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What do Katya Komisaruk, William M. Simpich and Kenneth Frucht have in common

The Internet connection here has failed twice already and my work disappeared …but here I go again.

In March 1999 these three attorneys filed a class action suit naming, among others, the CIA for its role in the crack cocaine epidemic. This suit failed and was dismissed potentially depriving the plaintiffs of ever going back into court again. Remember this is your first amendment right to stop your government from being hijacked by special interests so it is desirable to have dedicated attorneys, not hacks gaining their street creds by pissing away your rights.

these three attorneys also share the distinction of being independently approached by me for representation..a case with clear civil rights issues and first amendment issues. Katya komisaruk’s disrespectful approach to a prospective client I have already discussed in a blog. Also, I believe she is sheep dipped….an intelligence term for covering up an assets identity in exchange for a new one.

Mr. William Simpich’s office in Oakland did not respond to two written requests for representation that were hand delivered on two separate occasions to be certain they would be received intact. On the third attempt I came face to face with a lanky gentleman who does not resemble the pictures of Mr. Simplich on the Internet. He refused representation and refused me that statement in print.

Mr. Frucht’s current website touts his willingness to represent persons for civil rights issues large or small against adversaries who are very big. I previously blogged about how he didn’t even care whether he had received a request or not. Again, I was refused a written refusal for representation.

I do not perceive that these attorneys are particularly motivated. I was asked almost no questions at all by any of them. perhaps, they are getting referrals and clients that should be going to other attorneys more dedicated.

In a subsequent post I have posted copies of the federal court documents documenting that their class action suit naming the CIA for its role in the crack epidemic was dismissed for “failure to progress”. In other words, they did not pursue justice.

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