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Meade & Schrag LLP

Never heard from this Berkeley Ca firm after faxing request for representation, feel free to call or write them and ask if they received the request

Here is the request I sent:

Meade Schrag  Meade & Schrag LLP of Berkeley California


Here is their website

Let them know if you would like them to consider representation


Donald H. Heller nor Jack Stoffregen responded to my letter

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This is the email I sent to Jack Stoffregen. He never responded. He now has a different email address on file with the Texas Bar. I will be emailing this again to this updated email.

Please contact him at his office

1-800-775-7954 at the Regional Public Defender for Capitol Punishment in Lubbock Tx.

because challenging a corrupt

medical education system

protects us all.

Donald H. Heller was prominent in arranging for the death penalty system of

California used today. His website explains his current position as shown here:

Don Heller, Same Lawyer Who Wrote California Death Penalty, Now Fighting to Abolish It

LA Weely
In the late 1970s Don Heller penned a ballot initiative that would reinstate the court’s harshest sentence. But he’s since had a change of heart and mind.

He has not responded to my efforts to bring the education of psychiatrists in to the 21st century. My letter to him is documented here:

Heller Request


Roboostoff and Kalkin, a Professional Law Corporation does not respond

If you have a chance to encounter the attorneys from this California firm, ask why they did not respond. This link is the pdf of the letter faxed to their firm

Kalkin Roboostoff 

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