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Multiple Sclerosis Defeated by Terry Wahls MD vs Medicare Part D

A professor of internal medicine at a US medical school flunked multiple major conventional medicine treatments for her progressive multiple sclerosis. She relearned her biochemistry and designed her own nutritional treatment and added neuromuscular electrical stimulation resulting in freedom from wheelchairs.  How many physicians have heard about Terry Wahls so they can recommend this approach to their newly and previously diagnosed multiple sclerosis patients ?

The Wall Street Journal on May 1, 2015 had a front page  article titled “Small Number of Drugs Drive Big Medicare Bill”. Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.’s multiple sclerosis drug Copasone was one of the more expensive products.

This is a prime example of why I do not support Medicare Part D. I find that there are outstanding reasons to follow Terry Wahl’s lead to look back to nature and our own biochemistry to find solutions to the majority of health problems our fellow humans face. By the time someone has followed conventional practitioners advice to the bitter end, their health has often not permitted them to remain employed  and they cannot afford  the costs of the healthier diets.

To effect change, we need citizens to become involved in the process where by research grant moneys are given out in the medical schools that the states own. There needs to be sunlight on the financial conflicts that decide what research is performed. To this end, many biochemists are trained but few get tenure. If tenure decisions are based on your ability to bring in corporate funding, this is a penny wise pound foolish decision when it prevents the possibility that our scientific knowledge is not being put to work to keep people well, as Terry Wahls’s story demonstrates. Our publicly owned medical schools and their research labs have been hijacked to enact corporate profits. Potentially, a state owned school partners with a corporation to co own the patents?  Then, the resulting drugs are marketed with medicare Part D forcing all taxpayers to pay them.

Where are these  PhD ‘s biochemist now? Couldn’t they be allowed to crowd source funding  for biochemical research trials of natural foods in the treatment of disease as partners with residency medical training programs with relatively modest funding?  Reversing atherosclerosis with the use of foods high in vitamin K 2 is one relatively easy project that comes to mind. Certainly, the expensive cholesterol lowering drugs have shown to be virtually useless for reversing atherosclerosis and dangerous to boot. Medicare Part D needs to be ended so all that  loot Big Pharma has stolen from us cannot be used to manage  elected officials’ ability to get reelected.

See Terri Wahls MD before and after See Terri Wahls MD before and after

The Hippocrates MovementSee my new blog and send me suggestions about making this association happen



Is the licensing of physicians a political tool?

http://www.volokh.com/2013/10/02/doctors-public-condemnation-homosexuality-lead-medical-board-investigation-doctors/   libertarian law professors discuss actual published study

Last year, the Annals of Internal Medicine published the results of a survey (below) questioning if a physician who made an assertion about homosexual behavior on an Internet discussion site should be investigated…..60% of state licensing boards responded affirmatively.

Hmmm, what about in states where the population is overwhelmingly opposed to gay rights? Would you want the government to be able to investigate a physician for making a statement in favor of gay rights? That knife cuts two ways. We either have freedom of speech…or…we don’t.

Annals of internal medicine published study

Before a physician can even apply for a license the individual must have met college level prerequisites, completed a 4 year (or equivalent) medical college degree and completed a one year internship. That is a lot of hours of supervision. True, some physicians get through the licensing process and some eventually commit felonies and lose their license. The fact remains that the license can and is being used to control free speech. California physicians went all the way through the Federal Court system to fight for the right to discuss and recommend medical marijuana to their patients.Conant v._McCaffrey decision Now, many states have medical marijuana laws. Why do we try to control a medicinal herb that used to commonly be available and is much safer for chronic pain than narcotics? so the drug companies can keep physicians pushing their products and use the government to control their licenses.


there are libertarian think tank/legal foundations willing to look at licensing issues and I am willing to approach them.

Nov 17th 2004 testimony in the Texas house of Representatives:2 1/2 months before leaving Texas


I was the first speaker and my testimony begins after the first 4 minutes and extends for less than 10 minutes. While it has been 10 years since this event, I recall a question by Senator Jane Nelson that appears to be edited out and other information included that I doubt I stated. Unlikely I would recount my personal medical experiences for public viewing. I believe I mentioned William Dement MD by name while holding up his book as a reference.

Misdiagnosis by physicians: altering the healthcare costs in the USA

This post will review and post the writings I find most useful on the Internet on this issue.

Sandra Boodman   Washington Post health Writer   published in the National Center for Policy Analysis   ncpa.org   and previously published in the Kaiser Health News

From http://www.ncpa.org/sub/dpd/index.php?Article_ID=23148    as copied here

Physicians Misdiagnose at an Alarming Rate

May 8, 2013

Misdiagnosis by physicians is a serious and common occurrence in the health industry. The repercussions of a misdiagnosis can damage a patient’s health and cost money, or even a life. The prevalence of misdiagnosis is shocking, says Kaiser Health News.

  • An estimated 10 percent to 20 percent of cases are misdiagnosed, which exceeds drug errors and surgery on the wrong patient or body part, both of which receive considerably more attention.
  • One report found that 28 percent of 583 diagnostic mistakes were life threatening or had resulted in death or permanent disability.
  • Another study estimated that fatal diagnostic errors in U.S. intensive care units equal the number of breast cancer deaths each year — 40,500.

According to doctors, misdiagnosis has occurred for quite some time. As far back as 1991, Harvard University found that misdiagnosis accounted for 14 percent of all adverse events and that 75 percent of these errors involved negligence.

  • While the first diagnosis may not be the correct diagnosis, hospitals could still earn performance incentives for the “correct” diagnosis of its patients.
  • The reality is that fixing diagnostic errors will be challenging given that arriving upon a medical diagnosis is a complicated and multifaceted procedure.
  • Many doctors who make a misdiagnosis are unaware that they have made a misdiagnosis because patients simply seek another opinion or do not find out until years later.

While diagnostic errors are the leading cause of malpractice litigation, the vast majority of errors do not result in legal action. Because many go unreported, it is difficult to gather detailed data on how prevalent misdiagnosis is. A recent study on the Veterans Administration hospital system in Texas estimated that there are at least 500,000 missed diagnostic opportunities that occur out of the 500 million primary care visits that occur annually in the United States.

  • A survey found that 96 percent of physicians felt that diagnostic errors are preventable while half said they encountered at least one per month.
  • Despite these statistics, many doctors are reluctant to report diagnostic errors, even anonymously, despite the likelihood of moderate to severe harm on the patient.

Source: Sandra Boodman, “Doctors’ Diagnostic Errors Are Often Not Mentioned But Can Take a Serious Toll,” Kaiser Health News, May 6, 2013.

Dr. Lee complaining about Psychiatry and Failure to Diagnose Accurately

Hi, This is me witnessing in front of the American Psychiatric Association              about the extremely poor ability of psychiatrists to diagnose medical conditions that have a behavioral component as a symptom (not the cause) of the medical illness*. As a wealthy physician with excellent health insurance, tens of thousands of dollars in savings and plenty of connections within the medical community (I owned Mopac Medical Care, a minor emergency) I was unable to discover competent care within the Austin Texas medical community until many years after initiating efforts to get sleep apnea and severe fatigue evaluated. Fortunately, after having my intellectual abilities tested as part of a child custody battle (and having none of the legal and psychological participants in this farce understand the significance of a Mensan with an IQ documented under 120!), I found my way to David Tucker Phd. a boarded neuropsychologist and adjunct professor at U T Austin. I subsequently received a work up by the neurologists at the rehabilitation clinic where he practices to rule out dementia, psychosis, etc (and dementia and psychosis were ruled out). The MRI showed subtle but definite scarring diffusely. My neurologist should have referred me on for additional work up after my abilities showed only a small improvement about one year after surgery for the major craniofacial anomaly (birth defect) that was believed at first to be the cause of the intellectual decline (due to obstructive sleep apnea with oxygen saturations dropping to 80 (before they halted the testing to initiate treatment). Because the testing was halted, I nor my physicians really know how severe the drops were. Severe sleep apnea is diagnosed when the oxygen saturation hits 80 but numerous studies before this protocol was initiated showed patients with drops to the 60’s. Dr. Nelson Powell, at Stanford Medical Center, explained to me that this birth defect (which was not even described in the literature until it was published in the British Medical Journal in 1986 with him as one of the authors) is the usual cause of death and without diagnosis and definitive treatment, people do not survive past their late 30’s. I have reviewed their research on this and the corrective surgical procedures and I had about the smallest posterior airway space ever recorded. Three and 1/2 years after the surgery, I took whopping doses of over the counter coenzyme Q 10 with amazing results, demonstrating that this was an encephalopathy due to mitochondrial dysfunction (of unknown etiology). I hied my self back into Dr. Tucker’s office and requested repeat testing. Now, it was back up to 130 to 134 range. not quite the 140 I tested at in medical school as a research participant, but high enough to do the job. Despite this testing and advocacy from Dr. Tucker and my attorney, Shirley Madrid, the medical board did not want to drop their supervision of me. I was a serious risk to the health of the citizens of Texas for my stance that sleep apnea should be screened for in patients!**

Seems to me that the medical board of Texas is a serious risk to the health of Texans. According to Tim Bolen, the Federation of State Licensing Boards decided to initiate a project to label alternative health care physicians (allopathics and others who discovered the truth about the pharmaceutical industry and went their own separate way to find paths to health for their clients) as committing health insurance fraud.    Tim Bolen Report Opinion on Federation of States Medical Boards attack on alternative medicine (from The Lion.com-Forum)                      Helping out major corrupt industries is the business of the espionage and surveillance state known as the United States of America.

This is the way to end the pharmaceutical and insurance control over my profession. Demonstrate through RICO actions involving insurance and pharmaceutical companies that the licensing boards are corrupted. Free physicians from this control but allow citizens to sue without undue restriction. The courts are the way to peacefully arrange restitution. The Institute for Justice is showing the way by their suit to stop North Carolina from shutting down free enterprise and free speech on the Internet. link to Institute for Justice


* This is a comment on the fact Harvard trained psychiatrists were being taught that obstructive sleep apnea was the result (and not the cause) of a person becoming depressed over life events. I heard this from the mouth of a co-director of the Harvard Forensic Psychiatry department, approximately 2002, during a phone call I made to his offices.

**The Wisconsin Cohort Study, published in 1993 in JAMA established that 9% of middle aged women and 26% of middle aged men met the clinical definition of obstructive sleep apnea diagnosis with 5 or more apneas per hour of sleep. By 1999, Dr. William C. Dement MD PhD. in The Promise of Sleep explained that most of these patients were being misdiagnosed. By 1999, published research demonstrated that mild to moderate sleep apnea patients were worse auto drivers than normal persons with a blood alcohol of .o4 (California legal limit for commercial drivers).

New campaign to enlist small business to end BigPharma/Insurance control of your health care:Stop Obamacare


Watch more employers off shore more jobs or find ways to make full time employees into part time employee

Watch the pharmaceutical and insurance interests gain more control over your physician’s mouth

Watch more very expensive and often more dangerous procedures come into common use

Watch more suppression of alternative health care ideas


Enlist the small business lobby to help end financial elite control over  physician education and licensing

Small businesses frequently have windows directly to the public or mailing lists of their clients

They have to directly pass on the high costs of health care insurance to you

Restaurants will understand: Your food should be your medicine   Hippocrates

They are a competing business interest with standing before the court when there is a Sherman Antitrust Act violation or a RICO violation asserted to end elite control over licensing.


Support the Institute for Justice’s lawsuit challenging the State of North Carolina’s assertion they can end free speech on the Internet if a nonregistered person dares to help other diabetic patients with a paleolithic diet approach to good health! Tell them to challenge the special interest control of medical education too.

Evaluate and join an alternative health care lobby group’s membership

The Drug Conquest…

Cynthia Jeanne Lee’s comments on this article
Typically, the US government has been fining Big Pharma for hiding side effects.
Since people die from these side effects, it would seem to me that if the drug company is encouraging inappropriate prescribing, that eventually, someone will go to prison. However, Pfizer pled guilty and accepted a criminal fine in excess of 1 billion dollars last year   and  as far as I know    no one went to prison yet.

Please see my other blogs that explain my experiences, as a physician with plenty of wealth, insurance, and medical experts, being misdiagnosed repeatedly. My legal actions to expose these issues were met with criminal stalking across state lines and a major loss of respect for the institution/tradition of federal governance.

The SSRI Shooters – Day 247

I am particularly concerned that humans with periodic limb movement disorder, a little understood sleep disorder where the nperson twitches while asleep, are being placed on these drugs. SSRI’s are known to increase the severity of the disorder. These are individuals already at risk for suicidal ideation and/or anti-social personality traits.
They are miserable while not adequately diagnosed and appropriately managed medically. Their pain should not be ignored or trivialized.

It is conceivable that some of these distraught individuals “snap” under the worsening state of SSRI drugs and commit violence.

Every human emotion now classified as a mental disorder in new psychiatric manual DSM-5

Synthetic drugs are not the way.
change the way you think!

Donald W. Patrick MD JD was conned

I have known Dr. Patrick, a neurosurgeon, since approximately 1984. I did a family medicine residency at Brackenridge Hospital and was assigned to his practice for a few weeks of neurosurgery exposure. He was one of the trauma surgeons. I trusted him enough to refer patients to him and his partner from time to time after I was in private solo practice. He was sued for malpractice and this changed his life. He was conned by the medical/pharmaceutical industrial complex then and remains conned to this day. How did this industry do this?

Dr. Patrick, by my understanding of the information passed around at the hospital, was sued when a patient he performed emergency life-saving surgery on required blood transfusions and became HIV positive. Since this occurred before there was a blood test for HIV, this seemed unfair to him. I cannot recall exactly but I believed a jury found him innocent of malpractice accusations. Then he went to law school and became a huge tort reform advocate. He was conned. How so?  I realized this when I began exploring the concepts advanced by Peter Duesberg Ph. D. of U C Berkeley. This respected scientist with impeccable credentials began publishing in the 1980’s that the science did not support HIV as the cause of AIDS. I only became aware of the controversy when I read the article about the poor quality/integrity of HIV drug research in Harpers March 2006. Do your own evaluation. Read the Harpers article online at harpers.org. Read about Peter Duesberg’s accomplishments. Admit that you didn’t even know there was a controversy. I know that the vast majority of physicians, including infectious disease specialists, in Austin Texas are unaware that the issue of HIV as a cause of AIDS is unproven. We were duped by the pharmaceutical industry which markets unethically. Dr. Patrick’s life (not to mention the life of the unfortunate patient requiring emergency life saving surgery) was changed by the social  consequences of this scam. I believe that consumer protections were unfairly and possibly unconstitutionally damaged by the tort reform movement to protect physician’s assets.

Dr. Patrick was also an attorney representing me during a divorce in 1999. The divorce was complicated by the fact I was in an encephalopathy aggravated repeatedly by physician mis-diagnosis and mismanagement. Dr. Patrick was ethically challenged by this situation. He let me down ethically repeatedly. He endangered my life and my child’s life. He knew that I was considering suing one of the physicians involved in my care. I knew that a physician suing another for failure to diagnose would change the standard of care in Texas. It was really time for this to happen. I understood from the perspective of practicing primary care and minor emergency care in Texas for 20 years that mis-diagnosis of persons with sleep deprivation syndromes was rampant. It was time for physicians to be held responsible for their callousness. Dr. Patrick was instrumental in heading this off. Then, he entered into employment with the government and went after my medical license.At least, the licensing board employee monitoring me admitted that Dr. Patrick had not recused himself. No wonder he didn’t, I took the issue of incompetent forensic experts required by Texas judge’s in divorce court into Federal court and his hind end was exposed.


What could be cited as the reason for going after my license? They couldn’t cite the encephalopathy. That would lead back to the physicians that had failed to recognize it. Besides, I had adjusted my practice patterns instinctively, referring out complicated patients and limiting my hours and taking off on extended medical leave appropriately. Plus, there was the fact that my intellectual abilities were not below that which a board certified neuropsychologist  and neurorehabilitation physician would certify as capable of practicing medicine, albeit with limitations (that I had already self-imposed). For example, my central auditory processing (ability to decipher spoken words) was so slow that I could not efficiently see enough patients to make the overhead for a private practice. Logic and experience combined to keep me from missing surgical conditions and myocardial emergencies. No, the state of Texas decided to try to stop me from practicing because the forensic psychiatrist on their board believed sending so many patients for sleep medicine evaluations was  evidence of an unstable mental status! I had already reviewed the research extensively and understood that key players in the field of sleep medicine believed that 20% of the U S population had sleep apnea (see The Promise of Sleep by William C. Dement of Stanford). Almost every patient I had sent actually had , on polysomnogram, evidence of an impairing sleep diagnosis. Thus my experiences are available to those intent on reforming the criminal justice system to one where the victims of crime should have the right to insist on accurate diagnosis thus helping the persons committing crimes have a chance to actually improve their behavior.


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