Golden Gate School of Law: no respect for the 1st Amendment

Yo, there it was in the local legal news….GGSL was having a noted speaker come on civil rights issues. Good time for me to leaflet on my issues. The right to sue your government w/o retaliation. Being stalked out of your homestead….reminds me of the days the public would threaten Blacks and force them out of their homes/across county lines while the law stood there and did not protect them. Now,¬† a 21st century version had happened to me.

I walk up towards the front doors of this establishment and ask students if protesters are allowed there. They are not sure so I back off to within 2-3 feet of the curb, clearly not on their controlled property. I’m wearing my white coat, to clue in people to the issue of physicians being harassed for speaking out. Out of the front door of the school comes a suit…a large burly guy with a thick Sicilan accent. I’m told that I am not welcome there. I point out that I am not doing anything other than holding up a small sign and leafleting and this is well within my first amendment rights. He begins spinning a tale concerning that I might be considered to be causing a public disruption. The clear inference here was that the school was willing to lie and call police with a false claim. To accent his point he even pointed his finger and jabbed it lightly but distinctly into my upper arm. I immediately protested that he was in my personal space and he should back off. He started swearing at me. I asked him not to swear but he said he could if he wanted to. I considered his behavior threatening. I wonder how he would know if I had someone filming this or not. Sure would have made great UTUBE footage.

Maybe it is time to picket the law schools. I’ve tried leafleting at Hastings or their residential hall but they seem apathetic. I know that if there had been pickets and protesters at my medical school in the 1970’s complaining about Big Pharma controlling physician education, textbooks, government grants for research, and journals, I would have appreciated the heads up. Note that the legislature in California just began cutting funds for the court system. Now that is just another incentive for attorneys to compromise with the insurance companies and other corporations that control your life.


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