why aren’t we talking about missed diagnosis?

With 20% of the U S population having obstructive sleep apnea, many people are having symptoms for years before finally receiving accurate diagnosis. If you have already suffered a stroke, cardiac damage, auto accident, major career losses or domestic disorder/divorce/criminal issues before finally getting diagnosis/treatment/your brain and mental status back, you should be angry. If you try to sue your physician, they can appropriately state it was not malpractice because the average physician would make the same mistakes. Why? The textbooks are wrong. any physician reading MOST current textbooks would not realize that sleep apnea was so common, affected thin people as well as obese people, children as well as the elderly, etc. I tried to change this paradigm some years back when I determined that I would sue my physician for failure to follow through on my complaints that other adults had complained about my snoring. My snoring turned out to be a rare and rather severe craniofacial anomaly that usually causes death even before I first used the term sleep apnea, as noted in my physician’s records on me. I had not heard of a physician suing another physician, but I decided it would be a good thing for my profession to start dealing with the issue of missed diagnosis. My experiences attempting to sue another physician strongly suggests that the industry has tactics to head off these suits and the tactics are not legal. I invite you to have your attorney comment on the issue of suing for missed diagnosis of sleep apnea or any other sleep disorder.


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