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Johnny Griffin III

I sought out Mr. Griffin for representation due to his familiarity with the Patriot Act and the fact it can be used for commercial spying on Americans and not to their benefit. I have good reasons for believing that National Security Letters and other means were used to gather information about me from usually protected sources (because of a conversation I had with an executive secretary at the Travis County Medical Society). Also, if one does not have the right to know that records were obtained, one cannot review these records for accuracy. Why would I seek out an attorney with Patriot Act experience? At my medical office in Austin Texas, a man presented as a patient and represented himself as single, Muslim and Pakistani. Since I had experience with female patients identifying as Muslim (and accompanied by their spouse), I had come to understand that it was unlikely a Muslim male would seek out a female physician. After 9/11, this same man came into my office, behaved belligerently (upsetting my front office staff who came to get me immediately) and he demanded I complete and sign forms attesting to his identity for the purposes of going out of the country. I certainly cannot know if my office staff alerted law enforcement but I would not have been surprised if she had, all things considered. The phone call with the man purporting to be Mr. Griffin was strange (as documented in the fax document scanned and linked below) and I do not believe that was Mr. Griffin on the telephone with me. To that end, how hard is it for the Feds to have some woman call, identify herself as me, then be abusive or inappropriate? The use of identity doubles is a very old game.

My fax to his office (click below) to alert him as to the situation. I have never heard back. Sept 22, 2011. This is not the first time I have tried to alert him that someone with a different speaking voice was using his identity on a telephone call to this prospective client. I eventually heard him interviewed on NPR and it was clearly not the same person’s voice.

johnny grifinIII sept 13 2011


Does another homeland security agency control phone access to the FBI?

I have been in person to FBI offices 4 times. 3 times in Texas and once in Portland Oregon. The first visit to the FBI was in Austin to show them insurance checks I received for medical services for people not my patients and not even services my office could have provided. I knew from years of close monitoring my business office’s insurance submissions and insurance checks received that these were not just run of the mill errors by insurance carriers. I had attempted to contact insurance carriers but none would respond. The FBI agent in Austin, who handed me his card identifying him as Richard M. Simerly, took my verbal report and said I would be contacted if there was a need for additional information. I specifically was concerned that fraudulent insurance submissions had been manufactured while I was suing a government in Texas, in order to put me under surveillance to gather information that the government did not have the right to legally access. I did not hear from the FBI or any other entity/person so three months later I drove to the FBI offices in San Antonio (which is over the Austin office). There, an man identifying himself as Agent Nava, stone-faced heard me out. He was quite sullen. He stated that there was not a record of my visit to the FBI office in Austin. I repeated my assertion that fraudulent insurance submissions could have been made in order to obtain writs to wiretap, read mail , etc. I returned again 3 months later to the San Antonio office and was again given a run around by yet another agent, one who said his name was Klimpt (I think) and showed me an ID that had the plastic overlay so scratched as to make the picture difficult to clearly identify.

In Portland, the FBI office had received a black eye publicly for picking up an attorney and holding him for 2 weeks without him being allowed attorney or family notification. That situation was well documented to be due to the attorney having finger prints that resembled one’s believed to be in association with the Madrid Spain bombings. The attorney was considered suspicious because he had married an Egyptian woman and converted to the Muslim religion. (If I phrased that awkwardly, please, anyone feel free to clue me in.) I thought that FBI office might be more adverse to covering up for their Texas offices. Anyway, this office of the FBI did not seem to have a duty agent available. I had to wait some time and then a more polished individual (than I had met at the other offices) showed up. I was refused his name. I was refused a copy of the complaint I was submitting , re; FBI collusion to help “fix” m y federal case in Texas.

So, fast forward to San Francisco, February 2, 2011, Supervisory Special Agent Steven Merrill Civil Rights Program Coordinator For Northern California participated in a program at the San Francisco Main Library. The topic was the smuggling of women into the USA for the sex trade. I approached him right after the presentation ended and explained that I had been to the FBI offices several times in other jurisdictions about their possible participation in illegally helping politicians in Texas fix my federal case. He stated I should go to the FBI offices at 450 Golden Gate to give the complaint to the duty officer. Hmmm, I’m talking about an FBI cover up clearly related to civil rights and he doesn’t offer me his card or clarify where his office is. So, the next AM I tried just as he suggested and was refused access to the Federal building. Why? Because my Texas driver’s license, my only picture ID, is expired. I’m told by the U S Marshal’s office personnel that the FBI sends someone down to bring up people who do not have proper ID. They refuse to call the FBI offices about me. So, I tried on my cell phone. I spoke with a variety of people who all refused to assist on this issue. I finally faxed a written complaint about the lack of access to the FBI offices on February 11th to Agent Merrill’s attention and I have not heard a peep. I’ve also had an interaction with the U S Marshall’s employee to wit that if I didn’t have an ID but just theoretically speaking of course, I just happened to have info about a future bombing, couldn’t I still be allowed to go give the information in person? I was told NO, not possible without an ID. I would love for the Tea Party to get their hands on this info. But then, I just happened to believe the Patriot Act was passed so our constitutionally guaranteed Bill of Rights could be subverted. Why can’t they figure this out?

The “suspicious Muslim” event at my office: Around September 2001 I had a new patient come for a minor complaint. The unusual aspects of this is that he claimed to be single, Pakistani, Muslim. I had an office up near IBM, had numerous people from other countries as patients but never before had a Muslim male stepped foot in the door except to accompany his wife and attempt to dictate her care (NOT going to happen in m,y office!). When he came back after September 11th, 2001 and demanded I sign immigration papers vouching for his identity so he could go to Canada, I refused. However, I did handle/read the forms he wanted me to sign, made a copy, and told him the office would contact him if I changed my mind. I never did change my mind nor sign any such forms.I forgot about the situation until much later when it began to be clear that my mail was being interrupted and phone calls to my attorney interfered with. I have tried to contact Muslim organizations because they might be useful in terms of obtaining an investigation. Even I think it would be far fetched to put me on a watch list for simple suspicion of insurance fraud. However, someone aiding and abetting “suspicious Muslim males”? Keep in mind that hundreds of totally innocent Muslim males were rounded up by the U S government after 9/11.

I invite others to phone, fax, email complaints to the FBI and members of the House and Senate. None of the above have been helpful so far.

fax -letter to Agent Adam Reeves 

fax -letter to Agent Steven Merrill

“hotel watch list” “homeland security”

In my travels, leaving Texas and meandering through the western United States, I eventually noted that there were sure a lot of motels owned/managed by persons not originally American. My medical practice back in Texas was up near IBM, Dell, and other high tech concerns and I am always happy to meet people from other countries. My concern here was that there appeared to be a number of times that my room was entered, contents disturbed, etc. This was especially concerning because some of those times I was asleep inside the rooms. Eventually, I came to a motel in Petaluma where, as I checked in, the clerk blurted out that my name was in the computer and then she stated her belief that  I must have been there before. I assured her I had never even been in Petaluma before. The next AM I noted a number of sheriff’s officers around, ducking into doorways. A gentleman in the front office stated there were special events related to police dog trials, or some such event occurring. Several weeks later, in the Santa Rosa library, I located the Petaluma newspaper and noted the sheriff’s log was presented as a newsworthy column every week.. Many small newspapers note the calls that the sheriff’s dept makes each day and the type of call. I noted that the Thursday nite I was there, there was not any such log noted. I checked the papers for several weeks before and several weeks after and the night I spent in Petaluma was the only night the sheriff’s log was left out. All other nites had several calls logged. I also checked for the event related to police work, police dog’s etc. but nothing was documented in the paper. Small towns are kind of quiet and if a bunch of law enforcement was around I would expect a story about it. I stayed in that motel again some months later and realized I was placed in exactly the same room as the first time: the room just above the office.

At other hotels vandalism would occur to the room. In Oregon, I reported the vandalism to the window of my motel room. The officers who showed up agreed to file a report. I checked the next week and no report had been filed. At the police station I asked to see pictures of the local officers but was told that the pictures were not available. Eventually, I found my way to the offices of the local newspaper. I asked to say hello to the reporter on the law enforcement beat. I described the officers and gave him their names. Surprise surprise surprise, while both officers were slim and had short dark hair, the reporter said that one of the officers was red haired and quite large.




help get the insurance industry surveillance state exposed

join the debate i started at reddit iama This originally was my submission then replies to others queries, however, this link has only my submission and replies.

Sure , the situation was confusing because it didn’t make sense and it is difficult to understand how it all relates however, it all links together under the theme of suppressing physicians who have been misdiagnosed and believe we have a responsibility to stop this behavior by other physicians. When you think of pharmaceutical company malfeasance: think of an iceberg…all you can see above water is the criminal marketing of prescription drugs with side effects that maim/kill. The other 90% of the ice berg is that their control of our textbooks, education, journals causes missed diagnosis. All medical industry feeds on this. This is how they have hid the high prevalence of sleep apnea, periodic limb movement disorder, even liver disease/dysfunction (affecting up to 10% of the U S population). The high cost of health/disability/life insurance is related to this behavior, namely commercial control of physician training (original and ongoing). It is in the best interest of the property casualty insurers not to have physicians alerted to the effects of mold damage, for example. These people are certainly at high risk of being given a psychiatric diagnosis (DSM-4) and medicated. Their illness will not resolve until the mold issue is resolved and even then it will take some time for recovery to occur.

Consider the issue of liver damage. Don’t just look at Hepatitis B and C. Look at Fatty Liver. It is not a result of eating fat. It is found even in thin individuals. It is associated with mitochondrial dysfunction. What causes mitochondrial failure? Look at toxic exposures that gradually damage that liver. Look at newer research that purports to show that this dysfunction, falling well short of causing the person to present in hepatic coma, will affect their ability to safely drive a car. Maybe it also affects their business judgment and interpersonal relationships. I discovered that this newer technique, using pupillary reflexes to gauge dysfunction instead of an arterial blood sampling was documented two decades ago. Hmm, non invasive, certainly cheaper, and able to more appropriately predict behavioral dysfunction and physicians in general practice, as opposed to those in research fields, are the kept uninformed. We need an investigation to figure out if the information was not in textbooks for a reason. Surely, these affected individuals have a right to know so they have a chance to make decisions about their lives, businesses, and personal activities.


I recommend a book written by a law professor Delay Deny Defend  because it explains how the insurance industry decided to alter long standing patterns of paying claims to asserting that more and more of the claims were fraudulently submitted. I believe this system can also be used to target individuals whose honesty would threaten the profits of corporations. In short, does the pharmaceutical company need a researcher or physician watched for conduct that could threaten their profits, expose their wrong behavior? It is pretty easy to do by arranging accidents, break-ins, vandalism so that insurance claims might trigger these programs. My office had multiple fraudulent insurance claims submitted in my name, a break-in at the office, a police report submitted by me at an insurance company request after a “patient” forged my name to a document, a theft of my purse and felony use of my checking account, and a break-in (suspected near theft) of my car all in 24 month period. Hmmm, so is the situation I had to deal with two disability insurers (related to missed diagnosis), an ADA claim because of failure of a judge to allow competent experienced expert (also related to late diagnosis) and theft of my retirement funds for legal fees (for crying out loud) and considering that I was willing to sue another physician for this missed diagnosis all unrelated to probable targeting for insurance fraud. Handy, that this would allow law enforcement to help out such a well connected industry. Per Russel Baker’s book Family of Secrets, the families that send their kids into the U S intelligence industry have connections with the reinsurance industry.

Physician Activist from Texas at SF Food Not Bombs


When the government decided to retaliate for my suing over the ADA right to competent expert in Texas State district courts I DISCOVERED HOW THE ADA CAN BE USED TO STOP THE DEATH PENALTY.  It takes another physician to spot the bullshit of another. However, when you realize the depth of the BS, you probably won’t have any disagreement with the issue of the pharmaceutical industry hijacking the education of physicians to support their drug sales.

Read my blogs to scope out how we can stop the death penalty  for sure, email me ideas about who to contact and network with on this issue. I will not post your info if you say not to, of course. Death Penalty Focus will not even respond to my request to meet their director.

Could we improve the health of kidney failure patients, reduce medical costs and protect political prisoners in China with the same action at dialysis clinics in the USA? Yes, click here.

Are medical malpractice cases being rigged? Perhaps, my experiences suggest this needs to be investigated.

Help me locate a responsible law firm and earn a reward          ALERT    My hard copies of letters to the FBI complaining of their complicity and refusal to address my question of concocted insurance fraud issues to help set me up for surveillance have disappeared. Please make downloads of these on the FBI malfeasance blogs for me and place elsewhere on the Internet

Here I start my blog to enlist others to help me locate a law firm to pursue economic justice and civil liberties for me but in such a manner as to protect the interests of large classes of individuals. Warning! I am not a sell-out. I will not do a confidential settlement. I fled Texas suspecting that the harassment could follow me but not having ANY real choice in the matter. Either this nation has viable courts and access to the courts or we face eventual chaos in the streets. So far, I have not found our courts accessible or viable but have chosen to not yet give up hope. So, I have decided to apply capitalism to the search for an attorney capable enough to sue the government and corporations involved and alert enough to protect themselves from the harassment that these entities can roll out. There are motivated competent attorneys out there still. It is just that the government can and will interrupt access to their offices. See the reputations of the attorneys and firms that have failed even to acknowledge my requests. Did they even receive the requests?   I’ve seen phone lines fail unexpectedly when faxes are sent to specific attorneys. I’ve seen the U S registered mail to the ACLU be signed for by “F E L O N” whoa! for once the FBI is telling the truth!

I am offering up to 10% total of the court awarded amounts for the malfeasance of the insurers/government/politicians involved to those individuals who, in various ways find me the law firm/attorney who takes the case and/or locate amicus and/or help me set up speaking engagements, found support groups to give this case some momentum. I am posting copies of prior attempts to engage legal representation on this blog because documents have disappeared sometimes even by the legal boxful at a time, even from a safety deposit box at a credit Union, from hotel rooms and my home in Texas. I hope to embarrass those firms that are too compromised to even respond but allow interested parties to contact the firms and help me confirm that they actually received the requests. Note the blog on GEEK MAFIA, BLACK HAT BLUES since the government could be doing as the hackers did in this novel: run all emails through censors first and disappearing those emails from me and possibly other potential clients. Also, manage their telephone lines, certainly the U S Mail. See, I’m helping to build careers for hackers! Maybe some of the attorneys not already intimidated or compromised will be willing to sue the government for obstructing their access to clients. So, this suggests You can find an attorney interested, find a person to slip me the name on a piece of paper (which I will then chew up and spit out in front of you…just kidding!) then I will fax and email their offices. Come by a day or so later and I’ll show you the hard copies (before they disappear).

I am thinking that the interested parties for amicus may be 1. small business groups since  an illness related to sleep apnea can injure the primary owner and end a business and health insurance costs have decimated profits or 2. victims of car accidents where the drivers causing the accidents had undiagnosed sleep apnea 3. victims of malpractice by attorney or physician where the responsible licensed individual has undiagnosed sleep apnea and is agreeable about accepting responsibility (maybe a stretch for some however, if I had ever made a major malpractice error, I would have considered this option)  4. persons with pesticide exposures where the respiratory compromise went unrecognized…..Since the consequences of severe toxic exposures is that respiration can halt, surely a lesser exposure can bring on obstructive sleep apnea which is apnea appearing during the most metabolically at risk periods. 5. certainly persons with obstructive sleep apnea who had a stroke, heart attack, car accident etc. before the sleep apnea was recognized.

Keep checking for a downloadedable pdf document for this issue. I think it is already on one of the other blogs. Check for me at St. Anthony’s (pulling my Briggs and Riley 22 inch most days at noon 150 Golden Gate avenue, or wednesday nite Food Not Bombs or occasionally Noisebridge

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