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Is the licensing of physicians a political tool?   libertarian law professors discuss actual published study

Last year, the Annals of Internal Medicine published the results of a survey (below) questioning if a physician who made an assertion about homosexual behavior on an Internet discussion site should be investigated…..60% of state licensing boards responded affirmatively.

Hmmm, what about in states where the population is overwhelmingly opposed to gay rights? Would you want the government to be able to investigate a physician for making a statement in favor of gay rights? That knife cuts two ways. We either have freedom of speech…or…we don’t.

Annals of internal medicine published study

Before a physician can even apply for a license the individual must have met college level prerequisites, completed a 4 year (or equivalent) medical college degree and completed a one year internship. That is a lot of hours of supervision. True, some physicians get through the licensing process and some eventually commit felonies and lose their license. The fact remains that the license can and is being used to control free speech. California physicians went all the way through the Federal Court system to fight for the right to discuss and recommend medical marijuana to their patients.Conant v._McCaffrey decision Now, many states have medical marijuana laws. Why do we try to control a medicinal herb that used to commonly be available and is much safer for chronic pain than narcotics? so the drug companies can keep physicians pushing their products and use the government to control their licenses.


there are libertarian think tank/legal foundations willing to look at licensing issues and I am willing to approach them.

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