Help me find an attorney to expose FBI/INSURANCE INDUSTRY COLLUSION AND MAKE

Shoot, For two weeks now I thought my offer to award a percentage of my insurance cases to the individuals that a) help me locate the attorney/firm that successfully pursues my cases and/or b) monitors the progress of the case or helps find PR public exposure and advances the case  was here on line to be downloaded  but it isn’t here after all.  The scanner is down at my friend’s place.  The offer will go up when I get access to a scanner, meanwhile I continue to approach firms. Today, I faxed to Loren JACOBSEN OF DALLAS TEXAS. The firm she is now a new partner at was willing to go after the Ritalin scam. Bless their hearts. Their hearts in the right place. Soon as I get access to a scanner I’ll post the request. I figure the qui tam provision of keeping the info secret cannot be enforcd when the Feds are part of the scam and are part of the suppression of witnesses. Cross that bridge when I get to it.Today, I also faxed to Johnny Griffin III of Sacramento. He was one of the attorneys I approached in the summer of 2005. When i called and left the request for representation, I received a call back several hours later. It was a strange call where an African American male with a very deep voice asked almost no questions and then told me to go back to Texas. ODD, right? Then I heard him interviewed later on NPR. He doesnt have a very deep voice. Perhaps the feds are returning his calls for him?

Hmmm, the person helping me has twice gone to a post where there is a link already (I’ll have to look at one of the first ones I did early on) to the explanation form re: help me find an attorney and get a reward. Wouldn’t that be a good thing to do? I’m crowd sourcing for an attorney. Perhaps you can look at the Melvin I. Belli society site and pick an attorney near you and ask the attorney for tips on how I can email/fax them a request for representation (without tripping off accusations of unethical behavior by the attorney…which is NOT what I am attempting to do) and then verify that they get the request. The attorney may need to put someone under their employ on that but you can tip me the name by posting a comment about how great you think that attorney is! You keep good records intact so I can award you when the attorney is successful. No one has ever done this before? It’s a new world under the Patriot Act and federal control of all forms of communication except face to face.


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