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Launch Americans with Disabilities Act Fight to Stop the Death Penalty : Tactic to Change the Medical Education System of Physicians

Launch Americans with Disabilities Act fight to stop the death penalty at occupysf _ Indybay

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Nov 17th 2004 testimony in the Texas house of Representatives:2 1/2 months before leaving Texas


I was the first speaker and my testimony begins after the first 4 minutes and extends for less than 10 minutes. While it has been 10 years since this event, I recall a question by Senator Jane Nelson that appears to be edited out and other information included that I doubt I stated. Unlikely I would recount my personal medical experiences for public viewing. I believe I mentioned William Dement MD by name while holding up his book as a reference.

Jahi mcMath dies unnecessarily in Oakland Hospital

I am reading an article in today’s San Francisco Chronicle titled “Brain-death battles” about the post surgical death of a 13 y/o American girl of African descent. As I read the description of the surgery as “Jahi’s tonsils and adenoids were removed, along with excess tissue from her throat and nose” I became very angry. This procedure is known as a UPPP* and was widely discredited years ago. I recall sending a patient for a consultation with an ENT physician and then realizing he had no improvement and basically moved home to the east coast to (mostly) retire. I saw a review of this procedure that followed many cases and unequivocally stated that persons with obstructive sleep apnea who had this procedure tended to do worse than patients who did not have the procedure. I eventually was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea resulting from a  (supposedly) rare craniofacial birth defect and had extensive bone rearranging surgery on the mid and lower half of my face. Eventually I discovered that craniofacial anomalies were common in children of service men exposed to the nuclear testing environment, like my dad was. During the autopsy that must be performed on this child**, it would be important to have a forensic examiner who is familiar with the upper anatomy, since this anomaly could have been missed.

Oh, by the way, if you, John Q Public, are going to blame her (Jahi McMath) obstructive sleep apnea on her weight….there are lots of people who get obstructive sleep apnea as thin people, then get fat because of the wild cortisol swings and sleep obstruction, in large part because the obstructive sleep apnea is missed while they are thin and effective CPAP treatment initiated.

Our Americans with African origins population has sleep apnea about three times as prevalent as the Anglo population. It is a scandal of criminal proportions that this issue has not been more widely taught, researched, and the etiology discovered so that prevention,rather than misguided surgery, rules the day.

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Sleep apnea renal failure Educational activities

My approach to this issue, control of physician education and medical practices, allows me to reach out to many different interest groups.

If you would like to be a part of decreasing medical costs while relieving people of chronic renal failure and helping end the killing of political prisoners in China, help me or others set up educational actions at dialysis clinics. Dress up like one of the many healthy foods, full of minerals and vitamins, that are restricted from the diets of patients in renal failure and hand out copies of the research into coenzyme Q10 that has been documented to reverse some of the renal failure.

here is the info I give out below and here is the link to print out copies of this

The physician ignorance about obstructive sleep apnea has lead to the early demise of the elders of the Americans of African descent population. My efforts to leaflet on this situation in San Francisco led to an assault and battery by London Breed, a locally prominent American of African descent. The local bar association did not come through for me to pursue her legally. If you would like to go visit local political leaders with me to ask for an investigation by the government of how this (the early demise of elders secondary to undiagnosed untreated obstructive sleep apnea) has been allowed to happen, please let me know via cynthia.jeanne.lee@gmail.com

Also, we need an investigation into whether there exists greater chemical sensitivity in certain racial groups so that these chemicals can be outlawed sooner rather than later. Remember my assertion that research published over a decade ago by the University of Edinburgh demonstrated that, of newly diagnosed sleep apnea patients in Great Britain, half had a BMI of < 27. This strongly suggests that the obesity seen in many sleep apnea patients is the result of the sleep disruption and not the cause of the apnea. I discussed this previously in earlier posts.

How did they hide the sleep apnea?

In 1993 a University of Wisconsin study, involving a cross section of middle aged men and women, produced results of 24% of the men fit the 5 apnea per hour of sleep criteria for the diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and 9% of the women had OSA. Middle age was defined as between 30 to 60 years old. When the individuals were surveyed for symptoms, and they were asked if they were sleepy, 1 out of 6 men admitted to day time sleepiness. Since several years before, Dr. William C. Dement (prominent Stanford Sleep Medicine professor) had coined the diagnostic category of “sleep apnea syndrome” to include those individuals who presented to the physician with a primary complaint of day time sleepiness AND were found to have obstructive sleep apnea as the cause of this sleepiness, some authors appeared to have confusion. Hence “obstructive sleep apnea” does not equal “sleep apnea syndrome”. The  textbooks began selectively quoting this research and noted that “sleep apnea syndrome” affected 4% of the men in this study and failed to include the observation that 24% of the men actually had obstructive sleep apnea. This issue confused me why some authors said 24% and others notes 4% until I came across the Psychiatric Clinics of North America article where Dr. Dement coined the expression “sleep apnea syndrome” and defined it. I also came across his research where older men who had 5 episodes of sleep apnea per hour of sleep BUT NOT 4 episodes  (or less) of apnea per hour would have adverse effects from 2 (and only two )alcoholic beverages. These men would have up tp 4 times (and some authors say 5 times) as many apneas per hour of sleep with only such minimal apnea to begin with. If there was any doubt, Dr. William Powell also of Stanford published research in 1999 demonstrating that persons with mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea were worse drivers than individuals (without sleep apnea or sleep deprivation) who were legally drunk (California commercial code .04% alcohol level).

I’ve reviewed textbooks of internal medicine and family medicine/primary care) from before 1994 through 2008. Finally, one textbook (Cecil’s) got the 1993 University of Wisconsin study accurate. In 2008 Cecil’s Textbook of Internal Medicine is the first major textbook to clarify this issue. A point I would like to make is that this was a major departure from their prior coverage and it would have been useful  if they had noted this and discussed this. Meanwhile, in the face of data to the effect that approximately half of hypertension cases have OSA as a major etiology, Cecil’s coverage of arterial hypertension glosses over this. It truly is a snow job.  Midway through the coverage of arterial hypertension is a chart listing different causes of secondary hypertension including OSA. Several pages prior to this chart there is a separate reference to this chart and noting that it is cost prohibitive to actually check people for these disorders.

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