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Launch Americans with Disabilities Act Fight to Stop the Death Penalty : Tactic to Change the Medical Education System of Physicians

Launch Americans with Disabilities Act fight to stop the death penalty at occupysf _ Indybay

This is a screen shot of an article published



Nov 17th 2004 testimony in the Texas house of Representatives:2 1/2 months before leaving Texas


I was the first speaker and my testimony begins after the first 4 minutes and extends for less than 10 minutes. While it has been 10 years since this event, I recall a question by Senator Jane Nelson that appears to be edited out and other information included that I doubt I stated. Unlikely I would recount my personal medical experiences for public viewing. I believe I mentioned William Dement MD by name while holding up his book as a reference.

State Medical Licensing Boards commit RICO statute violation?

American Medical Association commits RICO violation? This was my original title , but this is jumping the gun as the actual perpetrators influencing and funding the project below needs investigation. Tim Bolen, of the Bolen Report, says that aetna insurance and Big Pharma was behind it, but as best I can find, this is “inside information”.

Tahoma Clinic has posted FSMB (Federation of State Medical Boards) report titled   Special Committee on Questionable and Deceptive Healthcare Practices  that is intended to prevent consumers (patients) from choosing holistic doctors. In this report “harm” does not mean injury but rather “economic harm” and they drafted third party players (like insurance companies!) to report physicians to licensing boards. I paraphrased another physicians comments and will find his name and post the credit.


Here is the FSMB link         http://mss.fsmb.org/FSMBJournal/v84/v84n3RptSpCmteHlthCareFraud.pdf

Using the power of the state to suppress competition and there is an effort ongoing to trace Big Pharma and at least one insurance carrier to this act by the FSMB

By 1995, using German textbooks as a guide, I began using plant/botanical preparations to benefit my patients. Sometimes, there wasn’t a synthetic alternative that could do what flowers, roots, and mushrooms could do! By enacting this policy and pointing the government at our licenses, the ability of physicians to help you get well and avoid morbidity and mortality has been severely compromised. It very well may take eliminating the “right” of the government to license physicians to stop these practices. The vested interests will set up the physicians in so many different ways to compromise their ability to stay in practice otherwise. Bogus malpractice case anyone? I used to evaluate other physicians malpractice cases for an independent practice association. Now I am beginning to wonder if at least one of the cases I reviewed was set up to go after a physician (who was really a great physician) Really, I didn’t even like him, but he was a really great physician.

Mountain States Legal Foundation

Yesterday (November 7th, 2013), around 4 PM PST, I submitted a request for an amicus to the mountainstateslegal.org Never heard about this libertarian legal foundation? Look it up. I was impressed that in a Texas case, they helped a psychologist defend her right to use this information about her training while running for an elected office when the licensing board objected. Freedom of speech! Hey, that is what my fight with the medical board of Texas is all about. Imagine, this board thought they could tell me not to diagnosis obstructive sleep apnea in my patients. Then, when I make an effort to sue them over this action, I get stalked out of my homestead. Well, homeless and indigent now but not without attitude!

Anyway, I digress, the mountainstateslegal.org has a policy that they do not acknowledge requests for legal assistance unless they decide to explore it further. This means, to me, that a Man in the Middle could review the requests and simply decide there was little risk in simply placing it into  the shredder. Therefore, I sent the following comment to mountainstateslegal.org this AM around 9:11 or so.


subject:  Submissions are not acknowledged with an automated reply, because?

Body of comment:   I am curious why your foundation is so trusting that the government would allow all emails requesting legal assistance to reach your servers? An automated reply, documenting the content of the request received, lends legitimacy to your foundation. Especially, this is worrisome,  because one is informed that the foundation will “then contact you if the potential exists to discuss representing you”. This leaves the situation wide open for governmental abuses. Surely, allowing an automated reply with appropriate documentation could not be so difficult.


Readers are encouraged to urge this foundation to change their policy to one of acknowledging all requests. I also want to recommend they consider posting the information on court cases they would like to take but do not have the resources for in order to set up “crowd funding” to see if funds can be raised to pursue justice.

Why do I think the Man in the Middle would interfere? Think of my experiences approaching the Center for Investigative Reporting* a couple of years ago? They had an automated reply and I received one the first time I sent an idea to them (about the tactic of launching malpractice cases with the specific intent of pushing certain ideas into the practice of medicine while colluding with special interests to suppress other info). That automated email from the Center appeared to disappear so I sent the idea again. Hmmm, no automated reply this time. So, I went and tried to deliver the request in person in Berkeley…no go….they refuse to allow personal delivery…have to use only government approved means of delivery. Lance Williams (that lackey) came down in person to accept my written information. Maybe there was something to the criticism that his story on drug use in professional athletes came out just in time to “overshadow” far more important information in the news cycle?

Remember what I discovered when I sent registered mail to the ACLU offices in San Francisco? “F E L O N” signed for it! I subsequently attended an ACLU event…no one named FELON works there!

Mountain States Legal Foundation….don’t they represent polluters? Think it was politically incorrect to approach this foundation?

OK, Listen up all you environmentalists! Before you go ballistic….since I am making an approach to a legal foundation you consider your arch enemy….wouldn’t you like to see the waters of our country free of synthetic medicinals? I mean, neither you nor the fish really need Prozac (which is documented to be in the water affecting fish). The SSRI’s may also be associated with more mass shootings than any other type of synthetic medications.You know the style of medicine I advocate uses both science and common sense to dictate offering the safest medical advice to my patients….and that rarely would dictate the need for a synthetic compound. That is a potent reason why Big Pharma has arranged for alternative health (i.e. science based!)practitioners to be targeted so thoroughly for so many decades. So this foundation also represents oil producers. Do you think they want to see Prozac in the water their pregnant daughters drink? Creepy, isn’t it? What this stuff does to the brains of developing fetuses? I mean, who knows what it really does? And Prozac is not the worst of the chemicals finding their way into your drinking water (think MTBE!). In addition, the costs associated with these riskier strategies results in very high insurance costs that stifle small businesses. I’ve blogged on this before. This foundation wants to support small businesses and so do you. That’s why they should support my case (related to the rigging of health insurance costs) and you should too..

OK, so I tried to publish this and did not receive the automated response from wordpress.com documenting receipt of my new post (its only my 70th plus posting, for Pete’s sake)….hmmmm, now I am finding that the comment I tried to post from the submission this AM on the Mountain States Legal Foundation site doesn’t look like anything decipherable to a nontechnical person like me.(which I have now redacted along with other typos)….and…now the computer is giving me the option to correct spelling with the spell checker that it suddenly stopped doing this AM….three separate problems or all related? Hell if I know!

Center for Individual Rights: request for representation Oct 30, 2013


I copied the email from Terry Pell of the Center for Individual Rights which documented their receipt of my request made via their website into a document on my google drive. Thus, anyone on the Internet can access this request. Can anyone think of a better system of documenting that the organization one is trying to access has received the request? Only one I can think of is to have the organization be allowed to post all requests received (with permission by the individual making the request). This would also be useful to receive feedback from supporters and hopefully, the funding necessary to take on cases that go down the rabbit hole. As far as I can tell, either the Man in the Middle grabbed my  request to the Southern Poverty Law Center and to the ACLU or these organizations are (now) part of the problem, however much help they were in the past.

The NAACP and Me

I have networked every way I could think of trying, both for educational efforts and for advocacy. Here are some of my oregon and California efforts.In Corvalis Oregon, I stayed in a womens dorm, hoping to find a safer and less expensive alternative to motel rooms. I had tried living solo in Forestville CA in the spring and early summer of 2005, only to be stalked out. I went to Canada for awhile. I ended up in Corvalis and tried to find social groups there. I met locals who were protesting the illegal war actions our country was pursuing. I met members of the Odd Fellows supporting these first Amendment rights. One member, Gene, sponsored me to present my topic at a lecture open to the public at their hall and it was announced in the local paper. His assistance was invaluable in preparing a Power Point presentation on the issue of pharmaceutical industry control of the education of the medical profession and how this prevents appropriate diagnostic inquiry. They were quite encouraging and I socialized more with their members. I saw an announcement of a Mensa group meeting. It was sponsored by a long time Corvalis resident, formerly an owner of a retail establishment. I saw the mayor (she) hug him at one event.He and his wife were active in the NAACP and scheduled me to present this issue again so I could focus on the explanation of how this failure to diagnose obstructive sleep apnea affects the black population more than others as it is more common in this group. I presented to this group in December (I believe) in 2005 and it was well received. I joined. Eventually, after more adventures I ended up in Berkeley in 2006. I joined the Berkeley NAACP and counted as my friend the active 93 y/o member, Ricky, their treasurer. I asked this group for advocacy and was turned down. I asked to see and verify the document they received by fax transmission constituting my request and this request was denied. I later learned that there may be significant funding from the pharmaceutical industry in this local group and the California NAACP organization to sponsor their activities. I had already separately tried to call the attorney they recommended, who lived in Petaluma CA, only to never hear from him. All paperwork on these issues has disappeared. There have been so many illegal 4th amendment seizures that it has been impossible to keep track.

Tenderloin Taser Forum

I explain the necessity of ensuring public safety by having police officers with excellent central auditory processing and competent in martial arts. Police should not be so dependent on weapons.

The transcript is not accurate.

Pull the rug out from under the organ transplantation “business”

As a physician, I am intrigued by the possibility of natural organ renewal or rescue of diseased organs so that transplantation is not necessary. I had some “skin in the game” because I was aware that I had “fatty liver” or nonalcoholic fatty liver disease aka NALFD. I learned that alcoholic cirrhosis could be prevented by taking a healthy fat called lecithin along with the alcohol (in a primate study). I found that studies in Italy using safe over the counter milk thistle extract (sillymarin) plus alpha lipoic acid found that persons with stage 4 liver disease could be improved back to stage 2 liver disease and pulled off the transplant list. I wonder what would happen if persons risking liver disease from alcohol use or with NALFD (which is still considered of unknown origen except for recent work on high fructose corn syrup!) used all these safe substances as a routine to protect their livers.

Now, I have a friend with renal failure due to diabetes…or is it possibly heavy metal toxicity that can also damage pancreas and kidneys? Anyway, in 2000 research scientists Ram B. Singh, Hari K Khanna, and Mohammad A Niaz  published data in the Journal of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine showing they could delay or prevent the need for dialysis for many clients by placing them on coenzyme Q10. What if their clients had been placed on CoQ10 even earlier? What if we had protocols in place to remove heavy metals routinely with infrared sauna? Why aren’t we studying these tactics intensively?

If we can decrease the number of Westerners presenting to China for organ transplant services, would we help to end this immoral “trade”? You haven’t heard about this deadly scam where Chinese communists murder their political dissidents and sell their organs to unsuspecting foreigners? Try reading The Epoch Times which these brave Chinese immigrants and enterpreneurs set up and publish here in America.

I want to bring the Falun Dafa as well as the other immigrants from China in to a movement to improve our medical care. Transplants cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is money best spent on improving ones health care by growing or purchasing healthier foods. The high cost of health insurance represents time spent away from your family and beloved friends. It is time lost to unnecessary costs.

Time to picket medical schools. Time to lobby our legislators. Time to recognize the value of all human life above profits from immoral “trade” or “business”.

What happened to my NALFD? I do not know because I would not ask for a liver biopsy. But, I do know when I took high dose lecithin extract, alpha lipoic acid and milk thistle extract, I lost 50 pounds of unneeded fat!


Dr. Lee complaining about Psychiatry and Failure to Diagnose Accurately

Hi, This is me witnessing in front of the American Psychiatric Association              about the extremely poor ability of psychiatrists to diagnose medical conditions that have a behavioral component as a symptom (not the cause) of the medical illness*. As a wealthy physician with excellent health insurance, tens of thousands of dollars in savings and plenty of connections within the medical community (I owned Mopac Medical Care, a minor emergency) I was unable to discover competent care within the Austin Texas medical community until many years after initiating efforts to get sleep apnea and severe fatigue evaluated. Fortunately, after having my intellectual abilities tested as part of a child custody battle (and having none of the legal and psychological participants in this farce understand the significance of a Mensan with an IQ documented under 120!), I found my way to David Tucker Phd. a boarded neuropsychologist and adjunct professor at U T Austin. I subsequently received a work up by the neurologists at the rehabilitation clinic where he practices to rule out dementia, psychosis, etc (and dementia and psychosis were ruled out). The MRI showed subtle but definite scarring diffusely. My neurologist should have referred me on for additional work up after my abilities showed only a small improvement about one year after surgery for the major craniofacial anomaly (birth defect) that was believed at first to be the cause of the intellectual decline (due to obstructive sleep apnea with oxygen saturations dropping to 80 (before they halted the testing to initiate treatment). Because the testing was halted, I nor my physicians really know how severe the drops were. Severe sleep apnea is diagnosed when the oxygen saturation hits 80 but numerous studies before this protocol was initiated showed patients with drops to the 60’s. Dr. Nelson Powell, at Stanford Medical Center, explained to me that this birth defect (which was not even described in the literature until it was published in the British Medical Journal in 1986 with him as one of the authors) is the usual cause of death and without diagnosis and definitive treatment, people do not survive past their late 30’s. I have reviewed their research on this and the corrective surgical procedures and I had about the smallest posterior airway space ever recorded. Three and 1/2 years after the surgery, I took whopping doses of over the counter coenzyme Q 10 with amazing results, demonstrating that this was an encephalopathy due to mitochondrial dysfunction (of unknown etiology). I hied my self back into Dr. Tucker’s office and requested repeat testing. Now, it was back up to 130 to 134 range. not quite the 140 I tested at in medical school as a research participant, but high enough to do the job. Despite this testing and advocacy from Dr. Tucker and my attorney, Shirley Madrid, the medical board did not want to drop their supervision of me. I was a serious risk to the health of the citizens of Texas for my stance that sleep apnea should be screened for in patients!**

Seems to me that the medical board of Texas is a serious risk to the health of Texans. According to Tim Bolen, the Federation of State Licensing Boards decided to initiate a project to label alternative health care physicians (allopathics and others who discovered the truth about the pharmaceutical industry and went their own separate way to find paths to health for their clients) as committing health insurance fraud.    Tim Bolen Report Opinion on Federation of States Medical Boards attack on alternative medicine (from The Lion.com-Forum)                      Helping out major corrupt industries is the business of the espionage and surveillance state known as the United States of America.

This is the way to end the pharmaceutical and insurance control over my profession. Demonstrate through RICO actions involving insurance and pharmaceutical companies that the licensing boards are corrupted. Free physicians from this control but allow citizens to sue without undue restriction. The courts are the way to peacefully arrange restitution. The Institute for Justice is showing the way by their suit to stop North Carolina from shutting down free enterprise and free speech on the Internet. link to Institute for Justice


* This is a comment on the fact Harvard trained psychiatrists were being taught that obstructive sleep apnea was the result (and not the cause) of a person becoming depressed over life events. I heard this from the mouth of a co-director of the Harvard Forensic Psychiatry department, approximately 2002, during a phone call I made to his offices.

**The Wisconsin Cohort Study, published in 1993 in JAMA established that 9% of middle aged women and 26% of middle aged men met the clinical definition of obstructive sleep apnea diagnosis with 5 or more apneas per hour of sleep. By 1999, Dr. William C. Dement MD PhD. in The Promise of Sleep explained that most of these patients were being misdiagnosed. By 1999, published research demonstrated that mild to moderate sleep apnea patients were worse auto drivers than normal persons with a blood alcohol of .o4 (California legal limit for commercial drivers).

New campaign to enlist small business to end BigPharma/Insurance control of your health care:Stop Obamacare


Watch more employers off shore more jobs or find ways to make full time employees into part time employee

Watch the pharmaceutical and insurance interests gain more control over your physician’s mouth

Watch more very expensive and often more dangerous procedures come into common use

Watch more suppression of alternative health care ideas


Enlist the small business lobby to help end financial elite control over  physician education and licensing

Small businesses frequently have windows directly to the public or mailing lists of their clients

They have to directly pass on the high costs of health care insurance to you

Restaurants will understand: Your food should be your medicine   Hippocrates

They are a competing business interest with standing before the court when there is a Sherman Antitrust Act violation or a RICO violation asserted to end elite control over licensing.


Support the Institute for Justice’s lawsuit challenging the State of North Carolina’s assertion they can end free speech on the Internet if a nonregistered person dares to help other diabetic patients with a paleolithic diet approach to good health! Tell them to challenge the special interest control of medical education too.

Evaluate and join an alternative health care lobby group’s membership

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