Did Michael Howerton suppress my right to advertise for an attorney?

Years ago Michael Howerton was the managing editor at the Berkeley Daily Planet. Today he is the editor-in-chief of The San Francisco Examiner and vice president of editorial at the San Francisco Print Media Co. Years ago, while he was at the Berkeley newspaper, I decided to run a display ad seeking an attorney to represent me. I walked in and was waited on promptly. An advertising sales employee helped me design the ad and accepted $400 in travelers checks. No sooner than this was accomplished but a man who sure resembles Mr. Howerton summoned the employee to talk. Then I was told I could not have this ad run in their paper. I was told I would have to contact the Bar Association to locate an attorney. I was offered a check to reimburse me for the $400 but I never cashed it. I believed then and now that their refusal to run my ad was unconstitutional.

I have run ads seeking an attorney as a display ad in the Bay Guardian in 2005. I was stalked so severely that I left for Canada in 2005 just after this ran. There were no responses to my post office box in Cotati. I placed a display ad in the front section of the Chronicle to no avail. I ran ads in two legal newspapers and rented a restaurant for interested parties to just show up at so no response via federally controlled organizations was necessary. There were no responses. I ran ads in the classified sections of the Chronicle seeking assistance in locating an attorney. No responses.


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