Gregory J Glazer

I hope Mr. Glazer has a successful career in constitutional law. He advertizes that he does constitutional law. I’ve had some interesting results in trying to contact attorneys, with correspondence disappearing, arriving on plain paper and not on stationary, etc. that I have decided to document all the firms that I have attempted to ask for consideration of representation. Perhaps if the fact these firms have decided to step out of the way on a case involving criminal harassment for filing a first amendment protected suit against a local government, it will give you a heads up. I expect individuals or even larger firms to plead that they just don’t have enough time to look into this….what if your family physician, when you present with a headache suspicious for an impending aneursym, decides you are just too much trouble to worry about? I’ve been in that situation, I’ve worn those shoes. I expect attorneys to start standing up for us or else shut up and at least pay their taxes.


Mr. Glazner declined representation per these email exchanges.

gregoryjglazer jul 10 2011


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