chris guerrero advertises for bicycle accident victims:has not responded

Hey, I am offering to be an experiential witness of the obfuscation of information to physicians about sleep disorders. When that sleepy driver hits you on a bicycle there is a good chance you will buy the farm. However, if you do survive, it would be nice not to have to exist on MEDICAID! Which is what you will be doing in most cases with major head trauma because most defendants do not have the resources to allow you the good fortune to go to the very best for neuro-rehabilitation for as long as it takes. The pharmaceutical interests have prevented physicians from being proficient in screening for sleep apnea patients . I thought Mr. Guerrero would go up the chain of responsibility to find out why the sleep driver had not been checked for sleep apnea. I’ve never heard from him.

See my letter faxed to him at the link below, no response as of October 11, 2011 there fore I can not know he received this information.

Chris Guerrero


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