Would this be illegal?

I am asserting that the government is obstructing access to attorneys via their control of Internet, telephone, fax, and U S mail. Not to all attorneys, of course, and not from all potential clients. Certainly, some of the attorneys I have tried to contact would have preferred that I had not. Are they even required to acknowledge my request?

Could attorneys who are interested in figuring out this issue arrange to have persons not clearly (or even very clearly) identified with their offices suggest their names to me? It occurs to me that these attorneys could have me asked to send them a request so that if they didn’t get the request, the government (and whatever corporate interests they are protecting by that behavior) can get sued to cease the restriction of access.

I have some concern that the authorities may claim these attorneys are engaging in barratry or some other behavior considered unethical. Ask an attorney to express an opinion and let me know. I would welcome being able to participate in such an endeavor.



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