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The Drug Conquest…

Cynthia Jeanne Lee’s comments on this article
Typically, the US government has been fining Big Pharma for hiding side effects.
Since people die from these side effects, it would seem to me that if the drug company is encouraging inappropriate prescribing, that eventually, someone will go to prison. However, Pfizer pled guilty and accepted a criminal fine in excess of 1 billion dollars last year   and  as far as I know    no one went to prison yet.

Please see my other blogs that explain my experiences, as a physician with plenty of wealth, insurance, and medical experts, being misdiagnosed repeatedly. My legal actions to expose these issues were met with criminal stalking across state lines and a major loss of respect for the institution/tradition of federal governance.

Ending special interest control of physician education and licensing: Avoiding a Class Action but Achieving Results

For too long the pharmaceutical industry and insurance industry has managed your medical care for their profits and not for your benefit. Rigged science, rigged textbooks and bought professors have been used to convince physicians to use materials and methods that do not benefit patients so much as pad profits of hospitals, insurers and pharmaceutical companies. They have violated the Sherman Anti-Trust Act and the RICO statues keeping physician whistleblowers from speaking out safely.The climate is ripe for those persons and groups of persons most affected to end this farce. Small business lobbies, civil rights groups, environmentalists and the coalitions to protect the disabled can form a block to press  successful legal actions.

What do each of these groups have to gain from opposing special interest control of the physicians that are licensed by the government?

Small businesses have paid high health insurance costs that I believe may be as much as three times what they would have been. Large corporations just shipped their manufacturing and other personnel costs overseas as much as possible.*

People lost their elders to illnesses that went undiagnosed or were misdiagnosed.  The family’s savings went into inappropriate medical care. The Black community has been especially ravaged by the failure to recognize the high incidence of obstructive sleep apnea, resulting in excess strokes, cardiac events, and accidents. All communities have been affected though.

Civil rights groups would like for the death penalty to end. Demonstrating that the experts, forensic psychiatrists who were unaware of the effects of sleep and oxygen deprivation on human behavior, were clearly not expert despite being certified so because their education was so affected by special interests

Environmentalists now express concern over the side effects of pharmaceutical agents pouring into our water. Not even you can avoid the traces of harmful agents in the municipal water supply. If the misdiagnosing had not happened, the waters would not have the degree of contamination.

The disabled population has been swelled by the enormous increase in persons judged mentally ill. The numbers of persons suffering physically disabling events, like strokes, cardiac events, and auto accidents has swelled because the misdiagnosing prevented more appropriate actions. The huge increase in autistic individuals will strain the tax base.

Why do I think we should avoid class actions? I believe this mechanism has been misused to head off the rights of large numbers of individuals. If these groups could provide amicus for my legal actions, they could obtain the information they need to decide on the proper future actions and provide oversight of the actions of my legal representation to be sure no inappropriate filings or other inappropriate actions occur so that these groups obtain the information needed.

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