Does another homeland security agency control phone access to the FBI?

I have been in person to FBI offices 4 times. 3 times in Texas and once in Portland Oregon. The first visit to the FBI was in Austin to show them insurance checks I received for medical services for people not my patients and not even services my office could have provided. I knew from years of close monitoring my business office’s insurance submissions and insurance checks received that these were not just run of the mill errors by insurance carriers. I had attempted to contact insurance carriers but none would respond. The FBI agent in Austin, who handed me his card identifying him as Richard M. Simerly, took my verbal report and said I would be contacted if there was a need for additional information. I specifically was concerned that fraudulent insurance submissions had been manufactured while I was suing a government in Texas, in order to put me under surveillance to gather information that the government did not have the right to legally access. I did not hear from the FBI or any other entity/person so three months later I drove to the FBI offices in San Antonio (which is over the Austin office). There, an man identifying himself as Agent Nava, stone-faced heard me out. He was quite sullen. He stated that there was not a record of my visit to the FBI office in Austin. I repeated my assertion that fraudulent insurance submissions could have been made in order to obtain writs to wiretap, read mail , etc. I returned again 3 months later to the San Antonio office and was again given a run around by yet another agent, one who said his name was Klimpt (I think) and showed me an ID that had the plastic overlay so scratched as to make the picture difficult to clearly identify.

In Portland, the FBI office had received a black eye publicly for picking up an attorney and holding him for 2 weeks without him being allowed attorney or family notification. That situation was well documented to be due to the attorney having finger prints that resembled one’s believed to be in association with the Madrid Spain bombings. The attorney was considered suspicious because he had married an Egyptian woman and converted to the Muslim religion. (If I phrased that awkwardly, please, anyone feel free to clue me in.) I thought that FBI office might be more adverse to covering up for their Texas offices. Anyway, this office of the FBI did not seem to have a duty agent available. I had to wait some time and then a more polished individual (than I had met at the other offices) showed up. I was refused his name. I was refused a copy of the complaint I was submitting , re; FBI collusion to help “fix” m y federal case in Texas.

So, fast forward to San Francisco, February 2, 2011, Supervisory Special Agent Steven Merrill Civil Rights Program Coordinator For Northern California participated in a program at the San Francisco Main Library. The topic was the smuggling of women into the USA for the sex trade. I approached him right after the presentation ended and explained that I had been to the FBI offices several times in other jurisdictions about their possible participation in illegally helping politicians in Texas fix my federal case. He stated I should go to the FBI offices at 450 Golden Gate to give the complaint to the duty officer. Hmmm, I’m talking about an FBI cover up clearly related to civil rights and he doesn’t offer me his card or clarify where his office is. So, the next AM I tried just as he suggested and was refused access to the Federal building. Why? Because my Texas driver’s license, my only picture ID, is expired. I’m told by the U S Marshal’s office personnel that the FBI sends someone down to bring up people who do not have proper ID. They refuse to call the FBI offices about me. So, I tried on my cell phone. I spoke with a variety of people who all refused to assist on this issue. I finally faxed a written complaint about the lack of access to the FBI offices on February 11th to Agent Merrill’s attention and I have not heard a peep. I’ve also had an interaction with the U S Marshall’s employee to wit that if I didn’t have an ID but just theoretically speaking of course, I just happened to have info about a future bombing, couldn’t I still be allowed to go give the information in person? I was told NO, not possible without an ID. I would love for the Tea Party to get their hands on this info. But then, I just happened to believe the Patriot Act was passed so our constitutionally guaranteed Bill of Rights could be subverted. Why can’t they figure this out?

The “suspicious Muslim” event at my office: Around September 2001 I had a new patient come for a minor complaint. The unusual aspects of this is that he claimed to be single, Pakistani, Muslim. I had an office up near IBM, had numerous people from other countries as patients but never before had a Muslim male stepped foot in the door except to accompany his wife and attempt to dictate her care (NOT going to happen in m,y office!). When he came back after September 11th, 2001 and demanded I sign immigration papers vouching for his identity so he could go to Canada, I refused. However, I did handle/read the forms he wanted me to sign, made a copy, and told him the office would contact him if I changed my mind. I never did change my mind nor sign any such forms.I forgot about the situation until much later when it began to be clear that my mail was being interrupted and phone calls to my attorney interfered with. I have tried to contact Muslim organizations because they might be useful in terms of obtaining an investigation. Even I think it would be far fetched to put me on a watch list for simple suspicion of insurance fraud. However, someone aiding and abetting “suspicious Muslim males”? Keep in mind that hundreds of totally innocent Muslim males were rounded up by the U S government after 9/11.

I invite others to phone, fax, email complaints to the FBI and members of the House and Senate. None of the above have been helpful so far.

fax -letter to Agent Adam Reeves 

fax -letter to Agent Steven Merrill


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