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Golden Gate School of Law: no respect for the 1st Amendment

Yo, there it was in the local legal news….GGSL was having a noted speaker come on civil rights issues. Good time for me to leaflet on my issues. The right to sue your government w/o retaliation. Being stalked out of your homestead….reminds me of the days the public would threaten Blacks and force them out of their homes/across county lines while the law stood there and did not protect them. Now,  a 21st century version had happened to me.

I walk up towards the front doors of this establishment and ask students if protesters are allowed there. They are not sure so I back off to within 2-3 feet of the curb, clearly not on their controlled property. I’m wearing my white coat, to clue in people to the issue of physicians being harassed for speaking out. Out of the front door of the school comes a suit…a large burly guy with a thick Sicilan accent. I’m told that I am not welcome there. I point out that I am not doing anything other than holding up a small sign and leafleting and this is well within my first amendment rights. He begins spinning a tale concerning that I might be considered to be causing a public disruption. The clear inference here was that the school was willing to lie and call police with a false claim. To accent his point he even pointed his finger and jabbed it lightly but distinctly into my upper arm. I immediately protested that he was in my personal space and he should back off. He started swearing at me. I asked him not to swear but he said he could if he wanted to. I considered his behavior threatening. I wonder how he would know if I had someone filming this or not. Sure would have made great UTUBE footage.

Maybe it is time to picket the law schools. I’ve tried leafleting at Hastings or their residential hall but they seem apathetic. I know that if there had been pickets and protesters at my medical school in the 1970’s complaining about Big Pharma controlling physician education, textbooks, government grants for research, and journals, I would have appreciated the heads up. Note that the legislature in California just began cutting funds for the court system. Now that is just another incentive for attorneys to compromise with the insurance companies and other corporations that control your life.


Kenneth N. Frucht advertizes for civil rights cases, really?

kenneth n. FruchtRight there in the San Francisco telephone book is an ad for Kenneth N. Frucht. He wants civil rights cases. So, July 18th, 2011  I faxed a request to his office fax, 415-392-7973. I requested a reply by mail. Days go by without a response. On August 16, 2011 I called his office to be certain he had received the fax. I was transferred to a man who said he was Kenneth Frucht. He said he had not seen my request. He expressed to not have any concern that he had not seen my request. I explained that this issue was stalking/retaliation for suing the government/insurance companies and asking for an investigation by the FBI. He declined the case and declined to send me that in writing.

Does this sound like the type of professional you want to take your civil rights case? If he didn’t receive the request and doesn’t care that he didn’t? If, in fact, that was not Mr. Frucht on the phone, this posting gives him an opportunity to rebut my statement and initiate an investigation into who would steal his identity.

After my experiences with the ACLU and many different attorneys who advertise that they are there to protect your constitutional/civil rights, I believe that the Bar associations have failed us. The public needs a website where we can show the types of cases that are going without legal representation. It is really no wonder that this is happening. See my  blog on the experiences at the Golden Gate school of Law.


Like many progressive Americans, I thought the ACLU would be there for me/us when the government tramps all over one’s First Amendment rights. Well, think again. They have sold out to the corporations. Keeping in mind the significant hold over our communications, from the telephone to the internet to the post office that the Patriot Act accomplishes, wouldn’t you think that the ACLU would set up some system to be sure that their mail, calls, or email, if intercepted, could be verified? NOT

After realizing, around 2002, that my U S Mail regarding the Federal ADA case, could go astray so that I had to resort to frequent trips to the Federal Courthouse to even find out what had been filed (without notifying me), I eventually realized that, perhaps, my correspondence to the Texas ACLU hadn’t been received. Perhaps, it was. However, I received a negative response.

After my medical records at Stanford in Palo Alto had been altered/corrupted to remove information about the missed diagnosis, I decided in December 2004 to approach the ACLU of Northern California in San Francisco. Mean time, I had discovered in a 2004 AMA handbook about the Federal laws regarding privacy of your medical records and access to your medical records that the Bush administration was now asserting that the Feds had a right to keep information about licensed professional persons in the medical records while forbidding the physician/clinician from allowing you (the patient) to see this information and while the Feds also maintained the right (without your permission) to share this info with licensing boards, law enforcement, and others of their own choosing. Surely, any attorney making a living filing or defending malpractice claims must know about this? Shit! So, I approached the ACLU for representation. I hand carried a request to their old Mission Street office (before they migrated to their high dollar expensive White Shoe digs near the Embarcadero. I was told to expect an answer in two weeks or less. No answer. I had a meeting about the issue with John F. Campbell, Austin attorney who had represented me. When I told him that I requested representation from the ACLU, he laughed and stated ‘they won’t receive it’. I replied that I had caught on to the obstruction to communications by phone and mail, so I hand delivered it to the ACLU in San Francisco. He repeated his prior statement. ‘ Doesn’t matter, they won’t receive it.’

So, I scheduled a trip. The day I was taking off from Austin, an answer arrived…approximately 3 weeks from submission. No interest from the ACLU per the letter. I corresponded again from Texas. A letter arrived purportedly from the ACLU of Northern California that stated they would return my records, if asked. I took them up on this and received copious records regarding an individual in another state, of a totally different name, regarding her treatments for hallucinations mailed to my home address. Anyway, after making more attempts to deliver requests, in person, or by certified, then finally registered mail, I walked in and asked to see the supervisor. I had copies or originals of all documents and the same individual purportedly had signed all the ACLU refusals but his signature was completely different on each document. The office staff said sure. Then a few minutes later, they received a phone call and subsequently told me to leave or they would call the police. I’ve never done civil disobedience before this and decided I would call their bluff. Police do arrive and I am sitting on the floor of their copy room refusing to leave. I’m threatened with being hauled out in a strait jacket. My possessions are picked up and moved without my permission. I’m ticketed and released. The ticket is stolen and as best I know never surfaced again.

The bottom line….the ACLU uses volunteer attorneys from the community to screen their requests for representation. How hard is it for an attorney to replace a request for representation with a fictitious one? If an employed attorney did it, it would then be more traceable. Does the ACLU use sloppy procedure on purpose? Surely they must have a clue? With all the money the public donated, the ACLU could afford high dollar digs down town (near the Federal Reserve!) but not be able to afford a means of protecting yours or anyone’s requests for representations. I attended an outreach session by the ACLU representative, also an attorney, so I complained about the obstruction, receiving records obviously not regarding me, etc. Instead of personally stating he would investigate, I was told just to keep submitting.

It was in a book by Ted Nace that I first saw a statement that the ACLU actions appeared to be protecting corporations over individuals.

The certified mail receipt? It was signed FELON, I kid you not.

Here is the result of the latest effort to have the ACLU of Northern California acknowledge my submission/request for representation: note the absence of a written or signed name. This is unlike the prior efforts where a form letter had a person’s name type written then a signature. It is just that the signature varied widely from document to document, never the same twice.

ACLU rejection letter August 10, 2011

Attorney misadventures or NOT: Dell & Schaefer

Hmm, just got off 2 separate phone calls with a man representing himself as Alex Palamara of this firm. After hearing that I was set up with an attorney (Lively) who failed to work the case followed by an attorney who disappeared for months then transferred my documents to another attorney w/o my permission. After hearing that the original referral to Lively was by an attorney who was a key tort reform man for the Republican Party of Texas who also went into the government as a Republican appointee and went after my license (small conflict of interest). After hearing that documents have been altered (medical records at Stanford …to hide the fact I was misdiagnosed for so long) and that records have disappeared from safety deposit boxes….and that I had no idea what the disposition of the case was because of the stalking and interference with attorney/client relationships. Mr. Palamara stated he could not consider me for a client of the firm with out receiving the information on a denial of benefits which I explained I could not arrange for reliably. He then referred me to a name in Georgia? Robert Kerr? His reasoning was that I needed a small firm where I could get more time with the attorney. I am being told Mr. Alex Palamara would have to fly out from Florida to their office in San Francisco and to do this he would have to get permission from his boss? There isn’t any one out there otherwise?
I checked that name (Robert Kerr) and the attorney only practices in Georgia and Florida. Hmm, as I explained to Mr. Palamara , this case began in Texas and is now in California, Oregon, etc. He says, well, Mr. Kerr does Erisa* cases. I explain this is not an Erisa case.
Basically, an unsatisfactory experience and I hope the law firm evaluates if I reached Mr. Palamara or not. He claims this firm has had lots of physician clients who have been misdiagnosed; however, these cases usually settle and do not go to court.

Where are the physicians who have been misdiagnosed and why aren’t they spilling the beans? I told Mr. Palamara, I was not interested in having my physicians’ inappropriate behavior hiding behind settlements because I eventually discovered (after making an eventual partial recovery) that physicians in Texas had been helping cover-up the misdiagnosis issue.

November 10, 2011  Since this post I reviewed their Internet website and it specifically states that an inoffice initial interview could be arranged. This was refused by the man on the phone self identified as Alex Palamara.

Erisa…these cases are when the insurance is arranged by an employer (not a solo practitioner like I was) and these end up in Federal court where different rules apply (frequently to the advantage of the insurance company). It is a very big issue that an experienced attorney would misunderstand my insurance case as an Erisa case.

Does another homeland security agency control phone access to the FBI?

I have been in person to FBI offices 4 times. 3 times in Texas and once in Portland Oregon. The first visit to the FBI was in Austin to show them insurance checks I received for medical services for people not my patients and not even services my office could have provided. I knew from years of close monitoring my business office’s insurance submissions and insurance checks received that these were not just run of the mill errors by insurance carriers. I had attempted to contact insurance carriers but none would respond. The FBI agent in Austin, who handed me his card identifying him as Richard M. Simerly, took my verbal report and said I would be contacted if there was a need for additional information. I specifically was concerned that fraudulent insurance submissions had been manufactured while I was suing a government in Texas, in order to put me under surveillance to gather information that the government did not have the right to legally access. I did not hear from the FBI or any other entity/person so three months later I drove to the FBI offices in San Antonio (which is over the Austin office). There, an man identifying himself as Agent Nava, stone-faced heard me out. He was quite sullen. He stated that there was not a record of my visit to the FBI office in Austin. I repeated my assertion that fraudulent insurance submissions could have been made in order to obtain writs to wiretap, read mail , etc. I returned again 3 months later to the San Antonio office and was again given a run around by yet another agent, one who said his name was Klimpt (I think) and showed me an ID that had the plastic overlay so scratched as to make the picture difficult to clearly identify.

In Portland, the FBI office had received a black eye publicly for picking up an attorney and holding him for 2 weeks without him being allowed attorney or family notification. That situation was well documented to be due to the attorney having finger prints that resembled one’s believed to be in association with the Madrid Spain bombings. The attorney was considered suspicious because he had married an Egyptian woman and converted to the Muslim religion. (If I phrased that awkwardly, please, anyone feel free to clue me in.) I thought that FBI office might be more adverse to covering up for their Texas offices. Anyway, this office of the FBI did not seem to have a duty agent available. I had to wait some time and then a more polished individual (than I had met at the other offices) showed up. I was refused his name. I was refused a copy of the complaint I was submitting , re; FBI collusion to help “fix” m y federal case in Texas.

So, fast forward to San Francisco, February 2, 2011, Supervisory Special Agent Steven Merrill Civil Rights Program Coordinator For Northern California participated in a program at the San Francisco Main Library. The topic was the smuggling of women into the USA for the sex trade. I approached him right after the presentation ended and explained that I had been to the FBI offices several times in other jurisdictions about their possible participation in illegally helping politicians in Texas fix my federal case. He stated I should go to the FBI offices at 450 Golden Gate to give the complaint to the duty officer. Hmmm, I’m talking about an FBI cover up clearly related to civil rights and he doesn’t offer me his card or clarify where his office is. So, the next AM I tried just as he suggested and was refused access to the Federal building. Why? Because my Texas driver’s license, my only picture ID, is expired. I’m told by the U S Marshal’s office personnel that the FBI sends someone down to bring up people who do not have proper ID. They refuse to call the FBI offices about me. So, I tried on my cell phone. I spoke with a variety of people who all refused to assist on this issue. I finally faxed a written complaint about the lack of access to the FBI offices on February 11th to Agent Merrill’s attention and I have not heard a peep. I’ve also had an interaction with the U S Marshall’s employee to wit that if I didn’t have an ID but just theoretically speaking of course, I just happened to have info about a future bombing, couldn’t I still be allowed to go give the information in person? I was told NO, not possible without an ID. I would love for the Tea Party to get their hands on this info. But then, I just happened to believe the Patriot Act was passed so our constitutionally guaranteed Bill of Rights could be subverted. Why can’t they figure this out?

The “suspicious Muslim” event at my office: Around September 2001 I had a new patient come for a minor complaint. The unusual aspects of this is that he claimed to be single, Pakistani, Muslim. I had an office up near IBM, had numerous people from other countries as patients but never before had a Muslim male stepped foot in the door except to accompany his wife and attempt to dictate her care (NOT going to happen in m,y office!). When he came back after September 11th, 2001 and demanded I sign immigration papers vouching for his identity so he could go to Canada, I refused. However, I did handle/read the forms he wanted me to sign, made a copy, and told him the office would contact him if I changed my mind. I never did change my mind nor sign any such forms.I forgot about the situation until much later when it began to be clear that my mail was being interrupted and phone calls to my attorney interfered with. I have tried to contact Muslim organizations because they might be useful in terms of obtaining an investigation. Even I think it would be far fetched to put me on a watch list for simple suspicion of insurance fraud. However, someone aiding and abetting “suspicious Muslim males”? Keep in mind that hundreds of totally innocent Muslim males were rounded up by the U S government after 9/11.

I invite others to phone, fax, email complaints to the FBI and members of the House and Senate. None of the above have been helpful so far.

fax -letter to Agent Adam Reeves 

fax -letter to Agent Steven Merrill

“hotel watch list” “homeland security”

In my travels, leaving Texas and meandering through the western United States, I eventually noted that there were sure a lot of motels owned/managed by persons not originally American. My medical practice back in Texas was up near IBM, Dell, and other high tech concerns and I am always happy to meet people from other countries. My concern here was that there appeared to be a number of times that my room was entered, contents disturbed, etc. This was especially concerning because some of those times I was asleep inside the rooms. Eventually, I came to a motel in Petaluma where, as I checked in, the clerk blurted out that my name was in the computer and then she stated her belief that  I must have been there before. I assured her I had never even been in Petaluma before. The next AM I noted a number of sheriff’s officers around, ducking into doorways. A gentleman in the front office stated there were special events related to police dog trials, or some such event occurring. Several weeks later, in the Santa Rosa library, I located the Petaluma newspaper and noted the sheriff’s log was presented as a newsworthy column every week.. Many small newspapers note the calls that the sheriff’s dept makes each day and the type of call. I noted that the Thursday nite I was there, there was not any such log noted. I checked the papers for several weeks before and several weeks after and the night I spent in Petaluma was the only night the sheriff’s log was left out. All other nites had several calls logged. I also checked for the event related to police work, police dog’s etc. but nothing was documented in the paper. Small towns are kind of quiet and if a bunch of law enforcement was around I would expect a story about it. I stayed in that motel again some months later and realized I was placed in exactly the same room as the first time: the room just above the office.

At other hotels vandalism would occur to the room. In Oregon, I reported the vandalism to the window of my motel room. The officers who showed up agreed to file a report. I checked the next week and no report had been filed. At the police station I asked to see pictures of the local officers but was told that the pictures were not available. Eventually, I found my way to the offices of the local newspaper. I asked to say hello to the reporter on the law enforcement beat. I described the officers and gave him their names. Surprise surprise surprise, while both officers were slim and had short dark hair, the reporter said that one of the officers was red haired and quite large.




Did Gerry Spence know what his partner was up to?

Gerry Spence’s first book covered the issue of psychiatric incompetence.  I was impressed by this man and his insight into the medical profession. I discovered his books after another attorney recommended I seek representation from  his firm. I drove all the way to Jackson Hole Wyoming to present a written request for representation. When I went unannounced to his office, I was turned away and not allowed to enter to fill out his office forms (assuming his office has a written format). I was told I could write one out and bring it back to the office. I did this and once again was not allowed to enter the office to present my request at the reception desk. Hmmm, I don’t look particularly disreputable. I bathe regularly, wear clean clothes, speak clean English (not word salad), etc. Once again I was told to come back for an answer. The third day, one of the junior partners, identifying himself as Bryan Ulmer, came out to the sidewalk and told me that he alone could make the decision that the law firm would not represent me.  He stated that a group of three attorneys reviewed potential cases and made the decisions. He also stated that the firm would not help me locate any legal assistance.

Eventually, I left Jackson Hole and drove out of state. In a public library I went on the net and for the first time looked up Gerry Spence’s website. Why for the first time before driving many hours from Oregon to ask for representation? It had become clear that the government could track ones Internet use and I didn’t want to give these federal goons any more lead to my intentions so to decrease their ability to block. Anyway, at that time, the Gerry Spence web site stated the policy that all partners reviewed a request for representation before accepting or rejecting. Certainly, I was not told this by the man who did resemble the picture then on the Spence law firm website (then, the The Spence Law Firm LLC    Spence and McCalla.  The web site also stated that, if the firm decided not to offer representation, they would assist with locating alternative legal representation. That was also specifically stated in the document handed me by the man identifying himself as Bryan Ulmer that the firm would not do this.

Anyway, before I left the Jackson Hole area I went to a near by U S Post office and sent Gerry Spence a registered  letter (hand written as RA 316 803 900 US) including a request for representation. Back in Oregon, I got a rejection statement not signed by Gerry Spence, but by Mel C. Orchard, III Anyhow, those out there who believe Mr. Spence was on the right track re: incompetence in the forensic psychiatry profession, please get my story to him about my experiences facing the Board of Medical Examiners (now known as the Texas Medical Board) and discovering there are large holes in the education of these forensic experts that we could drive a Mac truck through to end their control of the court and sue to end the death penalty. He may also want to evaluate that partner’s allegiance to the firm or to the machine.

August 13, 2011   Today I reviewed the current Spence law firm web site and the current pictures……the man who came out of this law firm to the sidewalk to personally refuse my case identified himself as Bryan Ulmer but he was much younger than the picture of G. Bryan Ulmer III as depicted on the current web site. The man actually resembled what may be an old picture of Mel C. Orchard III (in his younger years) that currently comes up for his autobiographical info instead of the (probably) more current photo on the heading. Mel C. Orchard III was the signature on the rejection letter I received in the mail in response to my registered (or certified) letter to Gerry Spence from a near by post office. At this post office, the clerk failed to have the letter entered into the registry book and refused me info about the procedures used for this type of mail.  Could the feds be infiltrated into Gerry Spence’s office adequately to pull off a false identity? Perhaps, just be able to be in the waiting room and thus able to come out and pretend to be a member of the firm? Since Gerry Spence was instrumental in turning back the cap on punitive damages (and my attorney in Texas, Donald Patrick MD JD was an important figure in obtaining one in Texas) could their office be watched so closely as to prevent prospective clients from being considered. I sure saw enough to know that email, U S Mail, and telephone access could be denied (for me, at least).

why aren’t we talking about missed diagnosis?

With 20% of the U S population having obstructive sleep apnea, many people are having symptoms for years before finally receiving accurate diagnosis. If you have already suffered a stroke, cardiac damage, auto accident, major career losses or domestic disorder/divorce/criminal issues before finally getting diagnosis/treatment/your brain and mental status back, you should be angry. If you try to sue your physician, they can appropriately state it was not malpractice because the average physician would make the same mistakes. Why? The textbooks are wrong. any physician reading MOST current textbooks would not realize that sleep apnea was so common, affected thin people as well as obese people, children as well as the elderly, etc. I tried to change this paradigm some years back when I determined that I would sue my physician for failure to follow through on my complaints that other adults had complained about my snoring. My snoring turned out to be a rare and rather severe craniofacial anomaly that usually causes death even before I first used the term sleep apnea, as noted in my physician’s records on me. I had not heard of a physician suing another physician, but I decided it would be a good thing for my profession to start dealing with the issue of missed diagnosis. My experiences attempting to sue another physician strongly suggests that the industry has tactics to head off these suits and the tactics are not legal. I invite you to have your attorney comment on the issue of suing for missed diagnosis of sleep apnea or any other sleep disorder.

Why Forensic medical/psychological examiners are not competent

I went face to face with the forensic psychiatrist Pascua-Lim on the Texas Medical Board several years ago. She volunteered that she knew almost nothing about obstructive sleep apnea. I realized that, for the 7% of Americans with severe sleep apnea
she would not be competent to claim expertise on their mental status at the time they committed a crime. Since these individuals are at high risk of causing injury to others, she should not be allowed to claim expertise at all for anyone committing a crime (since she can’t even evaluate those at very high risk). I’ve since ascertained that the Harvard forensic psychiatry program has the same failure to have expertise (by discussing the issue with the co-director of their program). I have also ascertained that the former forensic psychologist examiner for a major California state prison has no working knowledge of the mental status issues for sleep disorder/sleep deprived individuals also. If this information is being withheld from their education (like it is for all except Boarded sleep medicine physicians) then all the individuals subjected to forensic exams (especially for death penalty) have been deprived of their right to an expert competent/experienced in their areas of disability. let us use this info to turn our criminal justice system into a true rehabilitative system. Otherwise, the damaged individuals who commit crimes will just go on to inflict more injurious behaviors on innocent victims when the afflicted individual is released from prison.

I understand it can be hard to have compassion for someone who has committed a crime. I, too, have been a crime victim. My medical office was robbed at gunpoint by a man intending sexual assault.

In my continuing efforts to understand human behavior, I explored a textbook on Neuropsychiatry. I read that death row inmates in New York State all had evidence of prior brain damage. Surely, this cannot be just a coincidence. I looked forward to the next edition of this textbook, around 2003, only to discover that the topic was not covered in the later edition. I found that individuals well trained in evaluating social behaviors secondary to brain injury, either physical or toxic, were far and few between. I don’t think that forensic psychiatrists are well qualified to evaluate human behavior that lies out of the norm, even though their training asserts that they are. keep in mind that “Board Certification” is actually a commercial qualification. It is not a government status. When I was Board certified in Family Medicine, that meant I had met the qualifications determined by a nongovernmental group and successfully completed examinations. However, the State governments have been accepting these Board Certification statuses as evidence of competency. The Americans with Disabilities Act allows an individual the right to an expert competent and experienced in their areas of disability. Obviously, a forensic psychiatrist who does not even know to discover if the individual they are examining may have oxygen or sleep deficits could not be competent in a court of law.

The issue of obstructive sleep apnea is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a whole area of partial hepatic encephalopathy to explore. Our prisons are full of people with liver disease. It seems that physicians routinely, even if they know a person has a liver disease, does not realize they have mental status impairment until they arrive obtunded with  hepatic encephalopathy. There are much more accurate ways of assessing mental status when the liver is damaged. This involves having a opthalmologist evaluate their pupillary reflexes. This is more sensitive than serum ammonia. Considering that there are cheap safe ways of renewing liver function in humans, this is a boondoggle that benefits only a few financial elite individuals.

help get the insurance industry surveillance state exposed

join the debate i started at reddit iama This originally was my submission then replies to others queries, however, this link has only my submission and replies.

Sure , the situation was confusing because it didn’t make sense and it is difficult to understand how it all relates however, it all links together under the theme of suppressing physicians who have been misdiagnosed and believe we have a responsibility to stop this behavior by other physicians. When you think of pharmaceutical company malfeasance: think of an iceberg…all you can see above water is the criminal marketing of prescription drugs with side effects that maim/kill. The other 90% of the ice berg is that their control of our textbooks, education, journals causes missed diagnosis. All medical industry feeds on this. This is how they have hid the high prevalence of sleep apnea, periodic limb movement disorder, even liver disease/dysfunction (affecting up to 10% of the U S population). The high cost of health/disability/life insurance is related to this behavior, namely commercial control of physician training (original and ongoing). It is in the best interest of the property casualty insurers not to have physicians alerted to the effects of mold damage, for example. These people are certainly at high risk of being given a psychiatric diagnosis (DSM-4) and medicated. Their illness will not resolve until the mold issue is resolved and even then it will take some time for recovery to occur.

Consider the issue of liver damage. Don’t just look at Hepatitis B and C. Look at Fatty Liver. It is not a result of eating fat. It is found even in thin individuals. It is associated with mitochondrial dysfunction. What causes mitochondrial failure? Look at toxic exposures that gradually damage that liver. Look at newer research that purports to show that this dysfunction, falling well short of causing the person to present in hepatic coma, will affect their ability to safely drive a car. Maybe it also affects their business judgment and interpersonal relationships. I discovered that this newer technique, using pupillary reflexes to gauge dysfunction instead of an arterial blood sampling was documented two decades ago. Hmm, non invasive, certainly cheaper, and able to more appropriately predict behavioral dysfunction and physicians in general practice, as opposed to those in research fields, are the kept uninformed. We need an investigation to figure out if the information was not in textbooks for a reason. Surely, these affected individuals have a right to know so they have a chance to make decisions about their lives, businesses, and personal activities.


I recommend a book written by a law professor Delay Deny Defend  because it explains how the insurance industry decided to alter long standing patterns of paying claims to asserting that more and more of the claims were fraudulently submitted. I believe this system can also be used to target individuals whose honesty would threaten the profits of corporations. In short, does the pharmaceutical company need a researcher or physician watched for conduct that could threaten their profits, expose their wrong behavior? It is pretty easy to do by arranging accidents, break-ins, vandalism so that insurance claims might trigger these programs. My office had multiple fraudulent insurance claims submitted in my name, a break-in at the office, a police report submitted by me at an insurance company request after a “patient” forged my name to a document, a theft of my purse and felony use of my checking account, and a break-in (suspected near theft) of my car all in 24 month period. Hmmm, so is the situation I had to deal with two disability insurers (related to missed diagnosis), an ADA claim because of failure of a judge to allow competent experienced expert (also related to late diagnosis) and theft of my retirement funds for legal fees (for crying out loud) and considering that I was willing to sue another physician for this missed diagnosis all unrelated to probable targeting for insurance fraud. Handy, that this would allow law enforcement to help out such a well connected industry. Per Russel Baker’s book Family of Secrets, the families that send their kids into the U S intelligence industry have connections with the reinsurance industry.

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