Erin Brockovitch access denied

Well, this lady seems like a trooper after my own heart. Nothing like a little character and personality to go after the moment. I first went to the law firm that she was known to be associated with in 2006. I drove on in without calling for the usual reason: I no longer trust federally controlled forms of communication. The staff was pleasant. I was given forms to fill out. I was then told that Erin Brockovitch would personally review the request. Then, the Hispanic female front desk person indicated that the request was being handled at that moment by a rather large blonde middle aged woman who I believe she indicated was Erin Brockovitch. I was given a verbal, not written, statement by the front desk person that my request was being rejected.

A couple years later, I see a picture of Ms Brockovitch on the cover of California Lawyer (or some such publication). She is a knockout, not the morbidly obese female the person in the law offices indicated.

Now, I sent in a request many months ago after seeing her name come up again. I believe, as many people do, that the insurance industry, among other vested interests,  has been responsible for suppressing information about mold toxicity. Certainly, as a physician I never received any CME (continuing medical education) classes. Never saw any available. certainly, I as probably most practitioners, saw people affected by it and never diagnosed it. Here is the request I sent in by Internet and the only reply to date.

erin brockovich

after my surgeries to fix the birth defect (craniofacial malformation) causing airway obstruction, I did not improve to the extent I thought I should. I then removed moldy carpet from my house. However, I only got the type of improvement that would allow efficient thinking processes when I added high dose Coenzyme Q 10 daily. My intellectual functioning was then measured by a psychologist and found to be above average for a physician. I believe mold odors have been found to have caused mitochondrial damage. Considering the health status of those individuals mitochondria, they would possibly improve eventually anyway, however, measuring mitochondrial health , at this time was expensive and complicated. It was only performed at research institutions.


Experiential witness: I would be happy to serve as one on the issue of failure to educate primary care physicians on this issue. Once I find legal representation on the issue of insurers/vested interests blocking our education, this may be more useful.


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