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The NAACP and Me

I have networked every way I could think of trying, both for educational efforts and for advocacy. Here are some of my oregon and California efforts.In Corvalis Oregon, I stayed in a womens dorm, hoping to find a safer and less expensive alternative to motel rooms. I had tried living solo in Forestville CA in the spring and early summer of 2005, only to be stalked out. I went to Canada for awhile. I ended up in Corvalis and tried to find social groups there. I met locals who were protesting the illegal war actions our country was pursuing. I met members of the Odd Fellows supporting these first Amendment rights. One member, Gene, sponsored me to present my topic at a lecture open to the public at their hall and it was announced in the local paper. His assistance was invaluable in preparing a Power Point presentation on the issue of pharmaceutical industry control of the education of the medical profession and how this prevents appropriate diagnostic inquiry. They were quite encouraging and I socialized more with their members. I saw an announcement of a Mensa group meeting. It was sponsored by a long time Corvalis resident, formerly an owner of a retail establishment. I saw the mayor (she) hug him at one event.He and his wife were active in the NAACP and scheduled me to present this issue again so I could focus on the explanation of how this failure to diagnose obstructive sleep apnea affects the black population more than others as it is more common in this group. I presented to this group in December (I believe) in 2005 and it was well received. I joined. Eventually, after more adventures I ended up in Berkeley in 2006. I joined the Berkeley NAACP and counted as my friend the active 93 y/o member, Ricky, their treasurer. I asked this group for advocacy and was turned down. I asked to see and verify the document they received by fax transmission constituting my request and this request was denied. I later learned that there may be significant funding from the pharmaceutical industry in this local group and the California NAACP organization to sponsor their activities. I had already separately tried to call the attorney they recommended, who lived in Petaluma CA, only to never hear from him. All paperwork on these issues has disappeared. There have been so many illegal 4th amendment seizures that it has been impossible to keep track.


Ending special interest control of physician education and licensing: Avoiding a Class Action but Achieving Results

For too long the pharmaceutical industry and insurance industry has managed your medical care for their profits and not for your benefit. Rigged science, rigged textbooks and bought professors have been used to convince physicians to use materials and methods that do not benefit patients so much as pad profits of hospitals, insurers and pharmaceutical companies. They have violated the Sherman Anti-Trust Act and the RICO statues keeping physician whistleblowers from speaking out safely.The climate is ripe for those persons and groups of persons most affected to end this farce. Small business lobbies, civil rights groups, environmentalists and the coalitions to protect the disabled can form a block to press  successful legal actions.

What do each of these groups have to gain from opposing special interest control of the physicians that are licensed by the government?

Small businesses have paid high health insurance costs that I believe may be as much as three times what they would have been. Large corporations just shipped their manufacturing and other personnel costs overseas as much as possible.*

People lost their elders to illnesses that went undiagnosed or were misdiagnosed.  The family’s savings went into inappropriate medical care. The Black community has been especially ravaged by the failure to recognize the high incidence of obstructive sleep apnea, resulting in excess strokes, cardiac events, and accidents. All communities have been affected though.

Civil rights groups would like for the death penalty to end. Demonstrating that the experts, forensic psychiatrists who were unaware of the effects of sleep and oxygen deprivation on human behavior, were clearly not expert despite being certified so because their education was so affected by special interests

Environmentalists now express concern over the side effects of pharmaceutical agents pouring into our water. Not even you can avoid the traces of harmful agents in the municipal water supply. If the misdiagnosing had not happened, the waters would not have the degree of contamination.

The disabled population has been swelled by the enormous increase in persons judged mentally ill. The numbers of persons suffering physically disabling events, like strokes, cardiac events, and auto accidents has swelled because the misdiagnosing prevented more appropriate actions. The huge increase in autistic individuals will strain the tax base.

Why do I think we should avoid class actions? I believe this mechanism has been misused to head off the rights of large numbers of individuals. If these groups could provide amicus for my legal actions, they could obtain the information they need to decide on the proper future actions and provide oversight of the actions of my legal representation to be sure no inappropriate filings or other inappropriate actions occur so that these groups obtain the information needed.

The SSRI Shooters – Day 247

I am particularly concerned that humans with periodic limb movement disorder, a little understood sleep disorder where the nperson twitches while asleep, are being placed on these drugs. SSRI’s are known to increase the severity of the disorder. These are individuals already at risk for suicidal ideation and/or anti-social personality traits.
They are miserable while not adequately diagnosed and appropriately managed medically. Their pain should not be ignored or trivialized.

It is conceivable that some of these distraught individuals “snap” under the worsening state of SSRI drugs and commit violence.

Donald H. Heller nor Jack Stoffregen responded to my letter

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This is the email I sent to Jack Stoffregen. He never responded. He now has a different email address on file with the Texas Bar. I will be emailing this again to this updated email.

Please contact him at his office

1-800-775-7954 at the Regional Public Defender for Capitol Punishment in Lubbock Tx.

because challenging a corrupt

medical education system

protects us all.

Donald H. Heller was prominent in arranging for the death penalty system of

California used today. His website explains his current position as shown here:

Don Heller, Same Lawyer Who Wrote California Death Penalty, Now Fighting to Abolish It

LA Weely
In the late 1970s Don Heller penned a ballot initiative that would reinstate the court’s harshest sentence. But he’s since had a change of heart and mind.

He has not responded to my efforts to bring the education of psychiatrists in to the 21st century. My letter to him is documented here:

Heller Request


Why Forensic medical/psychological examiners are not competent

I went face to face with the forensic psychiatrist Pascua-Lim on the Texas Medical Board several years ago. She volunteered that she knew almost nothing about obstructive sleep apnea. I realized that, for the 7% of Americans with severe sleep apnea
she would not be competent to claim expertise on their mental status at the time they committed a crime. Since these individuals are at high risk of causing injury to others, she should not be allowed to claim expertise at all for anyone committing a crime (since she can’t even evaluate those at very high risk). I’ve since ascertained that the Harvard forensic psychiatry program has the same failure to have expertise (by discussing the issue with the co-director of their program). I have also ascertained that the former forensic psychologist examiner for a major California state prison has no working knowledge of the mental status issues for sleep disorder/sleep deprived individuals also. If this information is being withheld from their education (like it is for all except Boarded sleep medicine physicians) then all the individuals subjected to forensic exams (especially for death penalty) have been deprived of their right to an expert competent/experienced in their areas of disability. let us use this info to turn our criminal justice system into a true rehabilitative system. Otherwise, the damaged individuals who commit crimes will just go on to inflict more injurious behaviors on innocent victims when the afflicted individual is released from prison.

I understand it can be hard to have compassion for someone who has committed a crime. I, too, have been a crime victim. My medical office was robbed at gunpoint by a man intending sexual assault.

In my continuing efforts to understand human behavior, I explored a textbook on Neuropsychiatry. I read that death row inmates in New York State all had evidence of prior brain damage. Surely, this cannot be just a coincidence. I looked forward to the next edition of this textbook, around 2003, only to discover that the topic was not covered in the later edition. I found that individuals well trained in evaluating social behaviors secondary to brain injury, either physical or toxic, were far and few between. I don’t think that forensic psychiatrists are well qualified to evaluate human behavior that lies out of the norm, even though their training asserts that they are. keep in mind that “Board Certification” is actually a commercial qualification. It is not a government status. When I was Board certified in Family Medicine, that meant I had met the qualifications determined by a nongovernmental group and successfully completed examinations. However, the State governments have been accepting these Board Certification statuses as evidence of competency. The Americans with Disabilities Act allows an individual the right to an expert competent and experienced in their areas of disability. Obviously, a forensic psychiatrist who does not even know to discover if the individual they are examining may have oxygen or sleep deficits could not be competent in a court of law.

The issue of obstructive sleep apnea is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a whole area of partial hepatic encephalopathy to explore. Our prisons are full of people with liver disease. It seems that physicians routinely, even if they know a person has a liver disease, does not realize they have mental status impairment until they arrive obtunded with  hepatic encephalopathy. There are much more accurate ways of assessing mental status when the liver is damaged. This involves having a opthalmologist evaluate their pupillary reflexes. This is more sensitive than serum ammonia. Considering that there are cheap safe ways of renewing liver function in humans, this is a boondoggle that benefits only a few financial elite individuals.

Physician Activist from Texas at SF Food Not Bombs


When the government decided to retaliate for my suing over the ADA right to competent expert in Texas State district courts I DISCOVERED HOW THE ADA CAN BE USED TO STOP THE DEATH PENALTY.  It takes another physician to spot the bullshit of another. However, when you realize the depth of the BS, you probably won’t have any disagreement with the issue of the pharmaceutical industry hijacking the education of physicians to support their drug sales.

Read my blogs to scope out how we can stop the death penalty  for sure, email me ideas about who to contact and network with on this issue. I will not post your info if you say not to, of course. Death Penalty Focus will not even respond to my request to meet their director.

Could we improve the health of kidney failure patients, reduce medical costs and protect political prisoners in China with the same action at dialysis clinics in the USA? Yes, click here.

Are medical malpractice cases being rigged? Perhaps, my experiences suggest this needs to be investigated.

Help me locate a responsible law firm and earn a reward          ALERT    My hard copies of letters to the FBI complaining of their complicity and refusal to address my question of concocted insurance fraud issues to help set me up for surveillance have disappeared. Please make downloads of these on the FBI malfeasance blogs for me and place elsewhere on the Internet

Here I start my blog to enlist others to help me locate a law firm to pursue economic justice and civil liberties for me but in such a manner as to protect the interests of large classes of individuals. Warning! I am not a sell-out. I will not do a confidential settlement. I fled Texas suspecting that the harassment could follow me but not having ANY real choice in the matter. Either this nation has viable courts and access to the courts or we face eventual chaos in the streets. So far, I have not found our courts accessible or viable but have chosen to not yet give up hope. So, I have decided to apply capitalism to the search for an attorney capable enough to sue the government and corporations involved and alert enough to protect themselves from the harassment that these entities can roll out. There are motivated competent attorneys out there still. It is just that the government can and will interrupt access to their offices. See the reputations of the attorneys and firms that have failed even to acknowledge my requests. Did they even receive the requests?   I’ve seen phone lines fail unexpectedly when faxes are sent to specific attorneys. I’ve seen the U S registered mail to the ACLU be signed for by “F E L O N” whoa! for once the FBI is telling the truth!

I am offering up to 10% total of the court awarded amounts for the malfeasance of the insurers/government/politicians involved to those individuals who, in various ways find me the law firm/attorney who takes the case and/or locate amicus and/or help me set up speaking engagements, found support groups to give this case some momentum. I am posting copies of prior attempts to engage legal representation on this blog because documents have disappeared sometimes even by the legal boxful at a time, even from a safety deposit box at a credit Union, from hotel rooms and my home in Texas. I hope to embarrass those firms that are too compromised to even respond but allow interested parties to contact the firms and help me confirm that they actually received the requests. Note the blog on GEEK MAFIA, BLACK HAT BLUES since the government could be doing as the hackers did in this novel: run all emails through censors first and disappearing those emails from me and possibly other potential clients. Also, manage their telephone lines, certainly the U S Mail. See, I’m helping to build careers for hackers! Maybe some of the attorneys not already intimidated or compromised will be willing to sue the government for obstructing their access to clients. So, this suggests You can find an attorney interested, find a person to slip me the name on a piece of paper (which I will then chew up and spit out in front of you…just kidding!) then I will fax and email their offices. Come by a day or so later and I’ll show you the hard copies (before they disappear).

I am thinking that the interested parties for amicus may be 1. small business groups since  an illness related to sleep apnea can injure the primary owner and end a business and health insurance costs have decimated profits or 2. victims of car accidents where the drivers causing the accidents had undiagnosed sleep apnea 3. victims of malpractice by attorney or physician where the responsible licensed individual has undiagnosed sleep apnea and is agreeable about accepting responsibility (maybe a stretch for some however, if I had ever made a major malpractice error, I would have considered this option)  4. persons with pesticide exposures where the respiratory compromise went unrecognized…..Since the consequences of severe toxic exposures is that respiration can halt, surely a lesser exposure can bring on obstructive sleep apnea which is apnea appearing during the most metabolically at risk periods. 5. certainly persons with obstructive sleep apnea who had a stroke, heart attack, car accident etc. before the sleep apnea was recognized.

Keep checking for a downloadedable pdf document for this issue. I think it is already on one of the other blogs. Check for me at St. Anthony’s (pulling my Briggs and Riley 22 inch most days at noon 150 Golden Gate avenue, or wednesday nite Food Not Bombs or occasionally Noisebridge

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