“hotel watch list” “homeland security”

In my travels, leaving Texas and meandering through the western United States, I eventually noted that there were sure a lot of motels owned/managed by persons not originally American. My medical practice back in Texas was up near IBM, Dell, and other high tech concerns and I am always happy to meet people from other countries. My concern here was that there appeared to be a number of times that my room was entered, contents disturbed, etc. This was especially concerning because some of those times I was asleep inside the rooms. Eventually, I came to a motel in Petaluma where, as I checked in, the clerk blurted out that my name was in the computer and then she stated her belief that  I must have been there before. I assured her I had never even been in Petaluma before. The next AM I noted a number of sheriff’s officers around, ducking into doorways. A gentleman in the front office stated there were special events related to police dog trials, or some such event occurring. Several weeks later, in the Santa Rosa library, I located the Petaluma newspaper and noted the sheriff’s log was presented as a newsworthy column every week.. Many small newspapers note the calls that the sheriff’s dept makes each day and the type of call. I noted that the Thursday nite I was there, there was not any such log noted. I checked the papers for several weeks before and several weeks after and the night I spent in Petaluma was the only night the sheriff’s log was left out. All other nites had several calls logged. I also checked for the event related to police work, police dog’s etc. but nothing was documented in the paper. Small towns are kind of quiet and if a bunch of law enforcement was around I would expect a story about it. I stayed in that motel again some months later and realized I was placed in exactly the same room as the first time: the room just above the office.

At other hotels vandalism would occur to the room. In Oregon, I reported the vandalism to the window of my motel room. The officers who showed up agreed to file a report. I checked the next week and no report had been filed. At the police station I asked to see pictures of the local officers but was told that the pictures were not available. Eventually, I found my way to the offices of the local newspaper. I asked to say hello to the reporter on the law enforcement beat. I described the officers and gave him their names. Surprise surprise surprise, while both officers were slim and had short dark hair, the reporter said that one of the officers was red haired and quite large.





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