Switching to Libertarian advocacy: Empowertexans.com

After many attempts to ask the ACLU for advocacy I am now turning to conservative organizations. Following the spirit of “The truth at any cost lowers all other costs*” I decided to approach this fiscal conservative taxpayer’s organization for networking/advocacy. I thought their philosophy noted on their website 

“ensuring the greatest amounts of economic and personal liberty, and promoting public policies that provide individuals with the freedom to use their strengths and talents in pursuit of greater opportunities”

would allow this to be a desirable contact. One of my most stated concerns is that corporate influences on the practice of medicine results in physicians misdiagnosing causing much unnecessary prescribing. since I believe the medical board of texas has been documented to have allowed corporate influences to interfere with the licensing of physicians, this should fit.

My first three attempts to use their contact form on their website (from three different IP addresses) resulted in DNS  and here is a scan of the hard copy.      CCE05012015

why am I putting this here….the first two times my contact effort rejection was received… it was taken off my email records but I didn’t do this. fortunately, this AM I was at a site where I could print off a hard copy to get scanned in. The april 29th document has already disappeared by this afternoon, but not the one received this AM. Odd

then I tried to forward the rejection directly to Greg Harrison at empowerTexans.com but the sent email ended up in my inbox and did not show up in my sent box at first. later, it disappeared from my inbox and did show up in my sent box.CCE05012015_0001

So, I had another person check by sending a contact request via an additional IP. His was successful but , of course, did not include my email address. So, now I sent an email to Michael Quinn Sullivan, one of the most influential persons in Texas, and received a return email very quickly. Hmmm, his organization is not really very interested in the topic I present. Any ideas from the public of conservative organizations that do care when physicians’ voices are shut down?  CCE05012015_0002

* Robert David Steele Vivas,texas medical board


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