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Yesterday (November 7th, 2013), around 4 PM PST, I submitted a request for an amicus to the Never heard about this libertarian legal foundation? Look it up. I was impressed that in a Texas case, they helped a psychologist defend her right to use this information about her training while running for an elected office when the licensing board objected. Freedom of speech! Hey, that is what my fight with the medical board of Texas is all about. Imagine, this board thought they could tell me not to diagnosis obstructive sleep apnea in my patients. Then, when I make an effort to sue them over this action, I get stalked out of my homestead. Well, homeless and indigent now but not without attitude!

Anyway, I digress, the has a policy that they do not acknowledge requests for legal assistance unless they decide to explore it further. This means, to me, that a Man in the Middle could review the requests and simply decide there was little risk in simply placing it into  the shredder. Therefore, I sent the following comment to this AM around 9:11 or so.


subject:  Submissions are not acknowledged with an automated reply, because?

Body of comment:   I am curious why your foundation is so trusting that the government would allow all emails requesting legal assistance to reach your servers? An automated reply, documenting the content of the request received, lends legitimacy to your foundation. Especially, this is worrisome,  because one is informed that the foundation will “then contact you if the potential exists to discuss representing you”. This leaves the situation wide open for governmental abuses. Surely, allowing an automated reply with appropriate documentation could not be so difficult.


Readers are encouraged to urge this foundation to change their policy to one of acknowledging all requests. I also want to recommend they consider posting the information on court cases they would like to take but do not have the resources for in order to set up “crowd funding” to see if funds can be raised to pursue justice.

Why do I think the Man in the Middle would interfere? Think of my experiences approaching the Center for Investigative Reporting* a couple of years ago? They had an automated reply and I received one the first time I sent an idea to them (about the tactic of launching malpractice cases with the specific intent of pushing certain ideas into the practice of medicine while colluding with special interests to suppress other info). That automated email from the Center appeared to disappear so I sent the idea again. Hmmm, no automated reply this time. So, I went and tried to deliver the request in person in Berkeley…no go….they refuse to allow personal delivery…have to use only government approved means of delivery. Lance Williams (that lackey) came down in person to accept my written information. Maybe there was something to the criticism that his story on drug use in professional athletes came out just in time to “overshadow” far more important information in the news cycle?

Remember what I discovered when I sent registered mail to the ACLU offices in San Francisco? “F E L O N” signed for it! I subsequently attended an ACLU event…no one named FELON works there!

Mountain States Legal Foundation….don’t they represent polluters? Think it was politically incorrect to approach this foundation?

OK, Listen up all you environmentalists! Before you go ballistic….since I am making an approach to a legal foundation you consider your arch enemy….wouldn’t you like to see the waters of our country free of synthetic medicinals? I mean, neither you nor the fish really need Prozac (which is documented to be in the water affecting fish). The SSRI’s may also be associated with more mass shootings than any other type of synthetic medications.You know the style of medicine I advocate uses both science and common sense to dictate offering the safest medical advice to my patients….and that rarely would dictate the need for a synthetic compound. That is a potent reason why Big Pharma has arranged for alternative health (i.e. science based!)practitioners to be targeted so thoroughly for so many decades. So this foundation also represents oil producers. Do you think they want to see Prozac in the water their pregnant daughters drink? Creepy, isn’t it? What this stuff does to the brains of developing fetuses? I mean, who knows what it really does? And Prozac is not the worst of the chemicals finding their way into your drinking water (think MTBE!). In addition, the costs associated with these riskier strategies results in very high insurance costs that stifle small businesses. I’ve blogged on this before. This foundation wants to support small businesses and so do you. That’s why they should support my case (related to the rigging of health insurance costs) and you should too..

OK, so I tried to publish this and did not receive the automated response from documenting receipt of my new post (its only my 70th plus posting, for Pete’s sake)….hmmmm, now I am finding that the comment I tried to post from the submission this AM on the Mountain States Legal Foundation site doesn’t look like anything decipherable to a nontechnical person like me.(which I have now redacted along with other typos)….and…now the computer is giving me the option to correct spelling with the spell checker that it suddenly stopped doing this AM….three separate problems or all related? Hell if I know!


2 responses

  1. I was told by an attorney in your area, there isn’t a consensual doubt about your situation, it’s just that the 2008 Bush laws have made most of your important evidence, as mine, inadmissable in a court of law. I never thought I had to convince a Judge, myself. I’d settle with telling the masses. The WTC and 9/11 Response has been sadly represented. IronWorkers were used at the WTC on and after 9/11

    1. In my prior legal efforts in Texas, it has become clear that my attorneys were compromised in a number of ways. I believe many others have had this experience too. You might see my posts on Katia Komisaruk and the other two attorneys who “filed on the CIA”. I am not sure that it is the laws because these would be found unconstitutional. Or, we could already be beyond the rule of law.

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