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Legal request to Pacific Legal Foundation

Another request to a legal foundation, mailed by the Social Work Center at St Anthony’s in order to document the mailing, has gone unanswered. Was it ever received by the Pacific Legal Foundation’s National Litigation Center? Requests , multiple, to the Southern Poverty law Center as well as numerous private legal firms have never received acknowledgement.

Please read the document below and if you think this effort to create freedom of speech for physicians is worthwhile, contact the Pacific Legal Foundation. Or, even if the mailed request was never delivered and it would be helpful to establish this possibility for other applicants, so tell them it would be helpful to allow requests they have received but have turned down or cannot fund to be posted on line so their financial supporters know which kind of cases they turn away. This may help with their fund raising efforts.

Pacific Legal Foundation aka National Litigation Center


Multiple Sclerosis Defeated by Terry Wahls MD vs Medicare Part D

A professor of internal medicine at a US medical school flunked multiple major conventional medicine treatments for her progressive multiple sclerosis. She relearned her biochemistry and designed her own nutritional treatment and added neuromuscular electrical stimulation resulting in freedom from wheelchairs.  How many physicians have heard about Terry Wahls so they can recommend this approach to their newly and previously diagnosed multiple sclerosis patients ?

The Wall Street Journal on May 1, 2015 had a front page  article titled “Small Number of Drugs Drive Big Medicare Bill”. Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.’s multiple sclerosis drug Copasone was one of the more expensive products.

This is a prime example of why I do not support Medicare Part D. I find that there are outstanding reasons to follow Terry Wahl’s lead to look back to nature and our own biochemistry to find solutions to the majority of health problems our fellow humans face. By the time someone has followed conventional practitioners advice to the bitter end, their health has often not permitted them to remain employed  and they cannot afford  the costs of the healthier diets.

To effect change, we need citizens to become involved in the process where by research grant moneys are given out in the medical schools that the states own. There needs to be sunlight on the financial conflicts that decide what research is performed. To this end, many biochemists are trained but few get tenure. If tenure decisions are based on your ability to bring in corporate funding, this is a penny wise pound foolish decision when it prevents the possibility that our scientific knowledge is not being put to work to keep people well, as Terry Wahls’s story demonstrates. Our publicly owned medical schools and their research labs have been hijacked to enact corporate profits. Potentially, a state owned school partners with a corporation to co own the patents?  Then, the resulting drugs are marketed with medicare Part D forcing all taxpayers to pay them.

Where are these  PhD ‘s biochemist now? Couldn’t they be allowed to crowd source funding  for biochemical research trials of natural foods in the treatment of disease as partners with residency medical training programs with relatively modest funding?  Reversing atherosclerosis with the use of foods high in vitamin K 2 is one relatively easy project that comes to mind. Certainly, the expensive cholesterol lowering drugs have shown to be virtually useless for reversing atherosclerosis and dangerous to boot. Medicare Part D needs to be ended so all that  loot Big Pharma has stolen from us cannot be used to manage  elected officials’ ability to get reelected.

See Terri Wahls MD before and after See Terri Wahls MD before and after

The Hippocrates MovementSee my new blog and send me suggestions about making this association happen


Is the licensing of physicians a political tool?   libertarian law professors discuss actual published study

Last year, the Annals of Internal Medicine published the results of a survey (below) questioning if a physician who made an assertion about homosexual behavior on an Internet discussion site should be investigated…..60% of state licensing boards responded affirmatively.

Hmmm, what about in states where the population is overwhelmingly opposed to gay rights? Would you want the government to be able to investigate a physician for making a statement in favor of gay rights? That knife cuts two ways. We either have freedom of speech…or…we don’t.

Annals of internal medicine published study

Before a physician can even apply for a license the individual must have met college level prerequisites, completed a 4 year (or equivalent) medical college degree and completed a one year internship. That is a lot of hours of supervision. True, some physicians get through the licensing process and some eventually commit felonies and lose their license. The fact remains that the license can and is being used to control free speech. California physicians went all the way through the Federal Court system to fight for the right to discuss and recommend medical marijuana to their patients.Conant v._McCaffrey decision Now, many states have medical marijuana laws. Why do we try to control a medicinal herb that used to commonly be available and is much safer for chronic pain than narcotics? so the drug companies can keep physicians pushing their products and use the government to control their licenses.


there are libertarian think tank/legal foundations willing to look at licensing issues and I am willing to approach them.

Nov 17th 2004 testimony in the Texas house of Representatives:2 1/2 months before leaving Texas


I was the first speaker and my testimony begins after the first 4 minutes and extends for less than 10 minutes. While it has been 10 years since this event, I recall a question by Senator Jane Nelson that appears to be edited out and other information included that I doubt I stated. Unlikely I would recount my personal medical experiences for public viewing. I believe I mentioned William Dement MD by name while holding up his book as a reference.

Jahi mcMath dies unnecessarily in Oakland Hospital

I am reading an article in today’s San Francisco Chronicle titled “Brain-death battles” about the post surgical death of a 13 y/o American girl of African descent. As I read the description of the surgery as “Jahi’s tonsils and adenoids were removed, along with excess tissue from her throat and nose” I became very angry. This procedure is known as a UPPP* and was widely discredited years ago. I recall sending a patient for a consultation with an ENT physician and then realizing he had no improvement and basically moved home to the east coast to (mostly) retire. I saw a review of this procedure that followed many cases and unequivocally stated that persons with obstructive sleep apnea who had this procedure tended to do worse than patients who did not have the procedure. I eventually was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea resulting from a  (supposedly) rare craniofacial birth defect and had extensive bone rearranging surgery on the mid and lower half of my face. Eventually I discovered that craniofacial anomalies were common in children of service men exposed to the nuclear testing environment, like my dad was. During the autopsy that must be performed on this child**, it would be important to have a forensic examiner who is familiar with the upper anatomy, since this anomaly could have been missed.

Oh, by the way, if you, John Q Public, are going to blame her (Jahi McMath) obstructive sleep apnea on her weight….there are lots of people who get obstructive sleep apnea as thin people, then get fat because of the wild cortisol swings and sleep obstruction, in large part because the obstructive sleep apnea is missed while they are thin and effective CPAP treatment initiated.

Our Americans with African origins population has sleep apnea about three times as prevalent as the Anglo population. It is a scandal of criminal proportions that this issue has not been more widely taught, researched, and the etiology discovered so that prevention,rather than misguided surgery, rules the day.

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State Medical Licensing Boards commit RICO statute violation?

American Medical Association commits RICO violation? This was my original title , but this is jumping the gun as the actual perpetrators influencing and funding the project below needs investigation. Tim Bolen, of the Bolen Report, says that aetna insurance and Big Pharma was behind it, but as best I can find, this is “inside information”.

Tahoma Clinic has posted FSMB (Federation of State Medical Boards) report titled   Special Committee on Questionable and Deceptive Healthcare Practices  that is intended to prevent consumers (patients) from choosing holistic doctors. In this report “harm” does not mean injury but rather “economic harm” and they drafted third party players (like insurance companies!) to report physicians to licensing boards. I paraphrased another physicians comments and will find his name and post the credit.

Here is the FSMB link

Using the power of the state to suppress competition and there is an effort ongoing to trace Big Pharma and at least one insurance carrier to this act by the FSMB

By 1995, using German textbooks as a guide, I began using plant/botanical preparations to benefit my patients. Sometimes, there wasn’t a synthetic alternative that could do what flowers, roots, and mushrooms could do! By enacting this policy and pointing the government at our licenses, the ability of physicians to help you get well and avoid morbidity and mortality has been severely compromised. It very well may take eliminating the “right” of the government to license physicians to stop these practices. The vested interests will set up the physicians in so many different ways to compromise their ability to stay in practice otherwise. Bogus malpractice case anyone? I used to evaluate other physicians malpractice cases for an independent practice association. Now I am beginning to wonder if at least one of the cases I reviewed was set up to go after a physician (who was really a great physician) Really, I didn’t even like him, but he was a really great physician.

Mountain States Legal Foundation

Yesterday (November 7th, 2013), around 4 PM PST, I submitted a request for an amicus to the Never heard about this libertarian legal foundation? Look it up. I was impressed that in a Texas case, they helped a psychologist defend her right to use this information about her training while running for an elected office when the licensing board objected. Freedom of speech! Hey, that is what my fight with the medical board of Texas is all about. Imagine, this board thought they could tell me not to diagnosis obstructive sleep apnea in my patients. Then, when I make an effort to sue them over this action, I get stalked out of my homestead. Well, homeless and indigent now but not without attitude!

Anyway, I digress, the has a policy that they do not acknowledge requests for legal assistance unless they decide to explore it further. This means, to me, that a Man in the Middle could review the requests and simply decide there was little risk in simply placing it into  the shredder. Therefore, I sent the following comment to this AM around 9:11 or so.


subject:  Submissions are not acknowledged with an automated reply, because?

Body of comment:   I am curious why your foundation is so trusting that the government would allow all emails requesting legal assistance to reach your servers? An automated reply, documenting the content of the request received, lends legitimacy to your foundation. Especially, this is worrisome,  because one is informed that the foundation will “then contact you if the potential exists to discuss representing you”. This leaves the situation wide open for governmental abuses. Surely, allowing an automated reply with appropriate documentation could not be so difficult.


Readers are encouraged to urge this foundation to change their policy to one of acknowledging all requests. I also want to recommend they consider posting the information on court cases they would like to take but do not have the resources for in order to set up “crowd funding” to see if funds can be raised to pursue justice.

Why do I think the Man in the Middle would interfere? Think of my experiences approaching the Center for Investigative Reporting* a couple of years ago? They had an automated reply and I received one the first time I sent an idea to them (about the tactic of launching malpractice cases with the specific intent of pushing certain ideas into the practice of medicine while colluding with special interests to suppress other info). That automated email from the Center appeared to disappear so I sent the idea again. Hmmm, no automated reply this time. So, I went and tried to deliver the request in person in Berkeley…no go….they refuse to allow personal delivery…have to use only government approved means of delivery. Lance Williams (that lackey) came down in person to accept my written information. Maybe there was something to the criticism that his story on drug use in professional athletes came out just in time to “overshadow” far more important information in the news cycle?

Remember what I discovered when I sent registered mail to the ACLU offices in San Francisco? “F E L O N” signed for it! I subsequently attended an ACLU event…no one named FELON works there!

Mountain States Legal Foundation….don’t they represent polluters? Think it was politically incorrect to approach this foundation?

OK, Listen up all you environmentalists! Before you go ballistic….since I am making an approach to a legal foundation you consider your arch enemy….wouldn’t you like to see the waters of our country free of synthetic medicinals? I mean, neither you nor the fish really need Prozac (which is documented to be in the water affecting fish). The SSRI’s may also be associated with more mass shootings than any other type of synthetic medications.You know the style of medicine I advocate uses both science and common sense to dictate offering the safest medical advice to my patients….and that rarely would dictate the need for a synthetic compound. That is a potent reason why Big Pharma has arranged for alternative health (i.e. science based!)practitioners to be targeted so thoroughly for so many decades. So this foundation also represents oil producers. Do you think they want to see Prozac in the water their pregnant daughters drink? Creepy, isn’t it? What this stuff does to the brains of developing fetuses? I mean, who knows what it really does? And Prozac is not the worst of the chemicals finding their way into your drinking water (think MTBE!). In addition, the costs associated with these riskier strategies results in very high insurance costs that stifle small businesses. I’ve blogged on this before. This foundation wants to support small businesses and so do you. That’s why they should support my case (related to the rigging of health insurance costs) and you should too..

OK, so I tried to publish this and did not receive the automated response from documenting receipt of my new post (its only my 70th plus posting, for Pete’s sake)….hmmmm, now I am finding that the comment I tried to post from the submission this AM on the Mountain States Legal Foundation site doesn’t look like anything decipherable to a nontechnical person like me.(which I have now redacted along with other typos)….and…now the computer is giving me the option to correct spelling with the spell checker that it suddenly stopped doing this AM….three separate problems or all related? Hell if I know!

Sleep apnea renal failure Educational activities

My approach to this issue, control of physician education and medical practices, allows me to reach out to many different interest groups.

If you would like to be a part of decreasing medical costs while relieving people of chronic renal failure and helping end the killing of political prisoners in China, help me or others set up educational actions at dialysis clinics. Dress up like one of the many healthy foods, full of minerals and vitamins, that are restricted from the diets of patients in renal failure and hand out copies of the research into coenzyme Q10 that has been documented to reverse some of the renal failure.

here is the info I give out below and here is the link to print out copies of this

The physician ignorance about obstructive sleep apnea has lead to the early demise of the elders of the Americans of African descent population. My efforts to leaflet on this situation in San Francisco led to an assault and battery by London Breed, a locally prominent American of African descent. The local bar association did not come through for me to pursue her legally. If you would like to go visit local political leaders with me to ask for an investigation by the government of how this (the early demise of elders secondary to undiagnosed untreated obstructive sleep apnea) has been allowed to happen, please let me know via

Also, we need an investigation into whether there exists greater chemical sensitivity in certain racial groups so that these chemicals can be outlawed sooner rather than later. Remember my assertion that research published over a decade ago by the University of Edinburgh demonstrated that, of newly diagnosed sleep apnea patients in Great Britain, half had a BMI of < 27. This strongly suggests that the obesity seen in many sleep apnea patients is the result of the sleep disruption and not the cause of the apnea. I discussed this previously in earlier posts.

Physician Heroes of mine

This blog is where I am noting physicians who have had to stand up against the overwhelming forces that have an economic interest in physicians remaining ignorant. You may want to learn about them and pass on the praise.

John Dommisse MD was trained at a medical school where he learned about vitamin B12 being useful to stop dementia and psychotic aggression. This is fascinating to me because in one interview he noted he had had to spend a total of $250,000 to protect his medical license.* See his site here     I am recommending you open  up to his site where I think his discussion and defense of the science in how to interpret levels of vitamin B 12 will be useful in educating your physician or that of your friend or family member who wants to use neuroleptic medications for their behavior.

Terry Wahls MD is a professor of internal medicine at a medical school. She has multiple sclerosis. She had plenty of money, connections, insurance, and prescription drugs but progressed to non-ambulatory status anyway. She read on the basic science issues and changed her strategy, most importantly, her diet. Now she can ride her bicycle 5 miles to work and back. Read about her here.

Her video about the process of discovery necessary to achieve this breakthrough is so very important to understand why this country is so underwater with medical costs.  I will find it and attach it (I already did this today but the work vanished not to be found)

William Rea MD is a leader in the field of environmental exposure illnesses.

The Texas Medical Board originally went after this doctor because they do not believe in the concept of multiple chemical sensitivity, however, the U S government has recognized this syndrome as documented in wikipedia:

In 1997, U.S. Social Security Administration Commissioner John Callahan issued a court memorandum officially recognizing MCS “as a medically determinable impairment” on an agency-wide basis.[21] That is, without making any statement about the cause of MCS or the role of chemicals in MCS, the Social Security administration agrees that some MCS patients are too disabled to be meaningfully employed.[22]

The wikipedia I pulled this from is linked here:

OMG….ALL these physicians have had appointments at medical schools….could they just be that much brighter than your usual government licensing official?

*This use of the licensing issue and exorbitant legal fees was a technique used on me also. I would like Dr. Dommisse to be explicit on how the costs were generated and how he located his attorneys. I would like to understand if there were any similarities to the process of how I was set up with attorneys who actually represented the interests of others instead of me.

The blog I got the attorney financial scoop on is here:

There are other physicians out there who have not spoken up. There may have been techniques even more fearsome than the threat of high legal fees.

The NAACP and Me

I have networked every way I could think of trying, both for educational efforts and for advocacy. Here are some of my oregon and California efforts.In Corvalis Oregon, I stayed in a womens dorm, hoping to find a safer and less expensive alternative to motel rooms. I had tried living solo in Forestville CA in the spring and early summer of 2005, only to be stalked out. I went to Canada for awhile. I ended up in Corvalis and tried to find social groups there. I met locals who were protesting the illegal war actions our country was pursuing. I met members of the Odd Fellows supporting these first Amendment rights. One member, Gene, sponsored me to present my topic at a lecture open to the public at their hall and it was announced in the local paper. His assistance was invaluable in preparing a Power Point presentation on the issue of pharmaceutical industry control of the education of the medical profession and how this prevents appropriate diagnostic inquiry. They were quite encouraging and I socialized more with their members. I saw an announcement of a Mensa group meeting. It was sponsored by a long time Corvalis resident, formerly an owner of a retail establishment. I saw the mayor (she) hug him at one event.He and his wife were active in the NAACP and scheduled me to present this issue again so I could focus on the explanation of how this failure to diagnose obstructive sleep apnea affects the black population more than others as it is more common in this group. I presented to this group in December (I believe) in 2005 and it was well received. I joined. Eventually, after more adventures I ended up in Berkeley in 2006. I joined the Berkeley NAACP and counted as my friend the active 93 y/o member, Ricky, their treasurer. I asked this group for advocacy and was turned down. I asked to see and verify the document they received by fax transmission constituting my request and this request was denied. I later learned that there may be significant funding from the pharmaceutical industry in this local group and the California NAACP organization to sponsor their activities. I had already separately tried to call the attorney they recommended, who lived in Petaluma CA, only to never hear from him. All paperwork on these issues has disappeared. There have been so many illegal 4th amendment seizures that it has been impossible to keep track.

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