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Can’t an individual advertise for an attorney?

Can't an individual advertise for an attorney?

Daily Journal Classified


Attorney Justin L. Williams….not for a plaintiff

I recently discovered Justin L. Williams is advertising for plaintiff cases. I am remiss in taking so long to tell the public about my experiences with him representing me. In December 2001 I was introduced to this attorney by telephone. I had been manipulated into believing that he was recommended by a prominent attorney Ira Burnim of the Bazelon Center. I no longer believe this is the case. I did try to reach Mr. Burnim but received no reply.

I was told he was an accomplished plaintiff’s attorney. Mr. Williams proceeded to throw my case. What case was this? I had found out that the right to an expert competent and experienced in one’s disability issues is part of the Americans with Disabilities Act. I was  attempting to sue to force state District courts in Texas to have to recognize that right. Instead of filing on the correct responsible entity, Mr. Williams sued the wrong one. He failed to serve discovery on them in addition. He had excuses about his abilities claiming social stress or some such shit. I now realize that the usual, customary, and appropriate tactic is to file on all possible governmental entities so that they can’t weasel out. Now, I realize that, in 2000, Mr. Williams was actually paying for listings advising other attorneys and the general public that he was AV rated and restricted his legal practice to defense work. His typical clients were huge corporations by his own admissions. Would I have allowed him to represent me if I had known this? I don’t think so. I consider him a SELL OUT when it comes to ethics. In regards to skill? I think he did exactly as his corporate masters wanted him to do. He should be disbarred.

Johnny Griffin III

I sought out Mr. Griffin for representation due to his familiarity with the Patriot Act and the fact it can be used for commercial spying on Americans and not to their benefit. I have good reasons for believing that National Security Letters and other means were used to gather information about me from usually protected sources (because of a conversation I had with an executive secretary at the Travis County Medical Society). Also, if one does not have the right to know that records were obtained, one cannot review these records for accuracy. Why would I seek out an attorney with Patriot Act experience? At my medical office in Austin Texas, a man presented as a patient and represented himself as single, Muslim and Pakistani. Since I had experience with female patients identifying as Muslim (and accompanied by their spouse), I had come to understand that it was unlikely a Muslim male would seek out a female physician. After 9/11, this same man came into my office, behaved belligerently (upsetting my front office staff who came to get me immediately) and he demanded I complete and sign forms attesting to his identity for the purposes of going out of the country. I certainly cannot know if my office staff alerted law enforcement but I would not have been surprised if she had, all things considered. The phone call with the man purporting to be Mr. Griffin was strange (as documented in the fax document scanned and linked below) and I do not believe that was Mr. Griffin on the telephone with me. To that end, how hard is it for the Feds to have some woman call, identify herself as me, then be abusive or inappropriate? The use of identity doubles is a very old game.

My fax to his office (click below) to alert him as to the situation. I have never heard back. Sept 22, 2011. This is not the first time I have tried to alert him that someone with a different speaking voice was using his identity on a telephone call to this prospective client. I eventually heard him interviewed on NPR and it was clearly not the same person’s voice.

johnny grifinIII sept 13 2011

Phillips and Cohen as yet no yes or no

phillips and cohen aug 10 2011 original reply

Odd, why would this firm have a potential conflict of interest in regards to a pharmaceutical company?

Why would this reply state that the statute of limitations may be as short as 3 years but their submission form state that the statute of limitations may be as short as 6 years?

Hmmm, maybe it is like the Madoff scandal where despite years of complaints, the persons who lost money were limited to only going back 7 years for redress? While the SEC sat on its thumb, destroyed records, etc.?

I called this firm some months ago and asked if a physician whistleblower could walk in to give information and was told that was not possible. If that is truly this firm’s policy, well, whistleblowers, keep that in mind. If it is not their policy, would their employee say this on the telephone? Note how EVERYONE OF THESE LAW FIRMS expect us to use Federally controlled and easily monitored forms of communication.

we either have viable and accessible courts of law or we have anarchy in the streets.


Friday October 7, 2011  Earlier this week I received an unsigned email from Matt Smith at Phillips and Cohen turning down representation. They pled poverty. Yep, that’s right! A huge qui tam firm with billions in settlements has plead to having too scarce resources to consider this case. nO u s mail received. Expect a copy of the notice here soon. If it disappears before I do that, I start the process of documenting again! Screww Em!


Meanwhile, I am going to OccupyWall Street events, handing out my little notices that I am crowd sourcing finding an attorney. Conceivably, any federal agent or contractor that messes with this activity would be at risk of obstructing access to justice or obstructing  an investigation of the illegal collusion between the FBI, the insurance industry, and the pharmaceutical industry as well as any other un-named alphabet agencies. Keep in mind the NPR interview with Dan Priest of the New York Times. She revealed that there are hundreds of federal agencies now capable of surveiling Americans and even more contracted firms and an unknown number of sub-contractors all surveiling us. (what is the correct spelling of servailing? the spell check program is not highlighting it but I know it probably isn’t correct.)

Monkeying around w the National Lawyers Guild

Back in 2005, when the stalking that had begun months before became incredibly dangerous and personal, I finally came to my senses and realized that my access to attorneys in Texas with my home phone tapped, U S Mail compromised, etc. was ZIP. I fled to California. Since I had discovered my medical records at Stanford Medical School Sleep Clinic compromised, I figured I could try the ACLU in California and a California attorney to crack open this case. The ACLU access was already compromised but I heard about the National Lawyers Guild. I didn’t really care so much about their politics just that they supposedly stood between the government and violations of individual rights. I had obtained the name of their Texas head and called him from my home phone in Austin. Dude (Carlos) said he couldn’t help me. Duh! With my phone compromised, how could I know it was him calling and not just an identity dummy? Although I didn’t know this then, the Feds have used identity dummies before in dealing with social justice activists. No, I went directly to their offices in San Francisco on Capp Street.

Capp Street was an experience. I was greeted pleasantly by their very small staff. I had already decided to join as a legal worker, willing to provide pro bono consulting on the weaknesses in “medical forensic sciences”. I was shown a 2004 directory for the United States. Shockingly, there were less than 200 names in this directory for the entire United States. I questioned the staff about this and was given their reassurance that this was correct. I thought this was not possible. I thought I had found, on line, references to individual practicing attorneys who were not listed. I sent in a completed application directly to their offices in New York City. To support an office that size I figured they must have more membership.  The 2005 directory came in and ditto: less than 200 names in the entire United States. I eventually made it to their national meeting in Portland Oregon that fall. In the ballroom during the dinner, there were more than 200 attorneys present. I had shown this 2005 directory to the membership director for the Oregon chapter of the NLG and this man had looked at the directory musing that there were names in there of people who used to be members. I became ill that night and woke up with major aches and pains and severe memory limitations. Although the day before I could consult a map and drive thru numerous right and left turns without hesitation or having to reconsult the directions, now I had to stop at each and every intersection where I had to turn and consult the map or written directions anew. I actually scraped another car pulling away from the curb, leaving mine with a new scrape, and after pulling away decided to go around the block and come back to look at the other car but forgot by the time I got to the light at the intersection. The car I hit was an old beater so I don’t have remorse about that and I feel certain something occurred to me during the night to affect my judgment as episodes with evidence of malfeasance had occurred before then and since then. It is only during the earliest of the event that there is not enough experience yet to understand that you need a toxicology screen.

I have approached several attorneys who list with the NLG and have been turned away. I will blog about those experiences separately. I can not know definitvely that they were aware of my interactions with their firms.  I do want to note one of the presentations at the Portland event that suggests some of the ?twisted? approaches that suggests even these attorneys are being used by the corporate masters. One lady had initiated a class action suit against the Oregon State penal system regarding their failure to treat inmates with hepatitis C. I was impressed but not happy. My understanding of hepatitis C is that there is more than one type. Those individuals who had acquired their infection through intravenous drug use did very poorly with the current treatments and were better off untreated. However, there was some new research from Europe that people in florid liver failure (Class 5) could be stabilized on concentrated herbal treatments so that they could be pulled off the transplant list. This option would offer the good people of Oregon the chance to do good and not evil. For those skeptics (Big Pharma and otherwise) I point out the adventures of a Marin County family who ate Death Cap as in amanita poisonous mushrooms and subsequently went into liver failure. Their physicians petitioned to have intravenous extracts of the same herbal flown in from Europe and saved their livers. So take that you effing Pharmawhores! Anyway, I happily raised my hand during comments/questions after the presentation in Portland and this attorney who had sued the State of Oregon for refusing to poison their hepatitis C inmates was not at all happy when I brought up this new research that would provide a cheap and safe solution. I began to wonder if the Pharmawhores had funded her lawsuit?

I did follow up with the membership director by taking him a copy of the directory. He was one of several attorneys who work at a firm that had a contract to provide services for the indigent persons accused of crimes. I never heard back. I went back and was told at the reception desk that I was to go away and not come back. These firms are under the direction of an attorney owner and the membership director may not have been aware however, I would have thought he would have jumped on evidence of the existence of a directory that smacked of obstruction of access to members of THE GUILD. This sure would be evidence of constitutional violations by the government.

Fast forward to 2008. I was in Hastings College of Law library and they had a 1999 directory for the NLG. I copied large portions of it and began researching the backgrounds of the attorneys. eventually, these pages and notes were spirited out of my case/hotel room never to be seen again.

Recently, here in San Francisco, the NLG held a fundraiser. I was out front signing and leafleting on the issue of being handed an incomplete directory by their own NLG staff. No one paid much attention. A few nonmembers took my information. No one has followed up.

Golden Gate School of Law: no respect for the 1st Amendment

Yo, there it was in the local legal news….GGSL was having a noted speaker come on civil rights issues. Good time for me to leaflet on my issues. The right to sue your government w/o retaliation. Being stalked out of your homestead….reminds me of the days the public would threaten Blacks and force them out of their homes/across county lines while the law stood there and did not protect them. Now,  a 21st century version had happened to me.

I walk up towards the front doors of this establishment and ask students if protesters are allowed there. They are not sure so I back off to within 2-3 feet of the curb, clearly not on their controlled property. I’m wearing my white coat, to clue in people to the issue of physicians being harassed for speaking out. Out of the front door of the school comes a suit…a large burly guy with a thick Sicilan accent. I’m told that I am not welcome there. I point out that I am not doing anything other than holding up a small sign and leafleting and this is well within my first amendment rights. He begins spinning a tale concerning that I might be considered to be causing a public disruption. The clear inference here was that the school was willing to lie and call police with a false claim. To accent his point he even pointed his finger and jabbed it lightly but distinctly into my upper arm. I immediately protested that he was in my personal space and he should back off. He started swearing at me. I asked him not to swear but he said he could if he wanted to. I considered his behavior threatening. I wonder how he would know if I had someone filming this or not. Sure would have made great UTUBE footage.

Maybe it is time to picket the law schools. I’ve tried leafleting at Hastings or their residential hall but they seem apathetic. I know that if there had been pickets and protesters at my medical school in the 1970’s complaining about Big Pharma controlling physician education, textbooks, government grants for research, and journals, I would have appreciated the heads up. Note that the legislature in California just began cutting funds for the court system. Now that is just another incentive for attorneys to compromise with the insurance companies and other corporations that control your life.

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