Attorney misadventures or NOT: Dell & Schaefer

Hmm, just got off 2 separate phone calls with a man representing himself as Alex Palamara of this firm. After hearing that I was set up with an attorney (Lively) who failed to work the case followed by an attorney who disappeared for months then transferred my documents to another attorney w/o my permission. After hearing that the original referral to Lively was by an attorney who was a key tort reform man for the Republican Party of Texas who also went into the government as a Republican appointee and went after my license (small conflict of interest). After hearing that documents have been altered (medical records at Stanford …to hide the fact I was misdiagnosed for so long) and that records have disappeared from safety deposit boxes….and that I had no idea what the disposition of the case was because of the stalking and interference with attorney/client relationships. Mr. Palamara stated he could not consider me for a client of the firm with out receiving the information on a denial of benefits which I explained I could not arrange for reliably. He then referred me to a name in Georgia? Robert Kerr? His reasoning was that I needed a small firm where I could get more time with the attorney. I am being told Mr. Alex Palamara would have to fly out from Florida to their office in San Francisco and to do this he would have to get permission from his boss? There isn’t any one out there otherwise?
I checked that name (Robert Kerr) and the attorney only practices in Georgia and Florida. Hmm, as I explained to Mr. Palamara , this case began in Texas and is now in California, Oregon, etc. He says, well, Mr. Kerr does Erisa* cases. I explain this is not an Erisa case.
Basically, an unsatisfactory experience and I hope the law firm evaluates if I reached Mr. Palamara or not. He claims this firm has had lots of physician clients who have been misdiagnosed; however, these cases usually settle and do not go to court.

Where are the physicians who have been misdiagnosed and why aren’t they spilling the beans? I told Mr. Palamara, I was not interested in having my physicians’ inappropriate behavior hiding behind settlements because I eventually discovered (after making an eventual partial recovery) that physicians in Texas had been helping cover-up the misdiagnosis issue.

November 10, 2011  Since this post I reviewed their Internet website and it specifically states that an inoffice initial interview could be arranged. This was refused by the man on the phone self identified as Alex Palamara.

Erisa…these cases are when the insurance is arranged by an employer (not a solo practitioner like I was) and these end up in Federal court where different rules apply (frequently to the advantage of the insurance company). It is a very big issue that an experienced attorney would misunderstand my insurance case as an Erisa case.


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