My request for representation to Loren Jacobson faxed September 13, 2011 has been answered via U S mail. The document received appears to be a copy of a letter on their letterhead signed by Charles Siegel dated September 14, 2011. It notes that it is also being sent Via CM-RRR. no.7010 0780 0001 4705 7481. I await this certified mail copy which must be the original. This firm probably got burned badly when the Ritalin class action suits were dismissed. Hmmm, doesn t it seem like my case would be useful in demonstrating to the court the folly in dismissing the case when the vested powers have imply  devised ways to shut the opposing views out by criminal means? Does anyone know of an evaluation of the judges reasoning for dismissing the class actions available on line?loren jacobson. walter kraus iI   

walter kraus>REPLY siegel f the judge’s reasoning for dismissing the suits available on line?


As of Sept 23, 2011 still no certified mail receipt available for me to pick up the original of the rejection letter. Does it take 7 days?


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