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Donald W. Patrick MD JD was conned

I have known Dr. Patrick, a neurosurgeon, since approximately 1984. I did a family medicine residency at Brackenridge Hospital and was assigned to his practice for a few weeks of neurosurgery exposure. He was one of the trauma surgeons. I trusted him enough to refer patients to him and his partner from time to time after I was in private solo practice. He was sued for malpractice and this changed his life. He was conned by the medical/pharmaceutical industrial complex then and remains conned to this day. How did this industry do this?

Dr. Patrick, by my understanding of the information passed around at the hospital, was sued when a patient he performed emergency life-saving surgery on required blood transfusions and became HIV positive. Since this occurred before there was a blood test for HIV, this seemed unfair to him. I cannot recall exactly but I believed a jury found him innocent of malpractice accusations. Then he went to law school and became a huge tort reform advocate. He was conned. How so?  I realized this when I began exploring the concepts advanced by Peter Duesberg Ph. D. of U C Berkeley. This respected scientist with impeccable credentials began publishing in the 1980’s that the science did not support HIV as the cause of AIDS. I only became aware of the controversy when I read the article about the poor quality/integrity of HIV drug research in Harpers March 2006. Do your own evaluation. Read the Harpers article online at harpers.org. Read about Peter Duesberg’s accomplishments. Admit that you didn’t even know there was a controversy. I know that the vast majority of physicians, including infectious disease specialists, in Austin Texas are unaware that the issue of HIV as a cause of AIDS is unproven. We were duped by the pharmaceutical industry which markets unethically. Dr. Patrick’s life (not to mention the life of the unfortunate patient requiring emergency life saving surgery) was changed by the social  consequences of this scam. I believe that consumer protections were unfairly and possibly unconstitutionally damaged by the tort reform movement to protect physician’s assets.

Dr. Patrick was also an attorney representing me during a divorce in 1999. The divorce was complicated by the fact I was in an encephalopathy aggravated repeatedly by physician mis-diagnosis and mismanagement. Dr. Patrick was ethically challenged by this situation. He let me down ethically repeatedly. He endangered my life and my child’s life. He knew that I was considering suing one of the physicians involved in my care. I knew that a physician suing another for failure to diagnose would change the standard of care in Texas. It was really time for this to happen. I understood from the perspective of practicing primary care and minor emergency care in Texas for 20 years that mis-diagnosis of persons with sleep deprivation syndromes was rampant. It was time for physicians to be held responsible for their callousness. Dr. Patrick was instrumental in heading this off. Then, he entered into employment with the government and went after my medical license.At least, the licensing board employee monitoring me admitted that Dr. Patrick had not recused himself. No wonder he didn’t, I took the issue of incompetent forensic experts required by Texas judge’s in divorce court into Federal court and his hind end was exposed.


What could be cited as the reason for going after my license? They couldn’t cite the encephalopathy. That would lead back to the physicians that had failed to recognize it. Besides, I had adjusted my practice patterns instinctively, referring out complicated patients and limiting my hours and taking off on extended medical leave appropriately. Plus, there was the fact that my intellectual abilities were not below that which a board certified neuropsychologist  and neurorehabilitation physician would certify as capable of practicing medicine, albeit with limitations (that I had already self-imposed). For example, my central auditory processing (ability to decipher spoken words) was so slow that I could not efficiently see enough patients to make the overhead for a private practice. Logic and experience combined to keep me from missing surgical conditions and myocardial emergencies. No, the state of Texas decided to try to stop me from practicing because the forensic psychiatrist on their board believed sending so many patients for sleep medicine evaluations was  evidence of an unstable mental status! I had already reviewed the research extensively and understood that key players in the field of sleep medicine believed that 20% of the U S population had sleep apnea (see The Promise of Sleep by William C. Dement of Stanford). Almost every patient I had sent actually had , on polysomnogram, evidence of an impairing sleep diagnosis. Thus my experiences are available to those intent on reforming the criminal justice system to one where the victims of crime should have the right to insist on accurate diagnosis thus helping the persons committing crimes have a chance to actually improve their behavior.



Physician Activist from Texas at SF Food Not Bombs


When the government decided to retaliate for my suing over the ADA right to competent expert in Texas State district courts I DISCOVERED HOW THE ADA CAN BE USED TO STOP THE DEATH PENALTY.  It takes another physician to spot the bullshit of another. However, when you realize the depth of the BS, you probably won’t have any disagreement with the issue of the pharmaceutical industry hijacking the education of physicians to support their drug sales.

Read my blogs to scope out how we can stop the death penalty  for sure, email me ideas about who to contact and network with on this issue. I will not post your info if you say not to, of course. Death Penalty Focus will not even respond to my request to meet their director.

Could we improve the health of kidney failure patients, reduce medical costs and protect political prisoners in China with the same action at dialysis clinics in the USA? Yes, click here.

Are medical malpractice cases being rigged? Perhaps, my experiences suggest this needs to be investigated.

Help me locate a responsible law firm and earn a reward          ALERT    My hard copies of letters to the FBI complaining of their complicity and refusal to address my question of concocted insurance fraud issues to help set me up for surveillance have disappeared. Please make downloads of these on the FBI malfeasance blogs for me and place elsewhere on the Internet

Here I start my blog to enlist others to help me locate a law firm to pursue economic justice and civil liberties for me but in such a manner as to protect the interests of large classes of individuals. Warning! I am not a sell-out. I will not do a confidential settlement. I fled Texas suspecting that the harassment could follow me but not having ANY real choice in the matter. Either this nation has viable courts and access to the courts or we face eventual chaos in the streets. So far, I have not found our courts accessible or viable but have chosen to not yet give up hope. So, I have decided to apply capitalism to the search for an attorney capable enough to sue the government and corporations involved and alert enough to protect themselves from the harassment that these entities can roll out. There are motivated competent attorneys out there still. It is just that the government can and will interrupt access to their offices. See the reputations of the attorneys and firms that have failed even to acknowledge my requests. Did they even receive the requests?   I’ve seen phone lines fail unexpectedly when faxes are sent to specific attorneys. I’ve seen the U S registered mail to the ACLU be signed for by “F E L O N” whoa! for once the FBI is telling the truth!

I am offering up to 10% total of the court awarded amounts for the malfeasance of the insurers/government/politicians involved to those individuals who, in various ways find me the law firm/attorney who takes the case and/or locate amicus and/or help me set up speaking engagements, found support groups to give this case some momentum. I am posting copies of prior attempts to engage legal representation on this blog because documents have disappeared sometimes even by the legal boxful at a time, even from a safety deposit box at a credit Union, from hotel rooms and my home in Texas. I hope to embarrass those firms that are too compromised to even respond but allow interested parties to contact the firms and help me confirm that they actually received the requests. Note the blog on GEEK MAFIA, BLACK HAT BLUES since the government could be doing as the hackers did in this novel: run all emails through censors first and disappearing those emails from me and possibly other potential clients. Also, manage their telephone lines, certainly the U S Mail. See, I’m helping to build careers for hackers! Maybe some of the attorneys not already intimidated or compromised will be willing to sue the government for obstructing their access to clients. So, this suggests You can find an attorney interested, find a person to slip me the name on a piece of paper (which I will then chew up and spit out in front of you…just kidding!) then I will fax and email their offices. Come by a day or so later and I’ll show you the hard copies (before they disappear).

I am thinking that the interested parties for amicus may be 1. small business groups since  an illness related to sleep apnea can injure the primary owner and end a business and health insurance costs have decimated profits or 2. victims of car accidents where the drivers causing the accidents had undiagnosed sleep apnea 3. victims of malpractice by attorney or physician where the responsible licensed individual has undiagnosed sleep apnea and is agreeable about accepting responsibility (maybe a stretch for some however, if I had ever made a major malpractice error, I would have considered this option)  4. persons with pesticide exposures where the respiratory compromise went unrecognized…..Since the consequences of severe toxic exposures is that respiration can halt, surely a lesser exposure can bring on obstructive sleep apnea which is apnea appearing during the most metabolically at risk periods. 5. certainly persons with obstructive sleep apnea who had a stroke, heart attack, car accident etc. before the sleep apnea was recognized.

Keep checking for a downloadedable pdf document for this issue. I think it is already on one of the other blogs. Check for me at St. Anthony’s (pulling my Briggs and Riley 22 inch most days at noon 150 Golden Gate avenue, or wednesday nite Food Not Bombs or occasionally Noisebridge

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