Jahi mcMath dies unnecessarily in Oakland Hospital

I am reading an article in today’s San Francisco Chronicle titled “Brain-death battles” about the post surgical death of a 13 y/o American girl of African descent. As I read the description of the surgery as “Jahi’s tonsils and adenoids were removed, along with excess tissue from her throat and nose” I became very angry. This procedure is known as a UPPP* and was widely discredited years ago. I recall sending a patient for a consultation with an ENT physician and then realizing he had no improvement and basically moved home to the east coast to (mostly) retire. I saw a review of this procedure that followed many cases and unequivocally stated that persons with obstructive sleep apnea who had this procedure tended to do worse than patients who did not have the procedure. I eventually was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea resulting from a  (supposedly) rare craniofacial birth defect and had extensive bone rearranging surgery on the mid and lower half of my face. Eventually I discovered that craniofacial anomalies were common in children of service men exposed to the nuclear testing environment, like my dad was. During the autopsy that must be performed on this child**, it would be important to have a forensic examiner who is familiar with the upper anatomy, since this anomaly could have been missed.

Oh, by the way, if you, John Q Public, are going to blame her (Jahi McMath) obstructive sleep apnea on her weight….there are lots of people who get obstructive sleep apnea as thin people, then get fat because of the wild cortisol swings and sleep obstruction, in large part because the obstructive sleep apnea is missed while they are thin and effective CPAP treatment initiated.

Our Americans with African origins population has sleep apnea about three times as prevalent as the Anglo population. It is a scandal of criminal proportions that this issue has not been more widely taught, researched, and the etiology discovered so that prevention,rather than misguided surgery, rules the day.


By the way, I believe I saw a similar study published years before this one was in 2007. Many studies are done and presented in a “poster format” at the annual sleep medicine conference. These studies do not end up on the Internet but would be found through a medical school library that has the actual hardcopy or electronic publication from the annual conference in their collection. I found it the old fashioned way….reading many many journals over a several year period, fascinated by all the information that had accumulated in the specialty of sleep medicine….that wasn’t being shared with general practitioners….so that they would know to steer clear of surgeons who still did this procedure

**   assuming there is not found a way to bring her brain function back….and research into the depth of anesthesia issue maybe useful here. I had brain damage resulting in a major decrease in IQ which I was able to substantially reverse with coenzyme Q10 (believed to be due to hypoxia). That is available in intravenous form and I would be surprised if there isn’t a protocol for a trial of this safe substance (which your own mitochondria should be producing).

What is causing dysfunction in the Black American communities besides the extraordinary numbers of persons with sleep apnea….review this other post of mine https://cynthiajeanneleemd.wordpress.com/2013/05/10/attorneys-blow-cia-crack-case/

and see how badly the Black community got stiffed by three attorneys.

to see how


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