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Launch Americans with Disabilities Act Fight to Stop the Death Penalty : Tactic to Change the Medical Education System of Physicians

Launch Americans with Disabilities Act fight to stop the death penalty at occupysf _ Indybay

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Donald H. Heller nor Jack Stoffregen responded to my letter

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This is the email I sent to Jack Stoffregen. He never responded. He now has a different email address on file with the Texas Bar. I will be emailing this again to this updated email.

Please contact him at his office

1-800-775-7954 at the Regional Public Defender for Capitol Punishment in Lubbock Tx.

because challenging a corrupt

medical education system

protects us all.

Donald H. Heller was prominent in arranging for the death penalty system of

California used today. His website explains his current position as shown here:

Don Heller, Same Lawyer Who Wrote California Death Penalty, Now Fighting to Abolish It

LA Weely
In the late 1970s Don Heller penned a ballot initiative that would reinstate the court’s harshest sentence. But he’s since had a change of heart and mind.

He has not responded to my efforts to bring the education of psychiatrists in to the 21st century. My letter to him is documented here:

Heller Request


Johnny Griffin III

I sought out Mr. Griffin for representation due to his familiarity with the Patriot Act and the fact it can be used for commercial spying on Americans and not to their benefit. I have good reasons for believing that National Security Letters and other means were used to gather information about me from usually protected sources (because of a conversation I had with an executive secretary at the Travis County Medical Society). Also, if one does not have the right to know that records were obtained, one cannot review these records for accuracy. Why would I seek out an attorney with Patriot Act experience? At my medical office in Austin Texas, a man presented as a patient and represented himself as single, Muslim and Pakistani. Since I had experience with female patients identifying as Muslim (and accompanied by their spouse), I had come to understand that it was unlikely a Muslim male would seek out a female physician. After 9/11, this same man came into my office, behaved belligerently (upsetting my front office staff who came to get me immediately) and he demanded I complete and sign forms attesting to his identity for the purposes of going out of the country. I certainly cannot know if my office staff alerted law enforcement but I would not have been surprised if she had, all things considered. The phone call with the man purporting to be Mr. Griffin was strange (as documented in the fax document scanned and linked below) and I do not believe that was Mr. Griffin on the telephone with me. To that end, how hard is it for the Feds to have some woman call, identify herself as me, then be abusive or inappropriate? The use of identity doubles is a very old game.

My fax to his office (click below) to alert him as to the situation. I have never heard back. Sept 22, 2011. This is not the first time I have tried to alert him that someone with a different speaking voice was using his identity on a telephone call to this prospective client. I eventually heard him interviewed on NPR and it was clearly not the same person’s voice.

johnny grifinIII sept 13 2011

Monkeying around w the National Lawyers Guild

Back in 2005, when the stalking that had begun months before became incredibly dangerous and personal, I finally came to my senses and realized that my access to attorneys in Texas with my home phone tapped, U S Mail compromised, etc. was ZIP. I fled to California. Since I had discovered my medical records at Stanford Medical School Sleep Clinic compromised, I figured I could try the ACLU in California and a California attorney to crack open this case. The ACLU access was already compromised but I heard about the National Lawyers Guild. I didn’t really care so much about their politics just that they supposedly stood between the government and violations of individual rights. I had obtained the name of their Texas head and called him from my home phone in Austin. Dude (Carlos) said he couldn’t help me. Duh! With my phone compromised, how could I know it was him calling and not just an identity dummy? Although I didn’t know this then, the Feds have used identity dummies before in dealing with social justice activists. No, I went directly to their offices in San Francisco on Capp Street.

Capp Street was an experience. I was greeted pleasantly by their very small staff. I had already decided to join as a legal worker, willing to provide pro bono consulting on the weaknesses in “medical forensic sciences”. I was shown a 2004 directory for the United States. Shockingly, there were less than 200 names in this directory for the entire United States. I questioned the staff about this and was given their reassurance that this was correct. I thought this was not possible. I thought I had found, on line, references to individual practicing attorneys who were not listed. I sent in a completed application directly to their offices in New York City. To support an office that size I figured they must have more membership.  The 2005 directory came in and ditto: less than 200 names in the entire United States. I eventually made it to their national meeting in Portland Oregon that fall. In the ballroom during the dinner, there were more than 200 attorneys present. I had shown this 2005 directory to the membership director for the Oregon chapter of the NLG and this man had looked at the directory musing that there were names in there of people who used to be members. I became ill that night and woke up with major aches and pains and severe memory limitations. Although the day before I could consult a map and drive thru numerous right and left turns without hesitation or having to reconsult the directions, now I had to stop at each and every intersection where I had to turn and consult the map or written directions anew. I actually scraped another car pulling away from the curb, leaving mine with a new scrape, and after pulling away decided to go around the block and come back to look at the other car but forgot by the time I got to the light at the intersection. The car I hit was an old beater so I don’t have remorse about that and I feel certain something occurred to me during the night to affect my judgment as episodes with evidence of malfeasance had occurred before then and since then. It is only during the earliest of the event that there is not enough experience yet to understand that you need a toxicology screen.

I have approached several attorneys who list with the NLG and have been turned away. I will blog about those experiences separately. I can not know definitvely that they were aware of my interactions with their firms.  I do want to note one of the presentations at the Portland event that suggests some of the ?twisted? approaches that suggests even these attorneys are being used by the corporate masters. One lady had initiated a class action suit against the Oregon State penal system regarding their failure to treat inmates with hepatitis C. I was impressed but not happy. My understanding of hepatitis C is that there is more than one type. Those individuals who had acquired their infection through intravenous drug use did very poorly with the current treatments and were better off untreated. However, there was some new research from Europe that people in florid liver failure (Class 5) could be stabilized on concentrated herbal treatments so that they could be pulled off the transplant list. This option would offer the good people of Oregon the chance to do good and not evil. For those skeptics (Big Pharma and otherwise) I point out the adventures of a Marin County family who ate Death Cap as in amanita poisonous mushrooms and subsequently went into liver failure. Their physicians petitioned to have intravenous extracts of the same herbal flown in from Europe and saved their livers. So take that you effing Pharmawhores! Anyway, I happily raised my hand during comments/questions after the presentation in Portland and this attorney who had sued the State of Oregon for refusing to poison their hepatitis C inmates was not at all happy when I brought up this new research that would provide a cheap and safe solution. I began to wonder if the Pharmawhores had funded her lawsuit?

I did follow up with the membership director by taking him a copy of the directory. He was one of several attorneys who work at a firm that had a contract to provide services for the indigent persons accused of crimes. I never heard back. I went back and was told at the reception desk that I was to go away and not come back. These firms are under the direction of an attorney owner and the membership director may not have been aware however, I would have thought he would have jumped on evidence of the existence of a directory that smacked of obstruction of access to members of THE GUILD. This sure would be evidence of constitutional violations by the government.

Fast forward to 2008. I was in Hastings College of Law library and they had a 1999 directory for the NLG. I copied large portions of it and began researching the backgrounds of the attorneys. eventually, these pages and notes were spirited out of my case/hotel room never to be seen again.

Recently, here in San Francisco, the NLG held a fundraiser. I was out front signing and leafleting on the issue of being handed an incomplete directory by their own NLG staff. No one paid much attention. A few nonmembers took my information. No one has followed up.

Did Gerry Spence know what his partner was up to?

Gerry Spence’s first book covered the issue of psychiatric incompetence.  I was impressed by this man and his insight into the medical profession. I discovered his books after another attorney recommended I seek representation from  his firm. I drove all the way to Jackson Hole Wyoming to present a written request for representation. When I went unannounced to his office, I was turned away and not allowed to enter to fill out his office forms (assuming his office has a written format). I was told I could write one out and bring it back to the office. I did this and once again was not allowed to enter the office to present my request at the reception desk. Hmmm, I don’t look particularly disreputable. I bathe regularly, wear clean clothes, speak clean English (not word salad), etc. Once again I was told to come back for an answer. The third day, one of the junior partners, identifying himself as Bryan Ulmer, came out to the sidewalk and told me that he alone could make the decision that the law firm would not represent me.  He stated that a group of three attorneys reviewed potential cases and made the decisions. He also stated that the firm would not help me locate any legal assistance.

Eventually, I left Jackson Hole and drove out of state. In a public library I went on the net and for the first time looked up Gerry Spence’s website. Why for the first time before driving many hours from Oregon to ask for representation? It had become clear that the government could track ones Internet use and I didn’t want to give these federal goons any more lead to my intentions so to decrease their ability to block. Anyway, at that time, the Gerry Spence web site stated the policy that all partners reviewed a request for representation before accepting or rejecting. Certainly, I was not told this by the man who did resemble the picture then on the Spence law firm website (then, the The Spence Law Firm LLC    Spence and McCalla.  The web site also stated that, if the firm decided not to offer representation, they would assist with locating alternative legal representation. That was also specifically stated in the document handed me by the man identifying himself as Bryan Ulmer that the firm would not do this.

Anyway, before I left the Jackson Hole area I went to a near by U S Post office and sent Gerry Spence a registered  letter (hand written as RA 316 803 900 US) including a request for representation. Back in Oregon, I got a rejection statement not signed by Gerry Spence, but by Mel C. Orchard, III Anyhow, those out there who believe Mr. Spence was on the right track re: incompetence in the forensic psychiatry profession, please get my story to him about my experiences facing the Board of Medical Examiners (now known as the Texas Medical Board) and discovering there are large holes in the education of these forensic experts that we could drive a Mac truck through to end their control of the court and sue to end the death penalty. He may also want to evaluate that partner’s allegiance to the firm or to the machine.

August 13, 2011   Today I reviewed the current Spence law firm web site and the current pictures……the man who came out of this law firm to the sidewalk to personally refuse my case identified himself as Bryan Ulmer but he was much younger than the picture of G. Bryan Ulmer III as depicted on the current web site. The man actually resembled what may be an old picture of Mel C. Orchard III (in his younger years) that currently comes up for his autobiographical info instead of the (probably) more current photo on the heading. Mel C. Orchard III was the signature on the rejection letter I received in the mail in response to my registered (or certified) letter to Gerry Spence from a near by post office. At this post office, the clerk failed to have the letter entered into the registry book and refused me info about the procedures used for this type of mail.  Could the feds be infiltrated into Gerry Spence’s office adequately to pull off a false identity? Perhaps, just be able to be in the waiting room and thus able to come out and pretend to be a member of the firm? Since Gerry Spence was instrumental in turning back the cap on punitive damages (and my attorney in Texas, Donald Patrick MD JD was an important figure in obtaining one in Texas) could their office be watched so closely as to prevent prospective clients from being considered. I sure saw enough to know that email, U S Mail, and telephone access could be denied (for me, at least).

Why Forensic medical/psychological examiners are not competent

I went face to face with the forensic psychiatrist Pascua-Lim on the Texas Medical Board several years ago. She volunteered that she knew almost nothing about obstructive sleep apnea. I realized that, for the 7% of Americans with severe sleep apnea
she would not be competent to claim expertise on their mental status at the time they committed a crime. Since these individuals are at high risk of causing injury to others, she should not be allowed to claim expertise at all for anyone committing a crime (since she can’t even evaluate those at very high risk). I’ve since ascertained that the Harvard forensic psychiatry program has the same failure to have expertise (by discussing the issue with the co-director of their program). I have also ascertained that the former forensic psychologist examiner for a major California state prison has no working knowledge of the mental status issues for sleep disorder/sleep deprived individuals also. If this information is being withheld from their education (like it is for all except Boarded sleep medicine physicians) then all the individuals subjected to forensic exams (especially for death penalty) have been deprived of their right to an expert competent/experienced in their areas of disability. let us use this info to turn our criminal justice system into a true rehabilitative system. Otherwise, the damaged individuals who commit crimes will just go on to inflict more injurious behaviors on innocent victims when the afflicted individual is released from prison.

I understand it can be hard to have compassion for someone who has committed a crime. I, too, have been a crime victim. My medical office was robbed at gunpoint by a man intending sexual assault.

In my continuing efforts to understand human behavior, I explored a textbook on Neuropsychiatry. I read that death row inmates in New York State all had evidence of prior brain damage. Surely, this cannot be just a coincidence. I looked forward to the next edition of this textbook, around 2003, only to discover that the topic was not covered in the later edition. I found that individuals well trained in evaluating social behaviors secondary to brain injury, either physical or toxic, were far and few between. I don’t think that forensic psychiatrists are well qualified to evaluate human behavior that lies out of the norm, even though their training asserts that they are. keep in mind that “Board Certification” is actually a commercial qualification. It is not a government status. When I was Board certified in Family Medicine, that meant I had met the qualifications determined by a nongovernmental group and successfully completed examinations. However, the State governments have been accepting these Board Certification statuses as evidence of competency. The Americans with Disabilities Act allows an individual the right to an expert competent and experienced in their areas of disability. Obviously, a forensic psychiatrist who does not even know to discover if the individual they are examining may have oxygen or sleep deficits could not be competent in a court of law.

The issue of obstructive sleep apnea is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a whole area of partial hepatic encephalopathy to explore. Our prisons are full of people with liver disease. It seems that physicians routinely, even if they know a person has a liver disease, does not realize they have mental status impairment until they arrive obtunded with  hepatic encephalopathy. There are much more accurate ways of assessing mental status when the liver is damaged. This involves having a opthalmologist evaluate their pupillary reflexes. This is more sensitive than serum ammonia. Considering that there are cheap safe ways of renewing liver function in humans, this is a boondoggle that benefits only a few financial elite individuals.

Physician Activist from Texas at SF Food Not Bombs


When the government decided to retaliate for my suing over the ADA right to competent expert in Texas State district courts I DISCOVERED HOW THE ADA CAN BE USED TO STOP THE DEATH PENALTY.  It takes another physician to spot the bullshit of another. However, when you realize the depth of the BS, you probably won’t have any disagreement with the issue of the pharmaceutical industry hijacking the education of physicians to support their drug sales.

Read my blogs to scope out how we can stop the death penalty  for sure, email me ideas about who to contact and network with on this issue. I will not post your info if you say not to, of course. Death Penalty Focus will not even respond to my request to meet their director.

Could we improve the health of kidney failure patients, reduce medical costs and protect political prisoners in China with the same action at dialysis clinics in the USA? Yes, click here.

Are medical malpractice cases being rigged? Perhaps, my experiences suggest this needs to be investigated.

Help me locate a responsible law firm and earn a reward          ALERT    My hard copies of letters to the FBI complaining of their complicity and refusal to address my question of concocted insurance fraud issues to help set me up for surveillance have disappeared. Please make downloads of these on the FBI malfeasance blogs for me and place elsewhere on the Internet

Here I start my blog to enlist others to help me locate a law firm to pursue economic justice and civil liberties for me but in such a manner as to protect the interests of large classes of individuals. Warning! I am not a sell-out. I will not do a confidential settlement. I fled Texas suspecting that the harassment could follow me but not having ANY real choice in the matter. Either this nation has viable courts and access to the courts or we face eventual chaos in the streets. So far, I have not found our courts accessible or viable but have chosen to not yet give up hope. So, I have decided to apply capitalism to the search for an attorney capable enough to sue the government and corporations involved and alert enough to protect themselves from the harassment that these entities can roll out. There are motivated competent attorneys out there still. It is just that the government can and will interrupt access to their offices. See the reputations of the attorneys and firms that have failed even to acknowledge my requests. Did they even receive the requests?   I’ve seen phone lines fail unexpectedly when faxes are sent to specific attorneys. I’ve seen the U S registered mail to the ACLU be signed for by “F E L O N” whoa! for once the FBI is telling the truth!

I am offering up to 10% total of the court awarded amounts for the malfeasance of the insurers/government/politicians involved to those individuals who, in various ways find me the law firm/attorney who takes the case and/or locate amicus and/or help me set up speaking engagements, found support groups to give this case some momentum. I am posting copies of prior attempts to engage legal representation on this blog because documents have disappeared sometimes even by the legal boxful at a time, even from a safety deposit box at a credit Union, from hotel rooms and my home in Texas. I hope to embarrass those firms that are too compromised to even respond but allow interested parties to contact the firms and help me confirm that they actually received the requests. Note the blog on GEEK MAFIA, BLACK HAT BLUES since the government could be doing as the hackers did in this novel: run all emails through censors first and disappearing those emails from me and possibly other potential clients. Also, manage their telephone lines, certainly the U S Mail. See, I’m helping to build careers for hackers! Maybe some of the attorneys not already intimidated or compromised will be willing to sue the government for obstructing their access to clients. So, this suggests You can find an attorney interested, find a person to slip me the name on a piece of paper (which I will then chew up and spit out in front of you…just kidding!) then I will fax and email their offices. Come by a day or so later and I’ll show you the hard copies (before they disappear).

I am thinking that the interested parties for amicus may be 1. small business groups since  an illness related to sleep apnea can injure the primary owner and end a business and health insurance costs have decimated profits or 2. victims of car accidents where the drivers causing the accidents had undiagnosed sleep apnea 3. victims of malpractice by attorney or physician where the responsible licensed individual has undiagnosed sleep apnea and is agreeable about accepting responsibility (maybe a stretch for some however, if I had ever made a major malpractice error, I would have considered this option)  4. persons with pesticide exposures where the respiratory compromise went unrecognized…..Since the consequences of severe toxic exposures is that respiration can halt, surely a lesser exposure can bring on obstructive sleep apnea which is apnea appearing during the most metabolically at risk periods. 5. certainly persons with obstructive sleep apnea who had a stroke, heart attack, car accident etc. before the sleep apnea was recognized.

Keep checking for a downloadedable pdf document for this issue. I think it is already on one of the other blogs. Check for me at St. Anthony’s (pulling my Briggs and Riley 22 inch most days at noon 150 Golden Gate avenue, or wednesday nite Food Not Bombs or occasionally Noisebridge

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