Center for Individual Rights II

I have been working for 1 1/2 hours to post the emailed document (from the Center for Individual Rights, received Wed Oct 30, 2013 at 11:11 AM documenting receipt of my request for representation) after having this email printed out and scanned into a jpg. Twice, after first trying the Preview button then next trying to publish the scanned documents, all evidence of it failed to publish except the title. The person helping me is relatively experienced (Thank you Lih!)He has never seen this happen before and can’t explain it other than a software issue with wordpress.
I WILL post these documents (my request for representation via their website sent Wednesday AM at 10:48:09 AM as soon as I can.

If each of the legal foundations, Think EFF or Southern Poverty Law Center, would post the cases they are having to turn down because of lack of funds? or lack of interest? perhaps there would be a proliferation of foundations helping out individuals or groups deprived of their rights. Also, foundations could consider “crowd funding” specific cases.The EFF turned me down (see that post) and the Southern Poverty Law Center (see that post) failed to even respond. Eventually, I went around their legal department to ask the administration whether they usually respond to requests with an acknowledgement and the reply stated they had no record of a request from me. The ACLU….forget about it….if their funders were aware of the types of cases they turn away….perhaps they wouldn’t send them any more $$$.


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