Pamela Y. Price, Oakland First Amendment Attorney

Pamela Y. Price

Pamela Price’s staff responded by sending me an involved form to fill out and return. I am pending doing this.


This is actually the second time I have approached her firm. The first time was about 3 years ago. When I entered her office, where she shares a waiting room with a consulting firm, it was clear that her receptionist was not at her desk. The chair back had a dainty fine quality woman’s sweater, size small or medium, on it. There was a large Anglo adult male sitting there. I left a request that I filled out there. When I returned later that day, a tall black female with dreads was sitting at the desk. I asked her if she was Pamela Price and she denied this. I was told that the reque4st was denied. I asked if that was in writing and she looked through some outgoing mail and said no. Somehow, I do not think the persons that I met at Ms. Price’s reception desk truly represented the way her law practice is run. So I am posting this in both categories of refused and no response at the current time.


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