readers (physicians and medical students). While the subject under “obstructive sleep apnea” is fairly accurate, the section on arterial hypertension in the same 2008 edition is not. Sleep apnea causes about 50% of all cases (various authorities assert anywhere from 30% to 80%) of arterial hypertension and this has been known for almost 10 years (suspected for decades). You couldn’t tell that from the way the information is handled in the textbook!

Back to the issue of physicians being misdiagnosed: consider how many of the cases of medical malpractice…cutting out the wrong lung, writing down the wrong dosage, inappropriate surgery, etc. etc. are due to the physician being impaired? Physicians get the same illnesses that the general public does. If 20% or even 10% of physicians knew they had sleep apnea, there would have been a movement to educate their patients years ago. So, what does the medical industrial complex have to do to keep this covered up?

I know when I approached the designated top doc at a major hospital in Austin Texas about the fact patient care was being compromised every day by the failure to be sure vulnerable patients with sleep apnea were not stabilized before surgery, before being sent home, etc. I was told that I was behaving inappropriately. I know when I attempted to find an attorney in Austin Tx to sue my physician (the one most responsible) for failure to diagnose a major sleep medicine disorder before medicating me while pregnant, I could not find one willing to do so. I believe there is collusion between industry representatives and their colleagues in the Federal and State government at very high levels to arrange malpractice cases to set practice patterns in the USA (see blog AMFS).

I am ready to picket the medical schools, starting with UCSF in San Francisco. The head of the department of Neurology there was a prominent name on the 2008 edition of Harrison’s textbook of Internal Medicine, also a prominent influential text. How  could he stand aside and let inaccurate misleading information about obstructive sleep apnea be published? Whose pocket is he in? Doesn’t he have pride in his work. Lets PICKET until he gets INVESTIGATED for CONFLICTS OF INTEREST and discredited or fired.

Phillips and Cohen as yet no yes or no

phillips and cohen aug 10 2011 original reply

Odd, why would this firm have a potential conflict of interest in regards to a pharmaceutical company?

Why would this reply state that the statute of limitations may be as short as 3 years but their submission form state that the statute of limitations may be as short as 6 years?

Hmmm, maybe it is like the Madoff scandal where despite years of complaints, the persons who lost money were limited to only going back 7 years for redress? While the SEC sat on its thumb, destroyed records, etc.?

I called this firm some months ago and asked if a physician whistleblower could walk in to give information and was told that was not possible. If that is truly this firm’s policy, well, whistleblowers, keep that in mind. If it is not their policy, would their employee say this on the telephone? Note how EVERYONE OF THESE LAW FIRMS expect us to use Federally controlled and easily monitored forms of communication.

we either have viable and accessible courts of law or we have anarchy in the streets.


Friday October 7, 2011  Earlier this week I received an unsigned email from Matt Smith at Phillips and Cohen turning down representation. They pled poverty. Yep, that’s right! A huge qui tam firm with billions in settlements has plead to having too scarce resources to consider this case. nO u s mail received. Expect a copy of the notice here soon. If it disappears before I do that, I start the process of documenting again! Screww Em!


Meanwhile, I am going to OccupyWall Street events, handing out my little notices that I am crowd sourcing finding an attorney. Conceivably, any federal agent or contractor that messes with this activity would be at risk of obstructing access to justice or obstructing  an investigation of the illegal collusion between the FBI, the insurance industry, and the pharmaceutical industry as well as any other un-named alphabet agencies. Keep in mind the NPR interview with Dan Priest of the New York Times. She revealed that there are hundreds of federal agencies now capable of surveiling Americans and even more contracted firms and an unknown number of sub-contractors all surveiling us. (what is the correct spelling of servailing? the spell check program is not highlighting it but I know it probably isn’t correct.)

Erin Brockovitch access denied

Well, this lady seems like a trooper after my own heart. Nothing like a little character and personality to go after the moment. I first went to the law firm that she was known to be associated with in 2006. I drove on in without calling for the usual reason: I no longer trust federally controlled forms of communication. The staff was pleasant. I was given forms to fill out. I was then told that Erin Brockovitch would personally review the request. Then, the Hispanic female front desk person indicated that the request was being handled at that moment by a rather large blonde middle aged woman who I believe she indicated was Erin Brockovitch. I was given a verbal, not written, statement by the front desk person that my request was being rejected.

A couple years later, I see a picture of Ms Brockovitch on the cover of California Lawyer (or some such publication). She is a knockout, not the morbidly obese female the person in the law offices indicated.

Now, I sent in a request many months ago after seeing her name come up again. I believe, as many people do, that the insurance industry, among other vested interests,  has been responsible for suppressing information about mold toxicity. Certainly, as a physician I never received any CME (continuing medical education) classes. Never saw any available. certainly, I as probably most practitioners, saw people affected by it and never diagnosed it. Here is the request I sent in by Internet and the only reply to date.

erin brockovich

after my surgeries to fix the birth defect (craniofacial malformation) causing airway obstruction, I did not improve to the extent I thought I should. I then removed moldy carpet from my house. However, I only got the type of improvement that would allow efficient thinking processes when I added high dose Coenzyme Q 10 daily. My intellectual functioning was then measured by a psychologist and found to be above average for a physician. I believe mold odors have been found to have caused mitochondrial damage. Considering the health status of those individuals mitochondria, they would possibly improve eventually anyway, however, measuring mitochondrial health , at this time was expensive and complicated. It was only performed at research institutions.


Experiential witness: I would be happy to serve as one on the issue of failure to educate primary care physicians on this issue. Once I find legal representation on the issue of insurers/vested interests blocking our education, this may be more useful.

Will Jonathon Emord take my case?

9 7 2011 jonathon emord  Jonathon Emord this is my faxed request to ~Mr. Emord…the first one disappeared, there has never been an answer to either request

I have not heard from Mr. Emord yet as of September 20, 2011

Mr. Emord is well known in legal circles for his stand on freedom of information in health issues. He has sued the Federal government succesfully on this issue, to protect our first amendment rights to promote the uses of dietary supplements. I am asking him to consider my case since fraud to prevent access to the courts was used on me. I believe a major source of the political influence to bring this off was related to two issues. I complained about the issue of missed diagnosis being promoted by the pharmaceutical industry in order to promote their products. I was turning my practice into an alternative medicine practice. Note that many attorneys, both plaintiff and defense are benefiting from the pharmaceutical industry’s behavior.

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