Phillips and Cohen as yet no yes or no

phillips and cohen aug 10 2011 original reply

Odd, why would this firm have a potential conflict of interest in regards to a pharmaceutical company?

Why would this reply state that the statute of limitations may be as short as 3 years but their submission form state that the statute of limitations may be as short as 6 years?

Hmmm, maybe it is like the Madoff scandal where despite years of complaints, the persons who lost money were limited to only going back 7 years for redress? While the SEC sat on its thumb, destroyed records, etc.?

I called this firm some months ago and asked if a physician whistleblower could walk in to give information and was told that was not possible. If that is truly this firm’s policy, well, whistleblowers, keep that in mind. If it is not their policy, would their employee say this on the telephone? Note how EVERYONE OF THESE LAW FIRMS expect us to use Federally controlled and easily monitored forms of communication.

we either have viable and accessible courts of law or we have anarchy in the streets.


Friday October 7, 2011  Earlier this week I received an unsigned email from Matt Smith at Phillips and Cohen turning down representation. They pled poverty. Yep, that’s right! A huge qui tam firm with billions in settlements has plead to having too scarce resources to consider this case. nO u s mail received. Expect a copy of the notice here soon. If it disappears before I do that, I start the process of documenting again! Screww Em!


Meanwhile, I am going to OccupyWall Street events, handing out my little notices that I am crowd sourcing finding an attorney. Conceivably, any federal agent or contractor that messes with this activity would be at risk of obstructing access to justice or obstructing  an investigation of the illegal collusion between the FBI, the insurance industry, and the pharmaceutical industry as well as any other un-named alphabet agencies. Keep in mind the NPR interview with Dan Priest of the New York Times. She revealed that there are hundreds of federal agencies now capable of surveiling Americans and even more contracted firms and an unknown number of sub-contractors all surveiling us. (what is the correct spelling of servailing? the spell check program is not highlighting it but I know it probably isn’t correct.)


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