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Big Pharma as Organised Crime

I plan to read this book by Peter discussed here. Would that every legislator in the USA received a copy and read it. Before I spoke to the Sunset Commission of the Texas legislature in the fall of 2004, I gave them every copy of David Abramson’s book Overdosed America that I could find to purchase in Austin Texas.

Frank Davis

Ex-BMJ editor Richard Smith’s preface to a book by Peter Gøtzsche, the head of the Nordic Cochrane Centre, entitled Deadly Medicines and Organised Crime: How Big Pharma Has Corrupted Healthcare –  a book about the failures of the whole system of discovering, producing, marketing, and regulating drugs.

Many of those who read this book will ask if Peter has over-reached himself in suggesting that the activities of the drug industry amount to organised crime. The characteristics of organised crime, racketeering, is defined in US law as the act of engaging repeatedly in certain types of offence, including extortion, fraud, federal drug offences, bribery, embezzlement, obstruction of justice, obstruction of law enforcement, tampering with witnesses, and political corruption. Peter produces evidence, most of it detailed, to support his case that pharmaceutical companies are guilty of most of these offences.

And he is not the first to compare the industry with the…

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Request for Assistance as Received per Terry Pell

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Terry Pell <>
Date: Wed, Oct 30, 2013 at 11:11 AM
Subject: RE: Request for Assistance
To: “” <>

Here is a copy of what you submitted, per your request

—–Original Message—–
From: []
Sent: Wednesday, October 30, 2013 1:48 PM
To: Terry Pell
Subject: Request for Assistance

Below is the result of your feedback form.  It was submitted by
( on Wednesday, October 30, 2013 at 13:48:09

type: intake

FirstName: Cynthia Jeanne

LastName: Lee MD

profession: physician

phone: 415-592-2788

Fax: 415-592-2855

Address: 3rd Floor SWC, 150 Golden Gate Ave

City: San Francisco

State: CA

Zip: 94102

summary: I was involved in a civil case in Texas District court. A court appointed expert, without any competence or experience in my area of disability, was forced on me. The judge decided I was faking an impairment and forced me to turn over protected retirement funds to my lawyer for dispersal for legal fees and the “expert’s” fees. I filed in Federal court. The medical licensing board was now headed by the attorney I had previously retained who had failed to protect my rights in district Court. This board hastily filed on my right to remain licensed and eventually harassed my new attorney, while in the government buildings for a hearing, in to quitting. Efforts to approach the FBI about certain criminal aspects of the case, including U S mail disruption issues, resulted in my being stalked out of my home and having prolonged stays out of state, complicated by repeated stalking events. There was apparent interference with my income tax representation and, while out of sta!
te, my homestead was not protected and seized.After a lifetime of almost continuous work building a medical practice and assets to protect myself against disability and for retirement, I am left homeless and indigent.

explanation: The FBI refused to investigate and actually denied to my face that I had ever visited their offices to file a complaint.
U S mail inspectors never returned any requests for investigation.

government_motivation: I am outspoken about the issue of pharmaceutical industry control of my profession and its actions. There has been, for some decades, interference with the licensing of physicians who practice alternative medicine. There was overreaching by state judges for political reasons, as per the statements of the lawyers who failed to protect me in district court.
In the 2004 AMA handbook on HIPAA there was a statement that the government was reserving the right to keep information in the medical records of licensed professionals and simultaneously restricting the right of their physicians to share this information about them with them. Meanwhile, the government was asserting the right to share this information with, among other entities, police departments! This tactic would allow the government to assert that someone is a psychotic individual and not allow them to fight this assertion.

court_status: I have not been able to engage an attorney and most of the documents I produced attempting to do so have disappeared. Some of the remaining, I have placed on a blog,

CIR_should: I believe an investigation would show that, in order for me not to have a successful case in Texas that would limit the right of the judges to seize my retirement funds, among other abuses, federal assets were put into play resulting in Gestapo State tactics. I want legal representation that will protect the first amendment right to sue the government without retaliation.

submit: Send


Cynthia Jeanne Lee MD

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        Wed, 30 Oct 2013 11:11:26 -0700 (PDT)
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        Wed, 30 Oct 2013 11:11:26 -0700 (PDT)
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        (version=TLSv1 cipher=ECDHE-RSA-AES128-SHA bits=128/128);
        Wed, 30 Oct 2013 11:11:26 -0700 (PDT)
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       spf=pass ( best guess record for domain of designates as permitted sender)
Received: from CIR-SERVER.cir-dc.local ([fe80::5031:1bd3:3a01:d5f9]) by
 CIR-SERVER.cir-dc.local ([fe80::5031:1bd3:3a01:d5f9%10]) with mapi; Wed, 30
 Oct 2013 14:11:25 -0400
From: Terry Pell <>
To: "" <>
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2013 14:11:23 -0400
Subject: RE: Request for Assistance
Thread-Topic: Request for Assistance
Thread-Index: Ac7VmDjkf3LRct21QyeO/ZpK7vrwJAAAxyoQ
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Mountain States Legal Foundation

Yesterday (November 7th, 2013), around 4 PM PST, I submitted a request for an amicus to the Never heard about this libertarian legal foundation? Look it up. I was impressed that in a Texas case, they helped a psychologist defend her right to use this information about her training while running for an elected office when the licensing board objected. Freedom of speech! Hey, that is what my fight with the medical board of Texas is all about. Imagine, this board thought they could tell me not to diagnosis obstructive sleep apnea in my patients. Then, when I make an effort to sue them over this action, I get stalked out of my homestead. Well, homeless and indigent now but not without attitude!

Anyway, I digress, the has a policy that they do not acknowledge requests for legal assistance unless they decide to explore it further. This means, to me, that a Man in the Middle could review the requests and simply decide there was little risk in simply placing it into  the shredder. Therefore, I sent the following comment to this AM around 9:11 or so.


subject:  Submissions are not acknowledged with an automated reply, because?

Body of comment:   I am curious why your foundation is so trusting that the government would allow all emails requesting legal assistance to reach your servers? An automated reply, documenting the content of the request received, lends legitimacy to your foundation. Especially, this is worrisome,  because one is informed that the foundation will “then contact you if the potential exists to discuss representing you”. This leaves the situation wide open for governmental abuses. Surely, allowing an automated reply with appropriate documentation could not be so difficult.


Readers are encouraged to urge this foundation to change their policy to one of acknowledging all requests. I also want to recommend they consider posting the information on court cases they would like to take but do not have the resources for in order to set up “crowd funding” to see if funds can be raised to pursue justice.

Why do I think the Man in the Middle would interfere? Think of my experiences approaching the Center for Investigative Reporting* a couple of years ago? They had an automated reply and I received one the first time I sent an idea to them (about the tactic of launching malpractice cases with the specific intent of pushing certain ideas into the practice of medicine while colluding with special interests to suppress other info). That automated email from the Center appeared to disappear so I sent the idea again. Hmmm, no automated reply this time. So, I went and tried to deliver the request in person in Berkeley…no go….they refuse to allow personal delivery…have to use only government approved means of delivery. Lance Williams (that lackey) came down in person to accept my written information. Maybe there was something to the criticism that his story on drug use in professional athletes came out just in time to “overshadow” far more important information in the news cycle?

Remember what I discovered when I sent registered mail to the ACLU offices in San Francisco? “F E L O N” signed for it! I subsequently attended an ACLU event…no one named FELON works there!

Mountain States Legal Foundation….don’t they represent polluters? Think it was politically incorrect to approach this foundation?

OK, Listen up all you environmentalists! Before you go ballistic….since I am making an approach to a legal foundation you consider your arch enemy….wouldn’t you like to see the waters of our country free of synthetic medicinals? I mean, neither you nor the fish really need Prozac (which is documented to be in the water affecting fish). The SSRI’s may also be associated with more mass shootings than any other type of synthetic medications.You know the style of medicine I advocate uses both science and common sense to dictate offering the safest medical advice to my patients….and that rarely would dictate the need for a synthetic compound. That is a potent reason why Big Pharma has arranged for alternative health (i.e. science based!)practitioners to be targeted so thoroughly for so many decades. So this foundation also represents oil producers. Do you think they want to see Prozac in the water their pregnant daughters drink? Creepy, isn’t it? What this stuff does to the brains of developing fetuses? I mean, who knows what it really does? And Prozac is not the worst of the chemicals finding their way into your drinking water (think MTBE!). In addition, the costs associated with these riskier strategies results in very high insurance costs that stifle small businesses. I’ve blogged on this before. This foundation wants to support small businesses and so do you. That’s why they should support my case (related to the rigging of health insurance costs) and you should too..

OK, so I tried to publish this and did not receive the automated response from documenting receipt of my new post (its only my 70th plus posting, for Pete’s sake)….hmmmm, now I am finding that the comment I tried to post from the submission this AM on the Mountain States Legal Foundation site doesn’t look like anything decipherable to a nontechnical person like me.(which I have now redacted along with other typos)….and…now the computer is giving me the option to correct spelling with the spell checker that it suddenly stopped doing this AM….three separate problems or all related? Hell if I know!

Sleep apnea renal failure Educational activities

My approach to this issue, control of physician education and medical practices, allows me to reach out to many different interest groups.

If you would like to be a part of decreasing medical costs while relieving people of chronic renal failure and helping end the killing of political prisoners in China, help me or others set up educational actions at dialysis clinics. Dress up like one of the many healthy foods, full of minerals and vitamins, that are restricted from the diets of patients in renal failure and hand out copies of the research into coenzyme Q10 that has been documented to reverse some of the renal failure.

here is the info I give out below and here is the link to print out copies of this

The physician ignorance about obstructive sleep apnea has lead to the early demise of the elders of the Americans of African descent population. My efforts to leaflet on this situation in San Francisco led to an assault and battery by London Breed, a locally prominent American of African descent. The local bar association did not come through for me to pursue her legally. If you would like to go visit local political leaders with me to ask for an investigation by the government of how this (the early demise of elders secondary to undiagnosed untreated obstructive sleep apnea) has been allowed to happen, please let me know via

Also, we need an investigation into whether there exists greater chemical sensitivity in certain racial groups so that these chemicals can be outlawed sooner rather than later. Remember my assertion that research published over a decade ago by the University of Edinburgh demonstrated that, of newly diagnosed sleep apnea patients in Great Britain, half had a BMI of < 27. This strongly suggests that the obesity seen in many sleep apnea patients is the result of the sleep disruption and not the cause of the apnea. I discussed this previously in earlier posts.

Center for Individual Rights: request for representation Oct 30, 2013

I copied the email from Terry Pell of the Center for Individual Rights which documented their receipt of my request made via their website into a document on my google drive. Thus, anyone on the Internet can access this request. Can anyone think of a better system of documenting that the organization one is trying to access has received the request? Only one I can think of is to have the organization be allowed to post all requests received (with permission by the individual making the request). This would also be useful to receive feedback from supporters and hopefully, the funding necessary to take on cases that go down the rabbit hole. As far as I can tell, either the Man in the Middle grabbed my  request to the Southern Poverty Law Center and to the ACLU or these organizations are (now) part of the problem, however much help they were in the past.

Center for Individual Rights Redeaux?

Hmmm, multiple attempts today to post complete jpegs of the scanned email documenting receipt of request for representation has resulted in only the 3rd page being posted. Volunteer Erin at St Anthony’s Tech lab has patiently worjked through this with me and we are puzzled why WordPress? software is not saving adequately all the work at this time, meanwhile WordPress does not allow courtesy accounts like mine to contact them to report problems so that is not an option at this time.

Will try again monday

Whoa, last weekend, at Civic Center downtown San Francisco, a performer from Hiphopforchange know as Khafre J

gave us the low down on the Gangsta Hip Hop issue. It seems that the major financial people here are also major players in the prisons for profit scam that our legislators have fallen over themselves to endorse.

He was a fine looking and sounding musician and I suggest people endorse this organization. His pitch, at the GMO gathering (anti genetically modified food) was for land in the Bayview for self help groups to grow veggies.

I tried to ask the Center for Media and Democracy to investigate the claim that there was this financial association between the hip hop industry and the private prison industry but this AM the website claimed it could not accept any submissions because their spam filter was down. Consider sending them this idea for this group.

Center for Individual Rights II

I have been working for 1 1/2 hours to post the emailed document (from the Center for Individual Rights, received Wed Oct 30, 2013 at 11:11 AM documenting receipt of my request for representation) after having this email printed out and scanned into a jpg. Twice, after first trying the Preview button then next trying to publish the scanned documents, all evidence of it failed to publish except the title. The person helping me is relatively experienced (Thank you Lih!)He has never seen this happen before and can’t explain it other than a software issue with wordpress.
I WILL post these documents (my request for representation via their website sent Wednesday AM at 10:48:09 AM as soon as I can.

If each of the legal foundations, Think EFF or Southern Poverty Law Center, would post the cases they are having to turn down because of lack of funds? or lack of interest? perhaps there would be a proliferation of foundations helping out individuals or groups deprived of their rights. Also, foundations could consider “crowd funding” specific cases.The EFF turned me down (see that post) and the Southern Poverty Law Center (see that post) failed to even respond. Eventually, I went around their legal department to ask the administration whether they usually respond to requests with an acknowledgement and the reply stated they had no record of a request from me. The ACLU….forget about it….if their funders were aware of the types of cases they turn away….perhaps they wouldn’t send them any more $$$.

Center for Individual Rights

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