EFF International Director believes terrorists flying planes hit 3 skyscrapers

Wow, I attended the Noisebridge meetings last night and had a conversation with the man known as the International Director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation aka a leading Internet activist from Great Britain. He asserts that 9/11 was caused by terrorists flying jetliners into buildings. He asserts that “everyone” connected with the EFF believes this also! I am a proud signer of the Architects and Engineers 911 truth petition. Shit, and we are expected to trust the defense of our civil liberties to these folks.

People who probably haven’t heard yet that the Gulf of Tonkin (sp?) didn’t happen the way that the US public was originally told (A U S government admission…that the N. Vietnamese didn’t really attack our warship). Good God, Would someone tell the people funding this organization that they are incredibly naive.

They are probably not anymore credible than the ACLU  (which attempted to have me arrested for trespassing for bringing them the documents “they” sent me that appeared to have faked signatures…..I mean “F E L O N” signed for the certified mail to them, for Pete’s Sake!).

The EFF international Director also believes I exhibit signs of psychosis for distrusting the pharmaceutical industry……after one Big Pharma criminal corporation actually agreed to a criminal fine of over 1 billion dollars just last year for mismarketing their drugs for physicians to prescribe to trusting patients for conditions that had no evidence (that would pass Federal inspection) that they would work. Actually, there are physicians in Texas who would like you to believe that I am psychotic because I intended to sue my fellow physicians for the mistakes they made in my own medical care…..because this would set a precedent and change the standards of care for the benefit of patients. Of course, the fact we most certainly were all shareholders in the same malpractice insurance carrier (which had been informed that I was furious at the poor quality of care I received and that was also similar to the care being rendered in Texas to many patients)…..causes just a few conflicts of interests at the level of both the medical society and the state government.

Recommendations, ya’ll, for a legal foundation that will stand up for us?

P.S. Did you get a load of the Sprint Ad that covered up my letter to the Southern Poverty law Center and which would not go away (no “X”). I complained and it was removed (mostly) but now something else covers it up. to be resolved.


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