Pull the rug out from under the organ transplantation “business”

As a physician, I am intrigued by the possibility of natural organ renewal or rescue of diseased organs so that transplantation is not necessary. I had some “skin in the game” because I was aware that I had “fatty liver” or nonalcoholic fatty liver disease aka NALFD. I learned that alcoholic cirrhosis could be prevented by taking a healthy fat called lecithin along with the alcohol (in a primate study). I found that studies in Italy using safe over the counter milk thistle extract (sillymarin) plus alpha lipoic acid found that persons with stage 4 liver disease could be improved back to stage 2 liver disease and pulled off the transplant list. I wonder what would happen if persons risking liver disease from alcohol use or with NALFD (which is still considered of unknown origen except for recent work on high fructose corn syrup!) used all these safe substances as a routine to protect their livers.

Now, I have a friend with renal failure due to diabetes…or is it possibly heavy metal toxicity that can also damage pancreas and kidneys? Anyway, in 2000 research scientists Ram B. Singh, Hari K Khanna, and Mohammad A Niaz  published data in the Journal of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine showing they could delay or prevent the need for dialysis for many clients by placing them on coenzyme Q10. What if their clients had been placed on CoQ10 even earlier? What if we had protocols in place to remove heavy metals routinely with infrared sauna? Why aren’t we studying these tactics intensively?

If we can decrease the number of Westerners presenting to China for organ transplant services, would we help to end this immoral “trade”? You haven’t heard about this deadly scam where Chinese communists murder their political dissidents and sell their organs to unsuspecting foreigners? Try reading The Epoch Times which these brave Chinese immigrants and enterpreneurs set up and publish here in America.

I want to bring the Falun Dafa as well as the other immigrants from China in to a movement to improve our medical care. Transplants cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is money best spent on improving ones health care by growing or purchasing healthier foods. The high cost of health insurance represents time spent away from your family and beloved friends. It is time lost to unnecessary costs.

Time to picket medical schools. Time to lobby our legislators. Time to recognize the value of all human life above profits from immoral “trade” or “business”.

What happened to my NALFD? I do not know because I would not ask for a liver biopsy. But, I do know when I took high dose lecithin extract, alpha lipoic acid and milk thistle extract, I lost 50 pounds of unneeded fat!



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