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Multiple Sclerosis Defeated by Terry Wahls MD vs Medicare Part D

A professor of internal medicine at a US medical school flunked multiple major conventional medicine treatments for her progressive multiple sclerosis. She relearned her biochemistry and designed her own nutritional treatment and added neuromuscular electrical stimulation resulting in freedom from wheelchairs.  How many physicians have heard about Terry Wahls so they can recommend this approach to their newly and previously diagnosed multiple sclerosis patients ?

The Wall Street Journal on May 1, 2015 had a front page  article titled “Small Number of Drugs Drive Big Medicare Bill”. Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.’s multiple sclerosis drug Copasone was one of the more expensive products.

This is a prime example of why I do not support Medicare Part D. I find that there are outstanding reasons to follow Terry Wahl’s lead to look back to nature and our own biochemistry to find solutions to the majority of health problems our fellow humans face. By the time someone has followed conventional practitioners advice to the bitter end, their health has often not permitted them to remain employed  and they cannot afford  the costs of the healthier diets.

To effect change, we need citizens to become involved in the process where by research grant moneys are given out in the medical schools that the states own. There needs to be sunlight on the financial conflicts that decide what research is performed. To this end, many biochemists are trained but few get tenure. If tenure decisions are based on your ability to bring in corporate funding, this is a penny wise pound foolish decision when it prevents the possibility that our scientific knowledge is not being put to work to keep people well, as Terry Wahls’s story demonstrates. Our publicly owned medical schools and their research labs have been hijacked to enact corporate profits. Potentially, a state owned school partners with a corporation to co own the patents?  Then, the resulting drugs are marketed with medicare Part D forcing all taxpayers to pay them.

Where are these  PhD ‘s biochemist now? Couldn’t they be allowed to crowd source funding  for biochemical research trials of natural foods in the treatment of disease as partners with residency medical training programs with relatively modest funding?  Reversing atherosclerosis with the use of foods high in vitamin K 2 is one relatively easy project that comes to mind. Certainly, the expensive cholesterol lowering drugs have shown to be virtually useless for reversing atherosclerosis and dangerous to boot. Medicare Part D needs to be ended so all that  loot Big Pharma has stolen from us cannot be used to manage  elected officials’ ability to get reelected.

See Terri Wahls MD before and after See Terri Wahls MD before and after

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Kenny McCaffrey

This page should not be coming up as my home page and I do not know how that happened: see the posting “help me locate an attorney….as I will reward those who help manage web info as well as set up amicus arrangements

This is one of the qui tam firms that was asked to consider my claim that the pharmaceutical industry giants have bilked the American taxpayer by altering physician education to trick them into misdiagnosis of sleep disorders as psychiatric conditions requiring prescription psychiatric drugs. Medicare Part D has undoubtedly paid out millions for this scam. I was trying to locate law firms interested in this area before I was stalked out of Texas. I did not know about the Ritalin lawsuits that were filed around 2001. Those suits were dismissed by a judge. One of the principles in those class actions suits, Dickie Scruggs, was subsequently accused and pled out on charges of trying to bribe a judge. On a post (that I will eventually figure out to link to) I note that this attorney became addicted to pain killers after 2 back surgeries within 60 days. 2 back surgeries within 60 days?  That is unusual. I wonder what went wrong. I think his attorney, John Keker, failed to explore if he was assaulted, rather than operated on! Note that Dickie Scruggs’s son was also prosecuted and pled out but is now petitioning to have this reversed based on new info that has come out demonstrating malfeasance between his lawyer and the Feds.

No more from this firm, Kenny & McCafferty as of October 31, 2011

kenny mccafferty sept 14 2011

If you know someone at this firm, ask them why I haven’t heard back from them. If you are as concerned as I am that there is informal blocking or surreptitious blocking of access to attorneys, feel free to email, phone or fax them. If all the government or the corporations that control them have to do is harass someone willing to sue to protect basic rights in order to stop them, you do not have basic rights intact either.

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