Is AMFS colluding with the government to set the standard of care to maximise profits

While struggling to find an entity that would want to help me find safety, I thought about the situation where I agreed to be an expert witness against another physician and subsequently discovered I was being denied access to medical care. I recalled that there had been a website in Texas that had listed physicians who were willing to be expert witnesses for the plaintiff and vaguely recalled that it had been shut down. I decided to check with medical expert group because I knew that the tactics being used on me were illegal. I hoped to discover the name of an attorney who would welcome me as a client. I had contacted multiple legal malpractice attorneys offices and , to a one, known were interested in knowing more.
One of the groups that does the most advertising in legal publications is American Medical Forensics Specialists, Inc. They were located in Emeryville, near Oakland. I walked in without contacting them first. The eyecandy at the front desk handed me a package of information. An executive type person came out to meet me and interview me. The interview lasted less than 10 minutes. She had no interest in the issue of harassment of expert witnesses.
This is what the package of information revealed.

It began:
“Dear Attorney,
Thank you for your interest in American Medical Forensic Specialists (AMFS), a professional consulting group providing medical expert witnesses for case evaluation and testimony. We have assisted attorneys in over 100,000 medical-legal cases since our inception in 1990. A random analysis of case results, year after year, reveals that AMFGS experts are on the winning side over 90% of the time.
The AMFS nationwide network of medical experts is comprised of over 8,5000 physicians in all medical specialties. Each of these doctors maintains an active practice in their field rather than being merely a “professional witness.” Our panel also consists of….”

Please call us today……..for a free consultation with one of our staff physicians about your medical-legal matter.”

“And, we are the only medical-legal company that maintains a working relationship with the American Medical Association, State and US Attorneys General, the US Department of Justice, the Defense Institute, and the Association of Trial Lawyers of America”.

Uh oh….several years ago, when my brother Larry Mason Lee, a practicing patent lawyer, was alive I told him about the cover-up of sleep apnea. I told him about the harm it was doing to america’s people, families. He said that the big boys were making too much money on this and I couldn’t win.

I thought about how, during my family medicine residency, one malpractice case out of California changed our consulting patterns. Overnight.
A forty y/o man with an elevated cholesterol had seen his physician for a physical. The doctor did not recommend a stress test. He had a heart attack and died. The jury said the doctor should have recommended a stress test. Fast forward a few years. We now understand that the stress test is only helpful if the arteries have an occlusion of greater than 85%…while most heart attacks result from narrowings of under 85%. Ooops, lots of false positive and equivocal stress tests result in cardiac catheterizations which are not benign studies but are invasive ones with significant negatives. Basically, if one can manipulate the expert witness issue…and that includes harassing physicians who would testify (either for or against the physician…it doesn’t matter) in a way the major players wish it to be. One can determine the standard of care in America and maximize profits for the major players.

I’m not saying that they are definitely doing this…it is just that this situation is ripe for an investigation into this exclusive relationship of this private enterprise with our government attorneys, both State and Federal.


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  2. […] I know when I approached the designated top doc at a major hospital in Austin Texas about the fact patient care was being compromised every day by the failure to be sure vulnerable patients with sleep apnea were not stabilized before surgery, before being sent home, etc. I was told that I was behaving inappropriately. I know when I attempted to find an attorney in Austin Tx to sue my physician (the one most responsible) for failure to diagnose a major sleep medicine disorder before medicating me while pregnant, I could not find one willing to do so. I believe there is collusion between industry representatives and their colleagues in the Federal and State government at very high levels to arrange malpractice cases to set practice patterns in the USA (see blog AMFS). […]

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