Kenneth N. Frucht advertizes for civil rights cases, really?

kenneth n. FruchtRight there in the San Francisco telephone book is an ad for Kenneth N. Frucht. He wants civil rights cases. So, July 18th, 2011  I faxed a request to his office fax, 415-392-7973. I requested a reply by mail. Days go by without a response. On August 16, 2011 I called his office to be certain he had received the fax. I was transferred to a man who said he was Kenneth Frucht. He said he had not seen my request. He expressed to not have any concern that he had not seen my request. I explained that this issue was stalking/retaliation for suing the government/insurance companies and asking for an investigation by the FBI. He declined the case and declined to send me that in writing.

Does this sound like the type of professional you want to take your civil rights case? If he didn’t receive the request and doesn’t care that he didn’t? If, in fact, that was not Mr. Frucht on the phone, this posting gives him an opportunity to rebut my statement and initiate an investigation into who would steal his identity.

After my experiences with the ACLU and many different attorneys who advertise that they are there to protect your constitutional/civil rights, I believe that the Bar associations have failed us. The public needs a website where we can show the types of cases that are going without legal representation. It is really no wonder that this is happening. See my  blog on the experiences at the Golden Gate school of Law.


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