I found information on David B. Parker, an attorney in southern California, on a document posted on the Internet. He wrote an amicus on a case of a physician disciplined by the California Medical Board in support of a hospital trying to silence his criticism. See his post and documentation that I tried to contact him on my blog. He turned down my case but recommended this firm. I did not hear back from this firm. so, one day, with Ursula Steck MSW monitoring, I called the firm. I spoke with a man identifying as the attorney Mr. Andrews and he refused the case. I requested a letter with a copy of the faxed document in it. I note here that he asserted I said the ACLU did not receive my fax. This is incorrect. I stated I received information from the ACLU inconsistent with the materials they received from me, (medical records of a person unknown to me …hallucinating all over the place, etc…, rejection letter not on ACLU stationary).See the ACLU blog of mine.


Here is a copy of the documents faxed. Hey, consider sending an email to this firm and ask why they wouldn’t help (there were amazing similarities between the California Medical Board case and mine as each tried to portray a physician, who was complaining about improper care, as a psychiatric case. This firm would have been well positioned to help me out. Mr. Andrews did not cite conflicts of interest.

Andrews & Hensleigh, LLP


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