The Just Cause Law Collective ….experiences with the progressive legal community

Casting around for options since attempts to retain legal representation had failed in the Palo Alto area, I headed for Berkeley…Land of the Free speech Movement. Trying to network with activists took me into Oakland. Looking for a different legal entity, I stumbled upon The Just Cause Legal Collective listed on a directory of an old office building downtown. I went up to the floor to inquire. I was told to call their attorney Katya Komisaruk. I did so and spoke with a woman who identified herself as such. I explained that I was from Texas and had been stalked out while being involved in court suits. I had had break-ins and thefts of documents. I had reasons to believe this was occurring under color of law because of the behavior of police and of the behaviors of employees of the motels. I received a letter from Katya Komisaruk asserting it would be a requirement for me to be assessed by a psychiatrist if I wanted to be her client. The tone of the letter was just insulting. Explanations that I had been followed by experts in neurorehabilitation after having received incompetent care from a psychiatrist did not seem to register with this attorney. I doubted that this document even came from this attorney. Soon after this encounter, I left for Portland Oregon and then eventually Canada.

I wonder if Ms Komisaruk has been sheep dipped. This term refers to a process, used by intelligence agencies, to set up a different “identity” for an operative. Well not exactly a new identity so much as to change your perception of what they are about. Another example of this is the sheep dipping of  Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans the summer before `the  JFK asassination. This is explained in Jim Garrison’s book, ON THE TRAIL OF THE ASSASSINS. Oswald, who had been introduced to prominent Russian exiles, was assigned to hand out pro Castro tracts and this activity was intended to be noticed by the public. Jim Garrison is, of course, the New Orleans District Attorney who prosecuted a suspected CIA operative for his part in the assasination plot.

Why would I think this? Supposedly, MS Komisaruk decided to go on to Vandenberg Airforce Base and destroy a computer center she believed was capable of sending ICBMs to destroy people in other countries. When no one showed up to stop her (at the abandoned computer center naturally), she decided to hold a press conference at the Federal  Bldg the next day so the FBI could arrest her. Or so, someone at her alma mater, Reed College, states on line. Then she went to 5 years in prison. Unbelievable story……unless she was being sheep dipped. Or maybe, she isn’t in the pockets of the elites and that was not her on the telephone trying to threaten me with a psychiatric evaluation ….maybe it was the feds answering her phone for her? SHADES OF GEEK MAFIA; BLACK HAT BLUES

If you know this attorney or members of this collective, please bring this to their attention. Ask if they would really expect a physician who had already been a victim of malpractice and necessitated more experienced professionals, to go see a psychiatrist. Even to suggest this without even examining the medical documents I carried with me then is absurd. If you don’t know them but would like to express disapproval of their behavior, email them and say so.

I have emailed them and asked they to respond to my posting and I have not heard a word from them.

I will be posting stories about other more famous progressives quite soon. People like Matt Gonzales, who have run for political office based on their reputations as progressives, but certainly did not behave as one.


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